1. S

    printing userform landscape and on a4

    Hello all I want to print my userform on a4 in landscape. i have searched the web for answers, have found code also, but it just does not work for me. i cant really pull the data from the userform to a sheet either, well not easily, i have certian layout and tickboxes etc the code i have...
  2. D

    vba Export Excel to PDF. 2 pages. One Portrait, One landscape.

    Hello, if anyone knows how to do this, I would appreciate a pointer. There are a few threads on it but i havent found one that actually answers the question of how to do it as one PDF with different orientations per page. This is where i am at so far... Sub ExportPDF2() Dim sFile As String...
  3. L

    Userform Print in Landscape

    Can anyone help, share idea, how to code VBA excel to page setup of userform and print userform in landscape.
  4. M

    ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat on a Mac not printing in landscape orientation

    Hi, Excel 2016. I am trying to send a PDF in landscape orientation by mail using the ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat function. If I try printing the sheet it manually it works fine in landscape. But it does not work in VBA. I have googled this issue extensively for no solution. Sub...
  5. A

    VBA to Print multiple worksheets with different print ranges

    I know enough to be able to parse and understand a VBA code once I see it but not enough to actually know how to write it from scratch. Really need some help here. So let me see if I can explain. Worksheet 1 print range a1:m36 worksheet set to landscape Worksheet 2 print range a1:m36 worksheet...
  6. M

    Email in body of outlook - landscape?

    I have some code which includes this; With ActiveSheet.MailEnvelope .Introduction = "" .Item.To = "email address" .Item.Subject = "subject" .Item.Send End With It works fine, however the data is quite wide so the email has to be manually set as Landscape to be able to print it...
  7. P

    PDF aspect ratio from SmartArt

    My Picture Org Chart created from Smart Art always starts as a square even though I set width to 1000 and height to 500. Then when I ExportAsFixedFormat to PDF it's still a square and too small. Does anyone know how to have the chart created with a landscape size and to have the PDF created also...
  8. A

    Print as PDF macro orientation

    Hi, i built a macro to print from several files and sheets as pdfs, which is working fine. However, I wanted to specify the page/print setup orientation (portrait vs. landscape). I was hoping the below would work by specifying the preferred orientation in column G (e.g cell G5 will say...
  9. G

    Change Default Printer Settings

    Hello, how can I change Excel's printer settings so that every time I open a new workbook, the settings to print are always set to Landscape and the scaling is always set to Fit All Columns on One Page? I'm using Excel 2010. Please help, thanks.
  10. B

    Simple way to print in landscape VBA

    Hello I am trying to print in an excel sheet in landscape mode and think that there has to be a simple way of doing this, but maybe not and I just need somebody to help me with the page setup: Here is the code that I have right now: sub PrintGMReport () Sheets ("General Manager...
  11. M

    Exporting as PDF in landscape format

    Hello everyone! I have a worksheet with 5 pages. One of them I want to export in landscape format. It's the third page. Here are the ranges: B1:K69 -> Portrait (Pages 1-2) B70:P115 -> Landscape (Page 3) B116:K215 -> Portrait (Pages 4-5) At moment, I can export it all as portrait using this...
  12. B


    How to take multiple prints from multiple sheets by clicking command button? I want A20:F60 table From 20 sheets I want to take print with same range in A4 landscape Is there any macro for this?
  13. Tosborn

    Print to PDF VBA formatting issues

    Hi all, I have some VBA to print out a large document for all regional manager & their stores to one pdf file. I have set the page setup as landscape and fit to one page for each page but it doesn’t work when the pdf is created. Each page comes out as portrait and not on the one page. Any...
  14. F

    Hide Excel Title bar, maximize, minimize, close buttons

    I have been using API code similar to successfully to hide the Title Bar (min, max, close, menu buttons) in Excel 2013/2016 running Win 7/Win 10 and it has been working without issue on tablets when rotating...
  15. P

    code to print page 1 in landscape, and page 2 in portrait

    Hi, I have the following code to print page 1 of any worksheet with a 5-digit name For Each ws In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets If ws.Name Like "#####" Then ws.PrintOut from:=1, To:=1 End If Next ws However, is it possible to change this code (again for any sheet with a 5-digit name) to print...
  16. L

    Changing Orientation of pages

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to change the margins while changing the orientation of the page in Excel. When in portrait mode the margins need to be: Left/Right: 2,3; Top/Bottom: 3,6 and Header/Footer: 3,3 (cm). In Landscape it should be: Left/Right: 3,3; Top/Bottom: 2,3 and Header/Footer: 2 (cm)...
  17. L

    Save as PDF with special function

    Dear Excel friends I hope there is a smart person out there who can help me with a small Macro (Excel 2010) – I have been in contact with a lot of friends in Denmark that normally work with excel, but nobody seems able to help me. Why I hope there is a "geek" in this forum that can help me...
  18. M

    export as fixedformat pdf - orientation can't get last sheet to landscape

    Hello all, I'm new here but I hope you can help me out. I've code to export multiple sheets in a workbook to pdf using 'ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF' All sheets are set to landscape. The export works fine however most of the time the last sheet is orientated as portrait instead of...
  19. A

    Excel template done in HTML for export: how to make it Landscape?

    Hi, I am tasked to export a data table done in visualforce (using apex), into an excel file. I can already export the data into an excel file. The display is also ok when exported to excel. My problem is that, I do not know how to code in HTML, in such a way that the exported excel file will...
  20. J

    Print Setup

    Each morning when i come into work there is a morning report I am responsible for putting together and distributing to 14 people around the office. For whatever reason, when I set the print settings to LANDSCAPE and then to FIT TO 1 to 1, it shrinks the page down so skinny that it only fills...

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