last cell

  1. G

    auto fill the last cell of the column with destination range

    Hi, I am trying to create new reference number and add the last empty cell of Column M: How can i fix this code at destination range?? A2018-01 A2018-02 D2018-03 A2018-04 A2018-05 A2018-06 A2018-07 D2018-08 D2018-09 A2018-10 A2018-11 A2018-12 empty cell here (for instance) i tried to run...
  2. N

    Only update changed cells in variable range triggered by Worksheet_Change

    Hello, I have a sheet that user can update. Columns A, C-G and I-J are text Columns B and H are date format. I force the format to consolas (to see difference between O and 0), set the date cells to yyyy-mm-dd, do some centering and indenting. BUT: I do this inefficiently on all cells from row...
  3. A

    Identify last cell data in a column and paste the same in all above cells

    Hi I am searching for a VBA that will perform to copy the last cell data in a column "A" and paste the same above all the cells in that same column "A" in that same worksheet. Kindly help. I have provided a format here. I need to do this operation for 100 + files . So kindly provide some...
  4. berty2000

    Last cell with data in range

    Hi Im trying to select the last cell with data in from a range H90:H108 but if the cells have formula in it and a result it misses that as last cell used. I have tried Range("H108").End(xlUp).Select Im sure its simple but its nearly midnight and some times you can be staring at something too...
  5. berty2000

    Find Last cell with Data in Range

    Hi guys Im sure this is simple but i cant seem to get anything to work correctly. Im trying to make active cell the last cell with data in from a range all in the same row. ActiveSheet.Range("E5:J5").End(xlToRight).Select xlToRight goes to the first number and xlToLeft goes outside the range...
  6. P

    Address of last cell with data that is formulated

    Hi All, So have to admit defeat on this case. I am trying to find the address of the last cell that contains numeric data in a selection between CT30:IQ30 that is not 0. (Note that data is set by formulas, not direct numbers) I currently have the following formula...
  7. J

    selection cell phaste formula till last row

    Range("D2").Select Lastrow1 = Range("C" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row Selection.End(xlDown).Offset(1, 0).Select Selection.Formula = "=0000" Hi guys, I am trying to putting value on below last row of D column and would like to extend value till last row of the column. Usually column C...
  8. Jeffrey Mahoney

    Gift for the Community (Select Any Part of a Range)

    The Function below allows you to return a smaller section of a range provided. Returnable ranges are: - a cell - a range - a row - a column - multiple rows or columns - last row or column - multiple rows at the bottom - multiple columns on the right All I ask is that you LIKE this or post you...
  9. L

    Find last column with value?

    Hi all I am looking fo a way to find the last entry accross in a large data set, excluding heading etc. data is all numbers within the range AU100:YT10000. I already have a countA to validate a columns with data, returning (1 or 0), but I would like to have a row above that looks at the...
  10. B

    Macro to open Multiple Files in a Folder and Copy Key Elements out but will not find correct last available cell

    I am trying to take some data out of a couple hundred sheets. Basically I open each one by one pull the key data and find the last available cell in column D as the start point to paste to from the next file. It seems to keep selecting row 23 (even though the cells up to 2 are empty) and then...
  11. K

    How do I cut and paste data from last row on excel sheet, then loop?

    I have an excel worksheet that has data in columns BA:CX. I want VBA to cut the data from the last row in the worksheet BA:CX and paste the data in the row below it's current location starting with column C:AY. I want to repeat the process for the next row up, etc. all the way until I get to...
  12. P

    Find last cell with data entered and combine with first cell (date range)

    I tried searching through the forum for a problem/solution already posted similar to mine and while I found a few, the solutions posted either give me an error or don't return the value I need. So, specifically, I'm looking to combine the first and last dates to form a date range in a separate...
  13. M

    Excel Formula Help For Dynamic Cell Range:

    I am in need of some help constructing an Excel formula that is capable of dynamically detecting the last cell with data in a column, in place of inputting a straight range such as C3:C38. The version of Excel I am using is 2010. I have some screen captures of this spreadsheet that I've...
  14. B

    calling a macro and placing data

    Hi, i have a sheet where i have set the filter so i can filter out items i have found a macro to select the first cell in column A ActiveSheet.AutoFilter.Range.Offset(1).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).Cells(1, 1).Select and a macro to select the last cell in column A Range("A" &...
  15. W

    find last populated cell and autofill column- vba

    <colgroup><col style="width:48pt" span="3" width="64"> </colgroup><tbody> DATA DATE PRICE DATA 20120621 118.1000 DATA 20120621 149.7700 DATA 94.8900 DATA 137.5900 DATA 114.5500 DATA...
  16. V

    End(xlDown).Value deletes data in a Linked table

    Hi All, There doesnt seem to be a post on this, and it's really probably a simple problem that is now really starting to bug me. My VBA says: Dim SampleNumber as Variant Columns("B:B").End(xlDown).Select ActiveCell.Value = SampleValue But everytime my code executes the activecell.value...
  17. C

    Tracking a cell

    I want to be able to measure the progression of a cell that is in a dropdown in Excel. Once the cell "closes" it is important but it is more important to see what the cell was before it was coded as closed. Is there a way to see what the last item in that cell was? maybe put it in another cell?
  18. E

    Using Min Function in a Subtotaled Data Set

    I have a data set that has the Subtotals applied to the dollar column for every change in X. I have a date column as well. Imagine starting with the subtotals collapsed to level 2 so that the subtotals are viewed as a summary showing only lines with "X Total" with the underlying detail hidden...
  19. K

    Get value from last cell. Flipping data

    I am working on a tool/worksheet that grabs the data from a user-inputted sheet (Sheet 1). The data the user inputs can vary in length, i.e. # rows. The last cell entered by the user is transferred to the first cell in another worksheet (Sheet 2). I want to basically flip the data from how the...
  20. L

    Automatically Copy Last Cell (Most Up-to-Date) from Multiple Worksheets into a Summary Worksheet

    I have a workbook in which I keep track of various documents and where they are in the completion process. One column is for "Comments/Status," in which I state something like, "11/9/10 - Sent to Joe Q. Public for review." I will have several rows with similar information; for example, the...

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