1. P

    How to print multiple invoices with unique invoice numbers in one click?

    I want to print multiple copies and have a unique invoice number on each page printed in cell P4. I don't want to just send it to the printer as individual print jobs. I would like to send it to print as a pdf in a single 100 page document or if not a pdf then just as a multiple page document...
  2. T

    Delete only unused related records in another table

    I have used Excel for many years, but am new to Access! I am creating a database on which to log invoices received and track progress with authorisation, disputes, etc. through to eventual payment. As each invoice could have multiple progress updates relating to it, and each progress update...
  3. A

    Sequential numbering of unique values in multiple columns

    I am hoping to find a formula to automatically number a large amount of data. I need to send individual invoices to each vendor and the transactions need to be grouped by date and listed on separate lines. I have a column with the invoice identifiers and a column with the transaction dates. I...
  4. S

    Formatting Inconsistent Source Data

    I'm trying to solve a problem to automate the formatting of some inconsistent source data we download daily for a partner. The source data is formatted like below. For the all lines we need to pull data into a simplified table. Ex. first line we need to pull the invoice # (11753195), Vendor...
  5. tourless

    Where to Start?

    Hi Folks, Been a while... Anyway I'm looking at a simple list of all active customers and all their invoices. I've got three columns; Name, Invoice Date, and Invoice Amount. I'm looking for a way to say 'if the customer has invoices prior to 2019 then ignore them and move on to the next...
  6. B

    VBA - Merge multiple files to one sheet

    Hi everyone, thanks for the help on previous questions and the continued support. I have written some VBA to export some invoice to load in to sage but now need to combine the days exports in to one sheet to upload. Each export contains a sheet with a header row (A1:AI1) then a list of lines...
  7. C

    Formula issue - mortgage/installment plan

    Hi, Please see the picture linked to below and open it in a separate tab to zoom it: I am trying to create a formula to use in O2:Z2 (blue cells). I want it to do the following: Look for invoices in C3:N3, if true, then divide it by number of mortgage months in B3...
  8. R

    Sumproduct with Index / Match or Vlookup not returning array

    Hello – Similar to challenges others have described here, I’m having troubles with using Vlookup Index/Match along with Sumproduct. Those two functions don’t want to return an array in my formula. Scenario: I have an invoice table with an Invoice #, Item Code, Sales Price, and Quantity. Each...
  9. P

    Convert duplicate number / reference unique if is 8 or less digits

    All hi, Kindly require to provide me a support so that a VBA code to run through col. “C” and where the first 8 digits and less from left side are common, should place by alphabetical method a letter and space on left. Note that the first common number/reference should remain unaffected and...
  10. I

    only one code executes after i merged two codes together

    Morning, I have merged two codes together but the seocnd part of the code does not execute / run I press my PRINT 1 INVOICE BUTTON on my worksheet. The invoice is then printed. I see the msgbox CLEAR INVOICE AFTER PRINTING. I press the OK button but after the msgbox is closed then this is...
  11. S

    WordArt Under (behind) text

    Hi all, Is it possible to have WordArt, or picture under entries in work sheet range, for example let say we have invoice data & behind it we can see WordArt saying "COPY" ? Thank you in advance
  12. T

    Complicated formula or macro need to add new sale into correct invoice?

    Hi Everyone, hope you can help I need a formula or macro to add new sales to existing sales invoices. we have clients that p[lace orders and pay over 16 instalmentsand offten add new items to the first order When we get and order an invioce schedule is created with dates and amounts due...
  13. M

    Dynamic ListBox for an invoice

    Hello Everybody, I woud lile your help on some issues i'm facing when i try to populate a combobox from a specific range based on a certain condition. Below is a listbox i created that provides the summary of all the invoices registered (see image below as an example): When i select an i...
  14. C

    Searching for information and then returning that info.

    Each day I get in a bank statement, and on there I need to search within the reference column for specific text in the form of invoice numbers. but to get around the fact the invoice numbers and letters are different, I want to make a table with these values in, but have wildcards in between...
  15. T

    Macro to find blank cells, and then cut the entire row to paste elsewhere

    Hi all, My basic requirement is this: I have a table of data that has been through some processing already. In it, there will be rows where a certain column, labelled "Invoice" will be blank. In those cases, I want to cut the whole row, and then paste it underneath the table in a new row. I...
  16. K

    Multiple emails with each row data

    Dear All, I have this excel data where am trying to send individual email along with the data from each row associated to that email id. Below is the format <colgroup><col span="6"><col><col span="7"></colgroup><tbody> Number BU Amount Currency Supplier Name Creation Date Invoice Date Status...
  17. S

    Dynamic SumIf or Index Match-Match?

    Hello, I am looking to pull values from an assortment of invoice formats that will populate a summary sheet (example below). Though location of "Fund" and "Amount" can vary within each invoice (and they don't always begin on row 1), they always contain the same headers. Is there a way to...
  18. T

    SUMIF - Include/Exclude Variables From a List

    My billing department does a rough job at breaking down certain expenses into various categories. As a result, I designed a workbook to look at the data behind the invoice and create a revised allocation based on including and excluding certain terms within the description. The list of terms...
  19. J

    Automatic attachment and email to be sent

    Dear Expert, I need an help from you. I need a VBA code from you for the below scenario. Currently I am doing it manually and i want to automate it. Current Scenario: I am from invoicing Team and i Generate multiple invoices for the day. I store all these Invoices in PDF mode and save it under...
  20. S

    Find a number from multiple range of numbers

    Dear All, I have two tables as mentioned below Master Date Table No.1:- <tbody> Serial No. Quantity of Cards Start No. End No. Invoice No. 1 500 193201 193700 1A 2 1000 199701 200700 1B 3 1000 214301 215300 1C 4 1000 223101 224100 1D 5 1000 235101 236100 1E 6 1000 239601 240600 1F...

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