1. T

    VBA - Run at Set Intervals

    I have a script I want to run every 15 minutes, for 5 hours (20 times). I can't use a loop and wait, because it doesn't factor in the time it takes for the script to run, which can vary and throw off when exactly it starts running in subsequent loops. Is there a way to set a timer that excludes...
  2. D

    Index & Match matrix function. With number Intervals as lookup and Text as output.

    Dear Excel-experts, I am trying write an Index & Match formula to output what kind of wooden box I need in order to ship different pipe variants to our costumers. The boxes has been designed to carry different pipe types with various dimensions. For now I am only interested in Type and Length...
  3. DayTimeSeby

    Timeframe Formula Returning New Value From Data Which Hadn't Been Selected in the Last X min

    That title was quite the task to try to summarize. I have an ever increasing amount of API keys I can call upon of which each one, obviouslly, has some rate limitting set out on it. I am looking for a solution/ formula particularly, where I can pull an API key to utilize in my overal...
  4. K

    Splitting activity duration by hour intervals

    Hi, i hope someone can help me. I try something similar as already described here: Splitting activity duration by half an hour intervals I too have a long list of activities and their start and end times. What I need is to split the duration of each activity into hourly intervals. At "Normal"...
  5. L

    Returning Values for Date Intervals

    I need some help with a formula and I've tried searching but not finding an exact match to what I'm looking for. Column A has hundreds of dates, past, present(today), and future. I need a formula that will tell me how many days old (by interval) any past dates are. The intervals would be 0-5...
  6. C

    Add to cell reference on multiple rows

    I have a table that I have a lot of production numbers in at regular intervals, say 4/hr at 15min intervals. Each 15min interval is in a different row, all in the same column. How do I quickly populate a table where each hour is on a different row, four columns wide? I know the text =C# doen'ts...
  7. M

    Breakout total time into 15 minute intervals

    I need a formula to take total time (from time in to time out) and extrapolate how many 15 minute intervals are in that total time. This is for determining how many units (15 minute intervals) an individual should get paid for. Any help is appreciated.:mad:
  8. J

    Calculate Next Occurrence (Date) Based on Varying Intervals

    Hello, This is my first post so I apologize ahead of time. I was wondering if there is a formula that will calculate the next occurrence of a date based on different time lengths? I have found many solutions dealing with whole month intervals and weekly/biweekly intervals separately, but for...
  9. H

    Confidence Intervals using Solver

    Hello Everybody I'm doing the parameters estimation of a model using the Excel solver with the GNG Nonlinear method. My question is, how can I get the confidence intervals of the optimized values? Thanks
  10. P

    returning number based on intervals

    Hi to all in the forum, I have a doubt related with a returning number based on intervals. I have a table like this: 1-10 - 20€ 11- 20 - 17€ 21- 30 - 14€ and so on... The I have in one row a list of number 1 2 3 until 100. And what I want is until number 10 return 20€ from 11 to 20 return...
  11. T

    Convert Standard Date to Number of 100-Nanosecond Intervals Since Jan 1, 1601

    I need a formula to change a standard date (ex: 6/1/2019) to the format Active Directory can use. The problem is that AD stores date values as the number of 100-nanosecond intervals that have elapsed since the zero hour of Jan 1, 1601. I've found several places that tell me to use this formula...
  12. K

    Change 15 Minutes into 30 Minutes Intervals VBA

    Im struggeling with a macro which needs to convert 15 min intervals to 30 min Original data looks like <tbody> 00:00 2 3 5 00:15 2 1 4 00:30 5 2 6 00:45 5 3 4 01:00 7 4 2 01:15 7 2 3 </tbody> and I would need such an outcome somewhere right or left from the original <tbody>...
  13. J

    Formula Help

    I have a table that counts how many people have presented on a certain date in hour intervals. I use the following formula to gather this data: =COUNTIFS('Patient Summary'!B6:B453,"21/7/2018",'Patient Summary'!C6:C453,">=02:00",'Patient Summary'!C6:C453,"<03:00") When writing the formula I...
  14. J

    Is there anyway to set non fix intervals in x axis

    Ob excel chart lets say i want the first three intervals five units apart namingly 5,10,15 then i want the next three intervals 10 units apart like 25,35,45 would this be possible? Thanks alot for he help.
  15. W

    Scatter Chart? Bell Curve?

    I have likert scale data: -29.0 through +29.5 I have four different likert scales that need to be graphed in some manner. the original thought was to create a bell curves to demonstrate the commonality of each set of data. - - That has proven difficult, or impossible as I cant figure it out...
  16. W

    Adding up in time intervals

    Hi there, I'm trying to add bits of data up in the table below so I can see the total at different 15 minute intervals and then plot it onto a graph, I've tried using sum and sumifs but the formula doesn't seem to work! Any help would be very much appreciated. <tbody> Start Time End Time...
  17. A

    Merging 2 Tables - Matching Intervals

    Hey MrExcel. I have ran into what I consider to be a rather complex problem. I have millions of lines of data that I need to merge into a single sheet, however it is not as easy as simply copying and pasting the columns next to each other as intervals are missing. I should mention that case...
  18. R

    Easy way to mass conditional format?

    Good evening, First off, I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who contributes to this forum. You're help has been much appreciated. I'm trying to develop a visual chart for employee staffing and I'm wondering if there is a easy way to conditional format numerous cells on a mass...
  19. T

    Formula to extract data from report with daily results that excludes data if no volume for that day

    Hello, i have a report for call volume by interval, the report will exclude data if no volume on the day, the problem i'm having is the work group name and time intervals are in the same cloumn Column A | Column B | Column C workgroup a | totalcallsoffered | totalcallsanswered...
  20. R

    Splitting activity duration by half an hour intervals

    Hi, Could you please help me with the following task: have a long list of activities and their start and end time. What I need is to split the duration of each activity by half an hour intervals as my example below. The blue intervals show beginning of each interval, for example interval...

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