1. M

    True statement with ISNUMBER

    Hello, I have the following formula written, but it’s not returning both ‘true’ or ‘false.’ Would love for feedback: AND(Q2=“abc”,G2=“D”,ISNUMBER(Match(k2,abc_dom,0))) Essentially, want to say if cell Q2=abc, and g2=d (that’s true) and if cell K2 matches the list from abc_dom, return false...
  2. H

    Adding a wildcard function to an excel array formula to return multiple values vertically of both Number and Text

    Hi all, First I want to apologize if my question lacks some formula knowledge, I'm new to this level of Excel and trying to figure this out. Second, I want to thank all for tolerating my ignorance. Here is my challange: I'm designing a stopgap solution for querying a large Excel spreadsheet...
  3. D

    IF function with ISNumber(Search()) and Vlookup

    Hi! I am trying to write a function that would use two vlookups, where in the first vlookup there are also IsNumber(Search()) supporting it. What I have written looks like this - IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("part of text", d3)),VLOOKUP(D3, 'tab x'!A:B,2,false),VLOOKUP(D3, 'tab x'!A:C,3,FALSE)). As you...
  4. M

    Count Number of digits 0-9 to the left of a Specific Character in a Cell

    I used a formula to parse a field that typically contains text like the following: 1F5H or 13F1H The following formula works just fine when the number of digits to the left of a given character is static, like 1 numerical digit. However, I'm not sure how to determine how many numerical digits...
  5. S


    Hello, So the cell contains "MattressSofaCouch-1", I currently have the isnumber function to identify whether it is a mattress, sofa or couch but I need an adjustment to the formula to designate the "-1" as the color black. Right now when I use the ISNUMBER formula and add the "-1", it pulls...
  6. F

    Any of these in any of these

    I am attempting to get a count of all the cells in K:K, that contain the same value as any of c12:c43 from a different tab. I got it to work by using a long string of countifs, but that seems like way to much work for excel. I have tried using SUMPRODUCT, SEARCH, ISNUMBER, COUNTIFS,ETC. This...
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    IS NUMBER SEARCH with TWO conditions

    Hi I've got a formula which searches for specific text in a cell, then returns a phrase if that text is in the cell. In the example below, if the word "Now" appears in the text in cell A1, then the phrase "Fixed Price Discount" will appear in cell B1. The formula I have used is...
  8. T

    Return Highest value if Range of cells dont contain "Sat" or "Sun"

    <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Occupancy Occupancy Start Occupancy End Occupancy Start Weekend Occupancy End Weekend DHW DHW DHW Start Monday 05:00 DHW Start Tues - Fri 05:30 DHW Stop Mon - Thurs 15:00 DHW Stop Fri 15:00 DHW Start Sat 09:00 DHW Stop Sat...
  9. I

    ISNUMER and MATCH: on two columns

    is it possible to use ISNUMBER and MATCH on two adjacent columns. I want to use ISNUMBER and MATCH to return true i the formula finds A,B,C,D,,F,G,H,I, or J in either of the ranges. Range A1:A5 house A,B,C,D,and E Range B1:B5 houses F,G,H,I,and J
  10. S

    ISnumber with Index/Match GoogleSheets

    Can someone please help me, what is wrong here? if(ISNUMBER(A68),INDEX('Pricing & Availability'!A:E,match(A68*1,'Pricing & Availability'!A:A,0),2),INDEX('Pricing & Availability'!A:E,match(A68,'Pricing & Availability'!A:A,0),2)) I am getting the massage: "Error Did not find value '9178891612'...
  11. D

    Can I use Isnumber(search()) to extract from a string, from lookup table?

    Hello, I am trying to extract part numbers from a columnfull of strings. The part numbers are in different places in each row. I have alist of part numbers so I can wondering if I can use Isnumber(search(Lookup or indexmatch function)) to extract the part #sfor each row. I can’t put the part...
  12. G


    I am trying to figure out how to get the right formula to output the column header i need. I tried isnumber with index match and i'm getting n/a or value errors. <tbody> US1 US2 US3 US4 US5 US6 US7 US8 US9 US10 123 456 SERV678 542 369 87 654879 14 </tbody> I need to find the cell the has...
  13. D

    If Statement + Is Number + CountA

    Hello- I have the following data set, which I'm trying to calculate the time spent based on =CountA of the items (columns A-E below). <tbody> Col. A B C D E F G H I Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 Total Time Spent (mins.) Time Spent - Item 1 Time Spent - Item 2 Time Spent - Item 3...
  14. N

    SEARCH for multiple words

    I'm trying to search cells for certain letter combinations and seem to have forgotten how. I want to look at cell H3 on another sheet for code "WJ" and/or "SP" and come back with TRUE for true and blank for false. The only time it should be false is if neither WJ or SP are in the cell. The...
  15. L

    match two separate arrays with three individual cells

    This is an odd case I know, but given a ton of data in this sheet, I need to perform the goal without having to rearrange the data or use VB/macro. The areas of concern are in bold red... Trying to match E3:F7 with I7:R7 (in this case should = 0,1,3,4), and then see if those matches...
  16. D

    Sum Cells In a Range IF 3 'Contains' Criteria are Met

    Hi all, hoping you can help me. I want to sum cells within a range, only if 3 criteria are met, but each criteria is specific to finding specific text within other cells in the same row. For example: <tbody> Set 1 Set 2 Count Good fruit This apple is red 5 Bad fruit This apple is green 6...
  17. M

    Help needed debugging SUMPRODUCT

    Hi, I'm in the process of replacing SUMIFS with SUMPRODUCTS for closed workbooks and have hit an error I cannot solve. The offending formula is: =SUMPRODUCT(--([MFT.XLSX]Perth!$5:$5=TEXT($U$1,"mmmm")),--([MFT.XLSX]Perth!$6:$6=$W$1),[MFT.XLSX]Perth!$21:$21) It is returning DIV/0 I know...
  18. G

    Array search by criteria to return found criteria

    I feel like I'm halfway to what I'm needing. Here's what I'm starting with: <tbody> A B C D E F 1 Description word list 2 The zookeeper was reading a book about a dog, bear and fish. TRUE aardvark 3 The girl has a cat. TRUE bear 4 The...
  19. M

    ISNUMBER is not working properly

    I have column B with either a numerical value or a letter text. In column M, I need to use only the numerical value and regard the text as 0. In M, I entered =IF(ISNUMBER(B5),B5,0) But, when B5=7, it returns a 0. When B5 is a T, it returns a 0 as well. Column B is formatted as a Number (0...
  20. C

    Know if the last char is a number

    Hello ! I need to know, in each cell in a range, if the last char of a cell is a number (the cell can contain text but i want to know only if the last char is a number), and if not, I want to show in a message box and highlight it. I have written this code by adapting another code I have, and...

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