1. Heber

    time calculation on working hours less weekend

    Hi I am Struggling to solve this! I need to calculate time between two dates, but need to be only between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, excluding weekends. I got some results, but when the start time is over 5:00 pm still add the time... example below: Start End Transmission time (h:mm) 28/09/2019...
  2. G

    how to IF this kind of condition

    <tbody> IN AM OUT AM IN PM OUT PM Return 1 1 1 1 TRUE 1 1 0 0 TRUE 0 0 1 1 TRUE 1 0 0 1 TRUE 1 0 0 0 FALSE 0 1 0 0 FALSE 0 0 1 0 FALSE 0 0 0 1 FALSE 1 0 1 1 FALSE 1 1 0 1 FALSE 1 1 1 0 FALSE </tbody> how to make the formula with that kind of combination then will...
  3. S

    How to convert lots of columns of data all into just one column easily?

    Hello, Thanks for reading. I have columns of data from column C right through to column WZZ. What I want to do is to put all of this data into column A only. Each column has the exact same amount of rows - data starts at row 6 and finishes at to 2,500. Is there a qucik way to do this...
  4. P

    Excel online

    Hi There, Ive been searching the internet and cant find a decent answer to the following and wondered if someone would be kind enough to help? Can Excel online work with macros Eg can a button be created that will start a macro to do a series of tasks. Kind Regards P
  5. countryfan_nt

    Formula should work, but isnt. Text / Values / Hour challenge.

    Hello friends, hope all is well! Please help me =IF(TEXT(INT($D3*24)-HOUR($C1),"0")=2,TRUE,FALSE) keeps giving me False. Even though the result of TEXT(INT($D3*24)-HOUR($C1),"0") gives me 2. Your kind help is needed and always appreciated in advance.
  6. P

    Convert To VBA

    I have a MS Excel formula in a cell that I'd like to convert to VBA in order to use in MS Access. Would one you experts be so kind as to convert this formula into a VBA function. =LEN(SUBSTITUTE(C3, " ", "")) Thank you so much.
  7. M

    Printing workbook

    I may regret trying to do this myself, but I dont know til I try... First off, I dont know VBA code, but there are some people here who do, so this may turn into a reference thread for them to accomplish this, unless I can somehow manage to get it done with help from forum members who are waaay...
  8. M

    PowerBI Dataflows (cant see it in the service)

    Hi all, I work at a school and got a (probably educational) powerbi pro license. I want to experiment with powerbi dataflows but cannot see the functionality in the powerbi online service. Anyone knows why? Kind regards, MrJoosten
  9. R

    Topics selection macro.

    Is there anyway i can populate a new page to show some kind of filtered information based on whether a series of cells are populated yes or no. I want to have a list of cells that each have the option "yes" or "no". I then want to be able to run a macro or some kind of automation where it...
  10. Trevor3007

    insert date + 2,

    hi, I have a date in A2 & if C2 = Yes, then D2 = A2 + 1, however the date in D2 must not be a weekend . Example A2 = 22/3/19 , C2 = Yes then D2 would return 25/3/19 etc. The full range is A2:K200 Can some kind person solve for me? MTIA KR Trevor 3007
  11. A

    Extract Variable Text String

    Ok, I got a bunch of data rows with the following kind of data: FACILITYID</td><td>H1676</td></ FACILITYID</td><td>PN1354</td> FACILITYID</td><td>61523/54712</ ... and so on. I need to extract the unique data, no matter the length, from each cell. Unfortunately, a lot of characters like "<"...
  12. O

    Formula that receives array as input and gives ranking as output

    Hello, everyone, I'm looking for a formula which when inserted in a SINGLE cell would return {1,2,3,4,5,6} for the array below <tbody> 55 45 32 21 21 21 </tbody> I tried the formula below, but it doesn't deal well with duplicates: Thanks! Kind regards, ORoxo
  13. F

    Open a File in sharepoint

    Hi there, I have managed to open files and lookup files in shared drives before but i don't know how to reference this to open a file in a sharepoint. Can anyone help to point me in the right direction. Any help is greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Forrestgump
  14. M

    macro to copy text

    Hello at work we are using one program that basicly tells us what kind of variants to use for some specific objects for example : The macro needs to copy from column : AO(V1) to CP(V54) [AO,AP,AQ,AR,AS....ETC] only the last three numbers and then only the last letter...
  15. K

    formula only work if other cell has data

    Hi all, Could anyone help me with this formula below, I would likeit to only calculate and return “SPARE/VOR” if D78 is not blank but I have noidea where to nest it in the formula but not for want of trying :( would it be =NOT(ISBLANK)? If someone would be so kind as to add it to the formula...
  16. E

    Merge and Unmerge Excel

    ​Hi, I had a file downloaded from somewhere, 3 rows were merged, when i perform unmerged, first and second row was file with data, how could this be done and what is the purpose of this ? Appreciate your kind answer and thank you BR//TE
  17. A

    Cell Formatting

    I am looking at the following in Cell D1. Surveying Services shall be provided for the following scopes: - Sitework and grades - Set demo removal limits - Centerline control points - Benchmarks So, it appears there is some kind of formatting going on that allows these line items to drop down a...
  18. gheyman

    Access: Macro Requery Control Name

    When you go to create a Macro, based on an Event, there is a selection for "Requery" When you select that it comes up with a filed below it titled "Control Name". It appears that it wants the user to enter some kind of information. What is the Control Name and what kind of information/data is...
  19. I

    Delete row if #REF! shown

    Hi, I am using this simple code =DATABASE!A202 & son on. I have noticed that if nothing is in the cell in question then on the worksheet where there should be a value etc i see #REF ! Can we use some kind of code so that row is then deleted should #REF ! be in any cell in Column A Thanks
  20. T

    How to change other cell value

    Hello fellows. I have a doubt on Excel calculation. If I change the A1 value the B1 should automatically change to 1 the same if suppose I change B1 value the A1 should change to 1 Kind Regards

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