1. A

    Dynamic Pivot: Value Filter Between

    Hello, I am looking to use inputs in my excel to alter a pivot table to show only the values between the min and the max inputs. I have the below code but the highlight part is where I fail. How can I reference the values? It produces a "Unable to get the PivotTables property of the Worksheet...
  2. K

    How to add AM/PM to a cell

    I have an excel spreadsheet which I am trying to improve. One of the columns is based on whether a shift was a morning shift (AM) or an afternoon shift (PM). currently it is using a data validation and I have to pick from a drop down list. Is there a formula that automatically inputs either AM...
  3. P

    Help with Nested IF function

    I'm hoping someone can help me. I have a 100 inputs and 100 outputs I populate column A with inputs and column B with outputs. Column C will contain data that will match to one cell in column A I want Column D to populate with the corresponding output from Column B. Is there an easy way to...
  4. A

    Excel based questionnaire

    Dear Colleagues, I need to establish excel based on questionnaire which is basically start with 5-6 questions, once submitted by user, it should generate main questionnaire based on inputs ( for example if the question of "are you student?" was answered as "yes", there will be additional...
  5. S

    goal seek using vba ?

    I have a macro that calculates a function. There re 3 inputs to the function Often I use the excel spreadsheet to do a goal seek to set the result of that faction by allowing one of the inputs to vary Is there a simple way to program this in vba or do I basically have to write a complete...
  6. C

    standardization of naming for several worksheets with different naming - for a newbie

    Hi there, I am very new to this but I would like to seek your views on how to go about doing this. What happened is I have 5 different worksheets which call the same thing by different names. For example, 1. Worksheet1: apple 2. Worksheet2: applie 3. Worksheet3: green apple 4. Worksheet4: red...
  7. M


    Hello everyone ,I am new to this forum , And I am trying to automate a task which I perform daily by inputting data from excel to main frame t3270 ,it consumes me 2 hours every day schedule ,any macro code to help me out ,it pick up only mobile numbers from excel each rows and inputs in the...
  8. T

    A Macro to warn me if one cell in a row has data but another does not?

    I have a sheet that is called "Deadlines" I input data in the following ranges F7:F150 H7:H150 I7:I150 Now people keep missing one or the other of these inputs, so can I have a macro that when run checks and if any cell in any row has data then every cell in that row must have data otherwise...
  9. S

    Keyboard locked after shortcuts

    Hi, I've been having a problem for a while throughout on different laptops (HP, Asus, Lenovo) and never seem to find a solution for it. What happens is that after a while working on excel, when i issue a keyboard shortcut like paint a cell, turn text bold, copy paste, freeze panes, etc... excel...
  10. JackDanIce

    Design question: aggregate data from multiple users with output reporting

    Hi, Working on a project to aggregate monthly reporting revenues for a company using Excel. Outline: User inputs data and revenue for 1 team (4 additional teams need to be able to do this) An aggregate output needs to show all user inputs across all teams Before month-end, user can...
  11. H

    Vlookup with multiple inputs?

    hello everyone. im trying to get excel to look up a value from a list of possibilities. to give you some context im trying to create a spreadsheet to show me the possible universal joint bearings from a given measurement, either A or AD, with A being the measurement across the bearing, and AD...
  12. O

    Hide/Unhide Excel File/s.

    Hey all, I have a stock management .xlsm files for each month of the year 2019 These are named as follows in the folder named = Stock Share 01. January, 2019 02. February, 2019 03. March, 2019 04. April, 2019 05. May, 2019 06. June, 2019 07. July, 2019 08. August, 2019 09. September, 2019 10...
  13. R

    Grouped Cells in Protected Sheet

    I have a workbook that I am supplying to a production shop to help allocate their costs properly. For the most part, the sheet takes a few columns of inputs from the operators that are used in formula driven cells to calculate various costs. I first made sure that all the cells in the sheet...
  14. D

    Developing an S-Curve

    Good Morning Guys, I am looking to develop an S-curve in excel and have searched all over the internet but not getting any suitable ones. The best one i found in terms of shape was the following: However this one is built in years...
  15. S

    worksheetfunction.index array form

    I am working with the lines: ArrX = Application.WorksheetFunction.Index(X, 0, 2) ArrTemp = Application.WorksheetFunction.Index(TempSample, 0, 2) DistanceMeasure = (1 - Application.WorksheetFunction.Correl(ArrX, ArrTemp)) * 100 I would like to be able to run a simple correlation using...
  16. Z

    Complex problem involving payout calculation based on multiple inputs from several different inputs

    Hey guys, I have a major project that is giving me a run for my money. I need to build a report that will allow us to copy a report from another excel workbook into this one, then have it automatically put out the expected payout based on the breakout of codes used in a visit type and the...
  17. V

    Hide Chart with Cell Change

    Current Code: Sub Chart_Toggle() If Worksheets("Inputs").Range("F74").Value = 1 Then Worksheets("Structuring").ChartObjects("Chart 3").Visible = False ElseIf Worksheets("Inputs").Range("F74").Value = 0 Then Worksheets("Structuring").ChartObjects("Chart 3").Visible = True...
  18. S

    How to keep inputs hidden from other users in a shared workbook?

    I have an Excel 2010 workbook with multiple columns for users to enter their rankings (one column per user). I then want to calculate simple and wtd averages and do some analysis. What's the best way to have them enter their rankings? I was thinking about making the file shared but then how do...
  19. P

    Automate a function in Excel using VBA

    Hi, I am new to Excel VBA abd have been stuck in this problem for quite some time now. I am required to read (n) number of test cases with (n) number of inputs and display the outputs through a button macro in developer ribbon. I'm looking to write a function to accomplish this and any help...
  20. P

    Read inputs from an excel file and and display the outputs by applying formulas

    Hello, I'm a newbie in Excel VBA. I have a task assigned where I need to read the inputs from a excel file,like reading of different test cases and paste the outputs(after formulas and all applied) in different sheet everything through a VBA. I don't have a JSON data or a URL to read the data...

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