insert cell contents

  1. R

    Insert text from cell into another cell multiple times to create paragraphs

    Hi Everyone, This is my first time posting and wasn't able to find anything which would relate to this... In column A, I have a list of multiple (200+) countries and in column B, I'm trying to write a paragraph that will insert the country into selected places throughout my paragraph. I was...
  2. J

    VBA to Copy data and format transactions for QuickBooks import

    I am currently trying to take an excel file that has purchase transactions as shown below and convert them into something that will import into an accounting software. I know it would be easier for that person gathering the information to input it the information directly into the accounting...
  3. C

    Search for specific word in one cell, then paste that "key word" in an adjacent cell???

    I am trying to search the contents of Column B for specific words, then insert the "key word" into the adjacent cell in Column C...this will form cetegories i can group by. For example Column B has actionable content..."Achieve Monthly Revenue Target", "Achieve <2% Overtime", "Reduce Overtime...
  4. T

    AutoInsert into Cell

    Hi There, Does anyone know how can achive this. When a user clicks on a cell within B5:B800 I want this to automatically appear: RTS2011/ and then after the / the user can input a max for 4 chars after. Any suggestions would be great. Regards Toby
  5. V

    Looking for help

    I am trying to figure out how to get a specific row in an excel spreadsheet to automatically be entered into another worksheet (in the same workbook) by using a specific condition. My example is this: I have a sheet named Master list - which has all the information. The fields in column G...
  6. S

    Excel 2003 - Double Click to enter user ID/ Windows ID?

    In Excel 2003 - how can I set VBA to insert user ID/ Windows ID into a cell when you double click mouse? All help gratefully received. regards S
  7. J

    Excel Keyword Search and then insert 3 cell

    Hi, Normally on excel I can press ctrl+g and it will look for all blank cells and I can insert cells. Is there a way to do the same but instead of looking for blanks, I want to search for a keyword such as average and then insert 3 cells in front of it. I tried the filter option but I...
  8. A

    Inserting cell contents to a hyperlink location

    Hi, I am trying to add hyperlinks to each cell in a column to this directory (C:\Documents and Settings\aenglert.QUESTEL\Desktop\OCRed) where the cell contents are the names of the files. So cell A1 = US7442200 and I want the hyperlink to lead to the following location: C:\Documents and...

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