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    Has anyone got examples of VBA code for API's

    Hi Everyone, I have to pull data from a site called Harvest. the data i want is employees time logs I understand this can be done and was told when we got the software that its easy but i stuck knowing where to start. I'm quite good at working things out and following instructions and was...
  2. D

    Filtering out data into another worksheet

    Morning, I have a workbook with multiple sheets. Sheet one is a list of instructions downloaded from an website. The instructions are from clients. each row represents an instruction and the orders are not all together for each client so row 2 could be an order from client A row two could be...
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    Make user answer Yes/No on instruction page before moving to another sheet

    Hello all, I am at a loss when it comes to VBA. I have googled, but not been able to find the ideas I am looking for or to how to make it work. I am running a Mac 10.14.3 and Office 365. Here is what I am trying to accomplish: 1) I want the user to read the instructions page, then click a...
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    Can I use Solver?

    Hello Everyone. I am currently working on a project for a class, the instructions and data set are below. I know I can do this, albeit it manual, without using solver I am trying to use it. Can someone please provide some guidance if solver is the correct path forward or any other way. I...
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    PowerPivot sort dialog box

    Hello I am having challenges with sort order within a powerpivot. I am attempting to follow instructions on cascading totals, and in those instructions, is the dialog box shown below. I have researched and looked for this option in both the underlying table and corresponding data model table...
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    Pivot table sort

    Hello I am having challenges with sort order within a powerpivot. I am attempting to follow instructions on cascading totals, and in those instructions, is the dialog box shown below. I have researched and looked for this option in both the underlying table and corresponding table within...
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    Excel (And Office) won't run fter re-install

    I started getting a message "stldole" or similar when Opening Excel, so I uninstalled and reinstalled it. It opens but doing anything with previously working workbook see Excel just vanish! I played around and finally got an error message "Could not load an object as it is not available on...
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    Compatibility Functions

    I am using the statistics functions on Excel 2016, which have various items listed as 'compatibility functions', for instance, =mode and =stdev. I wanted to know, if I import an old spreadsheet: 1) Is there somewhere I can find out which of the new functions the deprecated ones refer to? For...
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    vba-Connect to internet using 3g usb modem (AT commands)

    Hi I need to connect to the internet through a 3g usb modem (Huawei E173) using AT commands. Is that possible?? I searched a lot but didn't find any instructions about how to do that. Thank u in advance.
  10. B

    Where to find instructions for MrExcel HTML Maker

    Where do I find instructions for using MrExcel HTML Maker? I've searched and can only find download details. I've installed it and it appears on the menu. I highlight the range but the "Generate HTML (Specify Option)" is always grayed out. TIA Bob
  11. L

    automate tasks vs repetitive instructions

    Hi in the article below it is mention that VBA is used to automate tasks and repetitive instructions. I do not see any different between these 2. Can you give me an example of these 2 things. Thank you so much. Why learning Excel VBA is so important?As you become familiar with Excel, you will...
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    Selection of list of players for a tournament Hi, Could anyone please help me do the excel and the complete set of instructions which are already mentioned in it,
  13. G

    Countifs Partial Match

    Hello, i am trying to modify a formula to count partial matches, my current formula is =COUNTIFS(Allocation!H:H,'Instructions '!L3,Allocation!AB:AB,"<="&EOMONTH(TODAY(),0),Allocation!AB:AB,">"&EOMONTH(TODAY(),-1)) which works correctly , for matches in the current month. However, I am now...
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    Activesheet in Select Case Statement

    I want to use a series of message boxes to describe to the user how to use a sheet in a big file that I have (I have about 20 different sheets. What I would like to do is set up a Select Case statement so that when the user pushes a button the appropriate set of instructions will pop up...
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    VBA for Autofilter if column ontains value on another sheet

    Hello, I am trying to work out the vba, to replace "pass" and "investment" with the cell location Sheet Instructions cell C26 and Sheet instructions C35 as these are drop down lists which can contain various options. I can find numerous examples where everything is contain on a single sheet...
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    xlsm Will Not Open Source File.

    Hello, I have been given this tool (FA-OB-Conversion-Tool-V2.0.xlsm) to convert accounting data from FreeAgent to Xero format to import into Xero. I have an iMac OS X Sierra using Office 365. The file name does not appear in the: <tbody> "2. Verify that you have opened the correct file, which...
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    Adding Reference

    I want to add "Microsoft Excel XX.X Object Library" to Excel. I have office 2003 so pretty sure XX.X is 11.0. But no such reference appears in the reference list. Googling for help gives this In VS, right click the references > Add Reference... > COM tab Then select "Excel 11.0 Object...
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    Duplicate text cells from worksheet to invoice

    Hi, I'm sure there is a simple answer to this but I cannot find it. I have two worksheets one called"Worksheet" I enter Details of what I want someone to do on this sheet ie Wash and reproof rug,These instructions are in rows "E3:E26" The other worksheet is called "Invoice" I would like this...
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    Microsoft Query and SQL: non-case sensitive query

    Hi all! I hope to have chosen the right section of the forum, if not, I'm sorry, feel free to move my thread in the most appropriate one. I'm writing since I have some difficulties in writing the correct SQL instructions when using Microsoft Query to pull out data from an Excel table. I'm...
  20. G

    VBA to copy selected cells from Excel to Sharepoint

    HI, I have been searching the internet for help, but have been unable to find any. I am looking to automate copying information from an excel worksheet into an existing sharepoint list. is this possible? if yes does any one have any instructions or links to websites that provide any...

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