1. D

    File Integration

    Is it possible to integrate a file into another one that is similar. Example: File A is the original copy File B is created to allow another person to make changes within a different medium. (mobile app that is not technically excel but does read exe files) File C has a hyperlink to make...
  2. R

    Macro to copy from Sh1 (triggered by an entry), paste in Sh2 but also integrating it into existing code

    Hi: I need help with writing a new macro and integrating it into some existing code. My existing code works well for creating an auto hyperlink, from one sheet to another, triggerered by a dropdown value in Sh1 column K. I'm trying to add vba code to have the same trigger do a copy of cells...
  3. A

    Excel inventory integration

    hi everyone, i would like to ask this question, i am using excel for my inventory list which has the item sku and qty etc. but some items i do not keep them in stock, just i take it from my wholesaler when i get an order, but i need to have the qty of my wholesaler to see if i can rely on him...
  4. X

    run vb code when its time for new record

    Hello, I created a macro that inserts a copy of the last row's format to make a new record (row). I would like to some how run the macro without a shortcut key. Instead I would like to be at the last record (row) and once I start typing something on any cell in the next empty row it will...
  5. S

    Linking Excel data with access database using VBA

    Hi I appreciate the support and guidance from all the members of the site in solving the problems…<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> I have created a database in Access with the columns as Prod id, description, Status...

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