1. L

    select case is not working

    Hi Why when I enter 66 as a number, this code print "Else"? it does not go the first case? any idea why? I used F8 but again jump to the last case. Thank you very much. Sub test3() Dim x As Integer x = InputBox("enter number") Select Case x Case x > 50 MsgBox...
  2. T

    Skip columns from a cell

    Hello, I am trying to jump columns in excel from a cell, could anyone help? I'm trying through For sub test () For i = 1 To 5 Cells (i) .Select Next i End Sub What I need is to start in cell A, then jump every 10 columns until it's over.
  3. T

    Does this shortcut exist? Jump to precedent/dependent cell on another sheet

    Hey Mr Excel users, I'm looking for a shortcut that allows me to jump to dependent or precedent cells on other sheets. I know you can do it within the same sheet, but hate having to manually click that arrow that pops up when the cell being traced has a dependent / precedent on another sheet...
  4. M

    Data series query

    Column A B W1 W1_1 W1 W1_2 W171 W171_3 Formula B1 is: A1&"_"&ROW()-ROW($C$9). How to get W171 not jump to _3 but to _1 again? What formula would you suggest? Thanks!
  5. J

    code to jump to last cell without text

    Have a SS that has a ton of lines, would like a button that would jump to the next cell that does not have text. It can vary each time though. Thanks
  6. B

    Back Button Link

    My question has two parts to it, but I would be happy if I could just get the first part answered. The second part is mostly aesthetics. 1) Is it possible to create a link that will jump back to a previous point in an Excel document? I have a rather large document that I'm creating, and I'm...
  7. B

    Jump to item in list based on first (and subsequent) letter (Excel 2003)

    Is there an option to jump through a list on a worksheet alphabetically in Excel 2003?
  8. V

    Get data from coordinate

    Hi Can anyone help me with a formula to look for the number in a particular coordinate?By getting the number in 4th column, 5th row of $C2 i'm using =IFERROR(IF(MATCH($C2,Dec!$C:$C,0),"confirm",),"") to look for an entry. can i still use this formula to look for that number...
  9. W

    Jump List for Sheets

    I got an idea but none on how to do it. Rather than scrolling thru 20-30 sheets in a work book looking for one in particular, is there a way to create a filter that will list all the sheets alphabetically and let you choose which one to jump to?
  10. V

    Using a variable to select a range excluding one cell.

    Hi I have been trying to write some code which checks if a cell is empty, if the cell is empty it moves the data from that row and the next 2 columns down a row. The problem I have is that the second column contains the address of a linked cell, hence I need to check if the address is still...
  11. I

    Code for jump to specific cell

    Morning all, How would this be possible please. I have a worksheet where in column B is the customers name. The first cell is B8 and continues down the page for however long. My request would be to jump to a specific first letter of there christian name. Not sure how it would work but lets say...
  12. K

    After fill in auto jump to other tab

    HI When i'm filling in the cells on tab "contact" it jump always to tab Offerte pp. i don't know how it is possible :-s THx kristof https://www.dropbox.com/s/1dtcank73s66z7k/CalculatorV2.1%20Komito%20Pool.xlsm?dl=0
  13. N

    VBA move between sheets drop-down

    Hi I'm using a a dropdown to jump between sheets, but the problem is if I jump from one sheet to another and want to jump back it gets stuck, then I have to pick a different sheet. Is there a way to fix that? Sub MovetoSheet() Dim dd As DropDown Set dd =...
  14. N

    VBA Dropdown move between sheets

    Hi I'm using a a dropdown to jump between sheets, but the problem is if I jump from one sheet to another and want to jump back it gets stuck, then I have to pick a different sheet. Is there a way to fix that? Sub MovetoSheet() Dim dd As DropDown Set dd =...
  15. B

    Transferring values to another workbook

    Sorry I meant sheet not workbook Hi I have 1 workbook, example, I have 1 sheet named 'Calls', in cell C4 a value will be entered for example '1 day' I have another sheet on the bottom 'Collection' I want it to log/copy '1 day', from A1. But I still want this info to remain on 'Collection'...
  16. A

    Using data validation list to jump to different cell

    Hello! I have an excel sheet with 25 different pie charts that take up 250 rows (10 rows per chart). I used data validation to make a list at the top where you can choose which chart to jump to so you don't have to scroll down manually every time. Unfortunately, I don't know how to do this. For...
  17. S

    Use of goto

    Hi all is there a better way of doing this ? as I was always taught to avoid the "goto" instruction MSG1 = MsgBox("Pressing this will COMPLETELY replace ALL of the data in the 'Tabs'" & vbCrLf & "Continue ?", vbYesNo, "Sort raw Data") If MSG1 = vbYes Then GoTo jump Else End End If...
  18. Y

    formula to return next different value within column

    Such as Col A a a b c c e k k e I need result in column B (duplicate value is not my concern, just jump to next different value) ColB: a b c e k e
  19. B

    Cannot jump to worksheet because it is hidden - vba headache

    Hi all, I am trying to get the basics for a new project collating data from various sheets and loading it into the last sheet in a workbook. I have a workbook with 5 sheets named Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo. I am using checkboxes in Delta to select all or a combination of the various...
  20. S

    VB Macro to jump to cell referenced in INDEX function

    Hi -- I am using the INDEX function to pull values from a named range on another tab with matching row and column headings. Example formula is: =INDEX(DebtOther,MATCH($A12,INDEX(DebtOther,,1),FALSE),MATCH(CM$2,INDEX(DebtOther,1,),FALSE)) Where: DebtOther = named range on another tab $A12 =...

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