insert picture

  1. J

    Create Macro to Insert and Re-size picture.

    Hi, I would like to create a macro to allow me to easily insert, resize and center a picture in a selected cell, or range of merged cells. I would like to select a cell, key in the assigned shortcut and then have the "Insert Picture" dialogue box appear. Once I have selected the picture I would...
  2. M

    Chart export saves a watermark instead of image when picture inserted into Worksheet using VBA

    Hi all. I want to save a picture (shape) from my Worksheet as a file, using VBA. When I manually insert the picture into the Worksheet and name it - all works perfect. When I use VBA to insert the picture and name it - instead of saving the image, the resulting file is a picture of a grey...
  3. L

    Insert a picture and link it to the worksheet

    Hi all, I am not a pro of VBA but I managed to find an awesome code that allows me to insert pictures in column A according to the names written in column B. These pictures are loaded from the same file on the computer. Here is the code : Sub Affiche_Image() Dim Ws As Worksheet...
  4. F

    Insert picture from web URL: Runtime error 1004

    Hi :) I am trying to insert a picture from a website into an excel sheet, but I get an error message, no matter which method I try. The URL I use ("MyURL") is in the format: https://x.x.x.x:pppp/chart.png?id=1002&graphid=2&mapid=secretkey But if I use any other picture url, it works... even...
  5. S

    Can images in one worksheet be referenced (and displayed) in another?

    I have two worksheets: - a "Titles" worksheet with 1500 films (title, director, year, etc.), one per row. - a "Directory" worksheet which shows the same information but in a different layout, each film on a "index card layout", more suitable for printing. The card layout has space for a small...
  6. S

    Macro to insert picture into a cell

    Hi Excel Gurus :) I am working on a macro allowing me to insert a picture into a cell activated with a button. I'd like to find out how this could be done. After clicking on a button "Insert Drawing" a generic windows dialog box should pop up asking me to select a picture I'd like to insert...
  7. B

    VBA Code to Insert Picture

    I am trying to insert a picture from my desktop into a specific cell with the same dimensions the cell already has using VBA. I don't know why this is so difficult. File Location: "C:\Users\barklie.estes\Desktop\timeline.jpg" Cell Location: I9 Please Help!! This is the VBA Code I have tried...
  8. B

    VBA Insert Picture Code Not Working

    Hi all, I've been through dozens of examples of how to insert a picture into an excel document using VBA and cannot get any of them to work. The one I'm currently working with that seems pretty straightforward isn't working and I can't figure out why. The second line of code is giving me an...
  9. R

    Why is the screen flashing when I insert a picture?

    I have a project that inserts pictures in a worksheet, as triggered by a worksheet_change event. The problem is, whenever I trigger the event, and the pictures are inserted automatically, there is a brief flash that is very unappealing. I have tried everything I can think of isolate the...
  10. M

    Adding in JPG image to worksheet, file source location decided via drop down list data validation

    Hello, Please can you help me to write VBA code that will enable me to do the following. On Sheet “Front Sheet” when I select a name in the drop down box in cell B1, say “Customer1” I need to go to a location "N:\data\chart\Customer1.JPG" and insert this picture in to range B48:I62 and then...
  11. M

    Inserting Picture with VBA alters aspect ratio in 2010, but not 2007

    Hi, I am using the below code to check for existing image (and delete if it exists), and then add an image into a cell range - centred and fit to size (/1.05). This works fine in Excel 2007, but in Excel 2010, the image is being squashed horizontally > < ... any ideas why? Sub...
  12. S

    References to linked pictures

    On my source data worksheet I have many links to images (all held locally on my hard drive). Each row represents a film and each row may contain a single image, inserted as a link (Excel 2007, Insert > Picture > Insert - Link to file). I have "snap to grid" switched on - the image sits nicely...
  13. E

    Macro to browse and insert picture file in word

    I am trying to write some code that upon pushing a command button, it prompts the user for the number of pics they want to insert into a word doc and then initiates a loop that opens a browse window to let the user choose each picture. The issue I am having is that after the user chooses the...
  14. D

    Change background

    I want to incorporate a background of a picture (specifically a map). Is there anyway of doing this so that only one map is presented, and where I can vary the size of it? When I insert a background with a map, it tiles many over the entire sheet. Many thanks
  15. S

    inserting dxf in power point

    Hello , anyone knows how to insert picture with extension .dxf in power point. i'm using power 2007. i'm able to insert this picture in lower version. please help. thanks.
  16. W

    Insert object into protected sheet

    Hi All, I have a macro that inserts a picture into a worksheet. It's working perfectly in Excel 2007. The worksheet is protected, but the cells where I want to put the picture are unlocked. In 2007 it just puts them where instructed. In 2003 I get a Run-Time error 1004 "Cannot use this command...

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