1. V

    [VBA] How change in each column from YES to NO to change YES or NO respectively in column H in the corresponding row ?

    Hi all, I would like each change in each column from YES to NO to change YES or NO respectively in column H in the corresponding row. I have this code: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim MonitoredRange As Range Set MonitoredRange = Range("A1:C6") If Not...
  2. D

    Assistance Request in VBA Intersect Function

    Hello all, I am attempting to combine two Workbook Subs that were written before into one Master Intersect sub that will .Select the cell upon user input. First things first... Now for the code: First One checks all worksheets within the book for the only cell turned green (=today()) and...
  3. N

    VBA Integer Returning to 0

    Hello, I am trying to use a variable from a module into a sheet function. The sheet is able to call the function in the module, but the data entered into the module doesn't stick when I try to pull it back. I really thought I had these setup correctly to share variables. Can someone help? FYI...
  4. S

    Select case is not working after values copied from other worksheets

    Good afternoon, I would like to ask you guys for a help. I am using Application Intersect with Select Case to enable dynamic hiding of selected rows based of inserted value to certain field (the point is to make formular as small as possible for tje user). The code looks like this. I repeat...
  5. D

    VBA one cell returns date of last time another cell was edited

    Hello everybody, I currently have the following: Where column: I = quantity J = subtract any number entered from the quantity after which the number entered will be subtracted in column I and disappear in column J so you can enter a new one in the future J = add any number entered from the...
  6. C

    Nested If Statements with Intersect

    I am watching a number of named ranges on one sheet and want to try make my code a simple as possible. Each named range I am watching corresponds to a day of the month so it can be up to 31 named ranges. I have the following working for one range If Not Intersect(Target, Range("day_1")) Is...
  7. D

    Argument not optional problem If Not Intersect Private Sub Worksheet Change

    I have a woworksheet which gathers data from an external source and is continually updating - similar to stock prices. I am trying to copy a range of data in i8:i40. Have tried numerous ways but without success. Reading various forums the below seems most logical to meet my needs but i'm...
  8. Y

    VBA to intersect cell changes (both data validation) and action separate functions

    Hi Everyone, on my worksheet I have two cells B3 and C3 which have data validation. So what I want to do is when either of the cells change, it will update two pivot table's filters. (Target & Actual) Below is what I got working when looking at only B3 and updating the Region. The values...
  9. S

    VBA - Unable to delete objects w/ INTERSECT if using Data Validation

    Good morning! Newbie here, but I've exercised about all the Googling I can do to find the solution and I just have not found one anywhere. Wondering if any expert VBA guys/gals can help a rookie out... Problem: When manually selecting cells that use List-style Data Validation, I can no...
  10. M

    VBA Line and intersect

    Hi Looking to see how I could utilise VBA code to draw a vertical line from a defined range (say cell B1=0, B2=1000) then horizontally intersect the vertical line down the page, to scale, from a value in another cell. For example, the vertical line would cover cells A1-A20, with A1 value =0...
  11. M

    Recording Time of Changes in another Worksheet

    MAJOR AMATURE ALERT! I'm trying to code a module to record the time of changes made to a workbook (several worksheets) to another worksheet. I can get the code to record the time of the change for a range with multiple columns to the next cell over (xOffsetColumn = 1). I am trying to send that...
  12. M

    Select a Shape that Intersects (touches) a Cell (range) using VBA

    Using VBA code, I will be placing a shape somewhere within a large cell range. But FIRST I NEED TO REMOVE THE SHAPE that may already be there. I know the shape will intersect or touch a certain cell (G13). So, I need the code to simply select this shape and then, I can move it to another...
  13. P

    How to create a table to give me certain X & Y values

    Yea i know, that title is a little weird. But this is what i am trying to do. I have somewhere an example of this, but didn't have time to figure out how they did it. I have 2 sheets with X & Y data. Y is in bounds, X has temperature and a scale for altitude. Where they intersect is the value...
  14. V

    Set Range for Loop of Rows

    I am trying to set a range for a set of columns (rg2) and rows by using Intersect. The rows are only to be selected for the range where there is a conditional "x" mark in a column. I can not set this loop as a range somehow or include this in the intersect range setting. I appreciate anyone's...
  15. N

    Intersect a Row and Various Columns

    Hello everyone. I'm having some issues at work with a task that my boss assigned to me. I need to know how to intersect a Row with various Columns. Intersected data range must be plotted as Values and then columns header (dates from Jan to Dec) must be a xValules as well. Sorry for my English...
  16. L

    Selective elimination of code execution.

    In the code below, recording TO respective sheets works well... recording FROM respective sheets changes the value in B3 thus execute the recording TO respective sheets again... the former is essential, how to stop the latter ? Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim myWS As...
  17. E

    Autofilter, copy & paste vba not working

    Hi can someone have a look at the below and help with why it's not working? Warning it's messy! Sub Searchproper() ' ' copyandpaste Macro ' ' Sheets("HR Advice & Admin").Select FilterString = Sheets("Offer Received").Range("G5").Value ActiveSheet.Range("$A$1:$AS$286").AutoFilter...
  18. C

    Method Intersect of Object _Global Failed

    I don't have a lot of experience with VBA and there's one error that keeps bugging me. The following code does exactly what I want, with the exception that I get the "Method Intersect of Object _Global Failed" error every time I update cell B3. What am I doing wrong? I thought I was being...
  19. L

    how to use Intersect

    I have a change event sub below and I want to trap changes made on columns A to B only. How do I use Intersect on this sub? many thanks Dim rngLastChange As Range Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Set rngLastChange = Target If [E2] > [F2] Then MsgBox...
  20. M

    Can't get Intersect command to copy formula

    I have a sub that copies a formula into a group of cells. There are two options for what formula it will put in the cell, depending on which option button is selected by the user. It isn't working, and I'm not sure why. Note: I don't want to call the cells by their Column Letter and Row...

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