insert row

  1. xenios


    Hi All! How can identify that that the row to be inserted has to be inserted before 1st row with specific text in column F. If I record the macro it gives me the following result. Sub INSERT() ' ' INSERT Macro ' ' Rows("2:2").Select Selection.INSERT Shift:=xlDown...
  2. M

    Can I insert a row in two separate tables?

    Dear Community, I thought I was clever to setup and create a List for my Team, where we can share and enter our Day-Off Time. Therefore, I generated a Table with all the members and created for each month a separate Sheet, where within the sheet I have a second Table that is showing the days...
  3. M

    Insert new column and paste (Shortened) workbook name down to last cell

    Hi all! I have a problem which is really troubling me! If someone could please help, I would really appreciate it! Overview: I have a range of different workbooks which I need to insert a new column to and include a specific ID which is based on the specific workbook name.3 Objective: -...
  4. S

    VBA - Insert Row based on Cell Value

    Hi, I'd like to be able to create VBA which will insert a row based on a cell reference (for that row number) and will use spacing to insert the same row at say a spacing of 5. Basically the issue is if a line is added to say a P&L (in this case Overheads), then for n number of companies each...
  5. spencer_time

    Delete rows beginning with ! and insert row with text into multiple sheets

    Hello, I am trying to make a complex spreadsheet that will import .s2p files (just text files with a different extension) containing some data, each to a different sheet, delete the beginning comment rows, add a row that has headings describing the data. All of that for the raw data files...
  6. H

    Insert Rows Based on criteria (or CountIf?)

    Hello, I have two tabs, a summary tab, and a Data Tab. The Data Tab is organized like this (from rows 2 to 300 - with each person having a different number in Column E). <tbody> Column B Column E Person 1 (row 2) 10 Person 2 (row 3) 2 Person 3 (row 4) 0 Person 4 (row 5)... 1 Person...
  7. dannyok90

    Insert new row & column with VBA

    Hi All, Im trying to incorporate an add new row and column funtion in my spreadsheet How can i get the following bits of code to work independantly of each other? The first part of the code works fine and adds a new row exactly where i want it but im struggling to get the second add column...
  8. S

    VBA sort by two columns and add row after first sort based on cell

    I have the below code to sort my data by color (K11:K123) and by item (C11:C123). Is there a way to have a blank row inserted (also have all formulas of all other cells) to separate when the color changes. Range("B11:M123").Select ActiveWindow.SmallScroll Down:=-102...
  9. A

    Trouble Copying To Newly Inserted Row

    I am working with 2 sheets. Sheet1 is an inventory sheet (name of sheet is "Location") and Sheet2 is an Order Form (Name of sheet is "Supply Usage Form"). "LOCATION" A B&C (combined) D E F G(week1) H(week2)...
  10. T

    Loop if cell contains "create" then insert row and formula

    Hello, i need to make a loop on the first column (i have data from row3 to row 1987654), and if cell contains create, then add two rows above it and two formulas =CONCATENATE("formula1";R[4]C[1]) =CONCATENATE("formula2";R[2]C[1]) <tbody> A B 1 2 3 <tbody> create a </tbody>...
  11. V

    Insert row above if cell in column B partially contains 2 (e.g. A2,B2,C2...)

    I need a macro that inserts a row above each cell in column B that partially contains 2 e.g. A2, B2, C2 - W2. Many thanks in advance!
  12. B

    VBA to insert blank row in-between years

    Hello All: I am in need for a macro that will, starting at row 9 and insert a blank row every time there is a change in year in column "C". Any help would be extremely appreciated. Thank you!
  13. K

    Page Break Issue When Inserting Row

    I have two documents that are very similar. I am working from "Page Break Preview" view so that I can see where the page breaks are. In one document, when I insert a row above Row 1, the page break shifts down so that the new Row 1 (which was inserted) would not be printed. It is greyed out...
  14. M

    Adaptive Insert Row

    I have a macros that auto inserts rows based on values. I have 30+ Sheets on one spreadsheet, and if I use what I have, I can't get the rows to insert where I need them. Sheet 1 is set to insert rows at "3:3", Sheet 2 at "4:4", but if I use the macro for Sheet 1 then Sheet 2 inserts the rows out...
  15. M

    Macro VBA Code to Insert New Row and Copy Formula and Value from above row

    Hello Gurus, I need your help. I want to write a simple macro code which will do following 1) It will insert an empty row below the active row 2) It will copy selected formula and/or value from above row for specified columns. Can you help me send macro code for this case? Thanks you Manish
  16. W

    Inserting a row with a formula into a protected worksheet

    Good Evening Excelperts I like to think I am an intermediate excel user, but like everyone I know really well the functions that I utilize daily and I know that I have lots to learn! So, first if anyone knows of a great learning resource I would happily check them out! *Keep in mind that I...
  17. B

    VBA to insert a row/data when a new pdf has been added to a folder

    Hello everybody! I'm currently using the below code to add a file from a folder location and hyperlink it to an excel sheet. Option Compare TextOption Explicit Function Excludes(Ext As String) As Boolean 'Function purpose: To exclude listed file extensions from hyperlink listing...
  18. M

    Offset Rows Loop by Value in AH

    Hi, I am struggling with my code below and I am hoping someone can help. I have a formula in column AP that returns a number or a blank. I am trying to write some code so that if my formula in column AP returns a number then offset/insert (X) number of rows below based on the value in column...
  19. C

    Insert Row when cell is selected

    Hi everyone, I am new to macro and need help from you. I have tried different code but it doesn't work. Example: When I click on any cell, I like to have a row insert below the cell that selected and and copy from the row. Please help. Thanks!
  20. S

    VBA Transpose Data and Insert Rows

    Hello, I want a macro that will look at columns F through K and: If a cell in those columns contains a value, then insert a row after Transpose the value to column E (Optional) auto-fill columns A, B, C, and D with the preceeding value Note that if a cell in columns F-K has a value, then the...

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