1. K

    run time error 1004

    i have a control button named "button 61" and a macro is assigned to it, within that macro there is a code : Worksheets("4_Lift Plan").OptionButtons("Button 61").Visible = False which esentially tells to make this same button invisible if certain condition is met and when i run it there is error...
  2. sparky2205

    Invisible cells

    Hi folks, I ran a Workbook Analysis on a spreadsheet using the Inquire tool (very useful). It tells me one of my cells is invisible. Sure enough when I type into the cell the text is hidden. I can simply Format Paint from another cell and then my text is visible. But I would like to know how...
  3. D

    Need text box to be invisible when printing

    I have a text box that has default text that disappears when you type in the box. What vba code would make the box invisible when printing if it contains the text "Please type notes here"?
  4. M

    How to hide the queries and connection in Excel

    I created several PowerQuery but I want to hide it. Now, everyone clicking Data > Query and connection can find it. How to make it "invisible" to others ? Thanks
  5. J

    The fastest way to saved workbook copy and open it as invisible

    Hi, crossed post from here: (i didnt get any proper answer). I am looking for a way to save a copy of workbook, open it and delete some sheets...
  6. N

    IE.Navigate myURL, CLng(2048) Invisible Mode

    Hello, I've been Goggling and can not find any find any info on how to make IE open a new tab next to an existing page in an invisible mode. Is this possible? I see code that can make IE open a new page in invisible mode. Set objIE = New InternetExplorerMedium With objIE .Visible =...
  7. H

    Invisible "?" in Strings

    So I'm not even sure what the best way to describe this is but... I have a string value in Excel. In the excel sheet it reads as "4502575223". If I click at the end of this string and type backspace, the cursor will not move. If I press it again, it deletes the 3 off the end. It takes 2...
  8. D

    Invisible Cell?

    I made a new topic for this because the problem appears to me to be separate from the original problem. See the original/reference post for additional details if needed. I have a set of data. I am using a COUNTIF function on a column. Everything appeared to work fine. However, I ran a SUM...
  9. P

    Making validation arrows INvisible

    Hi, I have a sheet where only a few cells can be altered. The sheet can be sorted and filtered by macro's. This works fine. But I do find the validation arrows confusing for the users. This part of the sheet is protected so they can't filter by the arrows (they need to use the macro's...
  10. I

    How to hide command button when column is hidden

    Hello Excel friends, I have a command button located in a cell in column C. When hiding the entire column C, the command button is still visible. How can I make this command button invisible when the column is being hidden, using a macro? Kind regards Ingemar
  11. Johnny C

    How do you find an invisible object?

    I just ran Document Inspector (XL2013) on a workbook I inherited and it found 1 invisible object. What does it mean by that, and how do I find it?
  12. R

    Setting for auto-populating formulas 'invisibly'?

    This is my first time posting a question, because I've always been able to find pre-existing answers in the past - thank you! My issue is hard to describe but I'm sure the solution is maddeningly simple: I have a spreadsheet with data in Column A, and a formula that references it in Column B...
  13. V

    Buttons and charts not visible for some users

    Hi there I have a workbook (Excel 2010) with VBA & Macro buttons / charts. It has 2 standard sheets - instructions sheet & sheet selection button menu to hidden template sheets. 22 hidden template sheets each have activeX buttons on them as well as at least 1 chart. The problem I have is...
  14. O

    Invisible usable button on Userform

    Is it possible to have an invisible but clickable area on a UserForm - I want to have a "back door" to take me out of a menu driven view, so that I can edit a spreadsheet. I'm using Excel 2010. Thanks, OldMan1950
  15. M

    How to make a value invisible

    I have Excel 2003 and Windows Vista Home Premium. I'm definitely not an excel pro! but I do know how to make basic formulas. I'm creating a sheet so people in a weight loss group can enter their weight and inches, then each week can enter their new weight and inches and see, at a glance, how...
  16. L

    Invisible character in the spreadsheet

    I have an excel spreadsheet (excel 2010) , There is a column in a sheet that when i type text , the text will be disappeared from the cell, cant see on formulas bar as well. But when I type number, i can see it like normal cell. I thing this column is set some formula to allow only number. Can...
  17. B

    Active Cell Indicator Disappeared

    Hi There, I am running a macro that is causing my active cell indicator to disappear. In term of clicking around, I can still select cells, highlight cells and type formula's into cells. However, the black border that surrounds an active cell doesn't work. My file is completely macro driven and...
  18. C

    Help: Change font color from transparent (invisible) color state

    Hi there again! I would like to ask if there is any way that I can make a conditional formatting formula changing my color font from being transparent. I made the font color of cells A1:A10 transparent by customizing the format with ;;;. But, if B2 has value, how can I bring back the font color...
  19. M

    Table Only Visible When Selected From a Drop-Down list

    Hi, I was just wondering is there was a way to Select a project name from a drop down list, then match its name up with the name of a table, and the table will appear on a worksheet. Eg; <tbody> <tbody> <tbody> Project Number Project Name C2269 Spring Farm </tbody> </tbody>...
  20. E

    How do I strip out all non-numeric characters?

    How do I strip out all non-numeric characters? I have 10,000 phone numbers, of which people entered in different formats, such as 212.123.1234 212 123 1234 212-123-1234 (212)123-1234 How do I strip out ALL the data/characters that are NOT numbers so the result is 2121231234 I want all...

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