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    Labels not showing for out of bounds data in radar chart

    Hi all I work for a small call centre, and part of my role is to manage the score cards. I have modified them using radar graphs, to visually show how close to each target the agent is. I have set the bounds from 0% to 200%. However, if an agent manages to do more than double the target (it...
  2. A

    Data selection, subtotaling, etc. Big question. Big problems. Please help!

    Hi everyone, Longtime listener first time caller. I have a couple of tasks that I am trying to complete for my boss. I am trying to rework some data and get some explanatory statistics out of it. My data set is a time series with 10 variables and about 5800 daily observations. First: I...
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    Returning Multiple Occurrences of an item

    Good morning, all. I am trying to create an Excel spreadsheet that will accurately feed a Mail Merge labels document. In my data, I have the following: Item Units ax2 7 ax3 5 But, what I think I need to do is show 7 occurrences of ax2 - to print out 7 labels - and 5 occurrences of ax3, to...
  4. R

    Labeling data points on Excel charts

    I'm wishing to have a VBA code that will allow me to label data points on an XY-scatterplot. The labels I will to affix to the points are NOT the category (i.e., x-values) or value (i.e., y-values), but reside in a third column within the Excel spreadsheet. For example, if Columns A and B have...

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