1. H

    Calculating numbers only with Sumifs

    Hi all, I hope you can help. I am using a SUMIFS formula to count totals in column D - however the will be times when a letter will be listed instead of a number, which obviously causes the formula to fail. I have used connotations of ISNUMBER within the formula, but none of these work. Any...
  2. R

    Referencing a cells value in another formula

    Hello all, I am trying to reference a cells value in a formula I am trying to use, however I do not think it is working because the cell I want to reference has a formula in it, which is then formatted to give a specific number. E.G. Cell B2 has the value I want to reference in my formula...
  3. T

    IF Statement Assistance

    Hi, I have been working on this statement. Each of these line works individually. When I add them together the first three work, and only in this order. When the fourth is added I don't get the desired result. Is there anything obviously wrong? Is there a better way to achieve the same effect...
  4. B

    Why wont the OR Function Work in this Formula?

    I've tried to make this formula more concise using the OR function, but it doesnt need to like it. Have I done something wrong? Any ideas how to make it work? Before OR Function (Works): =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("M&E",D$41)),"Electrical &...
  5. M

    ISNUMBER acting odd

    Could some one explain why cell W3 is counted as a number, yet W5 is not? both are formatted to [h]:mm I potentially get data ranging from 00:00 to 9999999:59, but ISNUMBER seems to stop working at 9999:59. Any help with this...
  6. G

    SUMPRODUCT with multiple AND and OR criteria including partial texts

    I have got an issue that I can't workout. I need to perform a SUMPRODUCT with multiple AND and OR criterias. something like the following...
  7. B

    Isnumber then Vlookup correlating Text and numbers help

    Hi, Trying to do something that is WAY too advanced for myself. will try to explain the context of what I need to achieve etc etc. I have an excel with financial product names in lets say column A I then have current value of said financial product in Column C I then have the percentage that...
  8. P


    Hi there I have a specific excel question and was hoping someone out there might please be able to help. I have this formula which is functioning: =SUMPRODUCT((Income!$A$4:$A23>=B10)*(Income!$A$4:$A23<=C10)*(Income!$F$4:$F23)) However it doesn't work if there are any cells that aren't numbers...
  9. C

    Sumproduct, Isnumber & Match Multiple Columns Query

    Hi all, first time post to the forum and I was wondering if any excel genius could help. I need to match match match multiple and sum against multiple columns of information, I'm nearly there but cannot figure out how to finish the formula. Here is where I am so far...
  10. Jyggalag

    Formula to check if value is in array not working

    Hi all, I have this formula I found online: I have now set the formula to test if my value "test" in cell B2 is located anywhere at all in within the value set B1:D133 in sheet 2. I literally have the value "test" in cell B2, but it does not work: It should return the value "1" if the...
  11. E

    Please Help! Struggling with 'ISNUMBER' and 'OR' functions

    Hi, I'm trying to make a column that will be used to inform a pivot table, however because the data sheet is populated by dates and not numbers, if i take data from both columns for the pivot table, there will be an overlap and inflation of resulting totals where both columns contain...
  12. L

    Filter Function with multiple conditions does not work

    Hey guys, I need help with my formula: =FILTER(TDB,(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(F8,TDB[Fund Manager])))+(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(F8,TDB[Description])))+(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(F8,TDB[Tags]))) *(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(F19,TDB[Verticals]))),"Not Found") When I added the part in bold, the formula ignores it. What I try to...
  13. J

    Maintain leading zeros and only allow numbers

    Hello everyone. I have a column for telephone number extensions in my sheet. Of course, some of these extension numbers may begin with a zero. To keep the leading zero, I have changed the formatting of the column to 'text'. I also only want to allow numbers to be entered into the column...
  14. T

    Counting unique values with FREQUENCY, ISNUMBER, SEARCH, and MATCH - problem when adding date

    With below formula I am counting unique values. Everything worked well until I added the dates. Any suggestions to solve this? Picture attached =SUM(--(FREQUENCY(IF((N:N="Installer/Contractor")*(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("|"&I:I&"|";"|Visit|Online Meeting|Webinar|Join Visit|")))*(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Ole...
  15. T

    ISNUMBER - Return specified values?

    Is it possible for ISNUMBER to return values other than True/False? For example, if the cell I'm targeting contains literally any numeric value and not a word value, can I make it return "Number" instead of "True" For whatever reason I could find literally nothing on this subject outside of...
  16. P

    Use ISTEXT or ISNUMBER with Right Function

    When I use the ISNUMBER or ISTEXT function for the whole cell, it gives me the correct true or false result. When I use the ISNUMBER OR ISTEXT with the right function to extract the last 3 characters it is giving me the incorrect results. I want Excel to see the the last 3 characters as if it is...
  17. M

    Need Help with Match/IF/ISNUMBER problem.

    I have a problem I'm trying to solve. hopefully I explain this right. I'm trying do find a formula to insert 3 missing columns of data from another data set that has those columns. the data with the missing columns has over 600 rows. and duplicate values.. the data that has the columns i need...
  18. P

    INDEX MATCH -> multiple results from 2 columns

    Hello, I'm trying to get 2 multiple results from 2 different columns under 1 column and in order. Column E = Matching Apple in column A -> returning C value {=INDEX($C$1:$C$6,SMALL(IF(ISNUMBER(MATCH($A$1:$A$6,$E$1,0)),MATCH(ROW($A$1:$A$6),ROW($A$1:$A$6)),""),ROWS($A$1:A1)))} Column F =...
  19. M

    True statement with ISNUMBER

    Hello, I have the following formula written, but it’s not returning both ‘true’ or ‘false.’ Would love for feedback: AND(Q2=“abc”,G2=“D”,ISNUMBER(Match(k2,abc_dom,0))) Essentially, want to say if cell Q2=abc, and g2=d (that’s true) and if cell K2 matches the list from abc_dom, return false...
  20. H

    Adding a wildcard function to an excel array formula to return multiple values vertically of both Number and Text

    Hi all, First I want to apologize if my question lacks some formula knowledge, I'm new to this level of Excel and trying to figure this out. Second, I want to thank all for tolerating my ignorance. Here is my challange: I'm designing a stopgap solution for querying a large Excel spreadsheet...

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