1. J

    Force save as

    Hello I am trying to force users to save a file to a specific location on our network when they open a file from our intranet. I don't want the user to save the file back onto the intranet. Below is my code works great except a user can cancel the save as window and unintentionally save the...
  2. J

    Fileformat not working

    I'm extremely new to building macros so here is my situation. We have users opening a macro enabled excel file on our intranet. I'm trying to keep users from saving the file back to the intranet once opened. I want the user to save the file to their drive once opened. Once a user opens the file...
  3. S

    Unable to click "Search" button via VBA

    Hi everyone Currently I have a list of ID numbers in excel and wish to extract info from intranet. Prior to extract the data, I encountered error message when macro attempted to "click" the "Search" button in the webpage after have key in the ID number in the intranet fields. The error message...
  4. P

    Click the links in an intranet table which opens another table i can scrape.

    Sorry to ask for assistance but I've been trying to solve this for weeks. I have a table of date (myTable) and in the first column on each row there is a link to a sub table that I'm trying to scrape. I can collect the table data once it is displayed however i have to call a message box to pause...
  5. S

    Does The Employee Exist

    I'm creating a macro that automates the creation of Org Charts on Visio.... When the macro loops through specific names in a list I want to check to see if the employee exists within our company. Potential Solution (untested): Go to I.E. to employee directory website. Search the person's...
  6. O

    Forms where you can paste the information elsewhere

    Hi, I'm asking in the 'other' section as i'm mainly looking for this to work on a webpage/intranet than Excel/Access, but if you know how to do it on Excel i'd love to know too. So, i'm trying to make a fillable form which you can then copy and paste elsewhere. e.g Name: (please include your...
  7. J

    Macro Enabled Spreadsheet embedded to a website

    I have a spreadsheet that is a requisition form. This is only going to be used and available on our Intranet site. What I want to do is embed the spreadsheet into the website. The users can enter their quantities of what is needed into the form and then click on the Submit button on the bottom...
  8. R

    Retrieving info between two spreadsheets in an intranet

    Hey guys! First of all, this place is a life saver. I need to make an excel spreadsheet that retrieves information from another excel spreadsheet (the database) -- both of these are in an intranet. Now, the retrieval of information should be limited to whatever is in the database. Meaning in...
  9. bs0d

    Local Intranet - Open Excel Hyperlinks with Local Excel

    I have an IIS server with ASP.NET pages using VB code. Is there a simple way to build the hyperlinks (to Excel files) so that they open with the users Local machine or Citrix App? Right now, when a user clicks the link, it downloads it to a temp. folder on their computer, (which can take a...
  10. G

    Macro stops working

    Hi All, i have designed a excel sheet to collect data from our stake holders.the user need to fill the data in this spreadsheet and press a Button 'Save and Send' to send it to my ID.I have tested the spreadsheet and it works perfectly. However, as soon as I load it onto our intranet...
  11. R

    Hyperlinks to network files keeps changing

    I've got a spreadsheet that I run from our intranet that has a macro that builds hyperlinks to files elsewhere on our intranet. The link is built like this in the macro: N:\pdfs\engineering\1234567101.PDF Once it creates the link, it looks like this, which stillworks...
  12. K

    Visitor Counter on Intranet

    I have an excel-based page, converted to html, that serves as an internal website for my office. Is it possible to add a visitor counter to the main page, and if so, what is the easiest way to complete this? I am fairly proficient in Excel, but I do not have any VBA or Macro experience...

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