1. J

    SUM across multiple sheets but only sheets where A5 = Internal

    Hi folks, Looking for a dynamic sort of formula that will Sum B5 in every sheet where A5 = Internal. So there may be 20 sheets but only 3 are currently Internal but this number will increase and I don't want to manually have to update it. I can visualise this in VBA but not a formula Cheers...
  2. R

    Macro to replace value on sheet with a value from another sheet

    Hello All.. Quick history: We have assets that are known by what we call "external" name. This external name is an unique identifier. But... When our oracle database was created, this external name was not used has the key field, another "internal" name was used. Example External name = 987654...
  3. S

    VBA code to save files

    Hi guys Is there a way to link an excel spreadsheet to a website? Each case I work on has different dates. This tells me how many reports I need to download from a company internal website. When I go on the company website, I select the report and use cute pdf to save this file on the hard...
  4. R

    Zero (0) values not showing in query result

    I have made a query based on comoboxes and checkboxes. One of the checkboxes is chkExternal. When it's checked I want all the scores from all employees to appear: Internal + External Employees, or 0 en -1 values. When it's not checked I want only 0 values to appear: only Internal. This is the...
  5. D

    Wrapping not changing row height with linked formula

    Hello I have 2 sheets in my workbook. Basically it is an external and internal version of the same content. All information on the external sheet is linked by formula to the corrosponding internal version. So in A1 on external version is a formula linking to A1 on external version. Both cells...
  6. I

    Internal workbook link checker?

    Hi I have hundreds of links to other sheets in the same workbook and I'm looking for a quick way of identifying broken links without me having to click on every single one. I've searched the forum and I'm only able to find code for checking external hyperlinks. Hope you can help? Thank you!
  7. J

    Vlookup to return all values for a given ID.

    I am trying to make a vlookup that can return all email addresses associated with specific internal and external ids. I want to be able to type in the Internal ID and return all email addresses associated with it. IE type in 4 and be given the value in cell F7. I believe its going to involve an...
  8. K

    Match multiple values, then display as a list

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone is able to help, as this has started to take up a lot of my time, and I'm on the verge of giving up and reverting to doing it manually. I have a list "Services" which can have multiple "internal services" associated with them. I have the master list, and I...
  9. S

    Pull multiple columns of data based on extracted data

    Hi guys, Another tricky one (for me anyways), I have to pull data out of one work sheet into another based on a certain criteria (which is basically yes or no). I am already aware of how to do what is essentially a vlookup for multiple returns but my problem is I have 6 columns and I can't use...
  10. G

    sumifs with two criterias in two columns

    <colgroup><col span="3"><col><col></colgroup><tbody> ColumnA ColumnB ColumnC ColumnD Code User Role Hours PM Ram Service 5 Dev Satish DBA 9 Internal John Service 99 Arch Mary SR Cons 22 Internal Mary SR Cons 8 Arch xxx SR Cons 9 Arch yyy Cons 8 My...
  11. D

    By-line totals

    I am trying to create a summary table of expenses for a massive project for 35 people (each assigned a "type"). My data set is: <tbody> Type Pay Rate Days Hotel Per Diem total 1099 15.00 15 0 50 =((pay*8)*days)+hotel+per diem -- $1850 1099 18.00 20 500 50 $3430...
  12. Z

    Help with Countif Formula

    Hi all, I need to be able to count the number of "yes" entries in a cell based on whether another cell contains a specific text. Here's my scenario: I have a tab called raw data that contains columns called: ID#, Title, Internal, Name, Location, Unit I want to count the number of "yes"...
  13. A

    Create calculated field for pivot table, subtracting 2 following Qtrs

    hi all, This is the SQL data I imported into power pivot: <tbody> ProfitCenter_Name Account_Group Project_Group Fiscal_Year Q_FY Edition Edition_Type Revenue A AA AAA 2018 Q4/18 Actual Internal 5 A BB BBB 2019 Q1/19 Actual Internal 9 B CC CCC 2018 Q3/19 Other External 10 A AA AAA...
  14. MUKESHY12390

    internal OLE automation error while running Query

    Hi All, Does anyone know when this type error "Internal OLE automation error" comes while running MS query? I can run other query without any issue. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Mukesh
  15. E

    Code to help reorganise data

    Good morning, brilliant site – so helpful!!! I’ve been asked to see if it may be possible to see if there is some code which could help in us re-organising some informationÂ… We have to collate a report where it takes our main stocklist and cross references it against other part number & their...
  16. N

    Sum of best of five out of six external marks and internal marks total as best of five

    we have six subject marks internal and external need formula to sum best of five subject external marks and sum of internal marks which correlate with best of five external marks External Marks ENGLISH HINDI MATHEMATICS SCIENCE SOCIAL SCIENCE COMPUTER SCIENCE (Internal marks )ENGLISH HINDI...
  17. S

    Comparing unique strings in two columns and updating third column

    Hello I am trying to find a string in Column D and Column H and if they match certain criteria, insert the string "Match" in Column W. For example, if the string "Auditorium" occurs in Column D and the string "INTERNAL" occurs in Column H on the same row, insert the string "Match" in Column...
  18. B

    Sum if one criteria over multiple cells

    Hey everyone! I have a data set that I would like to summarize - and no I can not use a data table or pivot chart for what I am doing. I have 4 types of cost classifications - Internal Engineering, Internal Testing, External Engineering, and External Testing I need to have an equation that...
  19. S

    comment box internal formatting code

    Is it possible to reveal the codes for a comment box internal text formatting? What I've found so far deals mostly with bold or italic formatting with VBA but what I'd like to see is the spacing and hard returns between words.
  20. G

    Anyone used the new Azure B2B External sharing?

    Has anyone used the new external sharing capabilities as shown in the latest Guy in a Cube video? Assigning one of our licenses to a client is quite attractive given the number of users (internal and external) would be way below making premium capacity attractive. Is it easy to use? Any...

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