1. Bookmark pivot table Layout

    I have a pivot table connected to a data model and I keep changing its shape according to my needs, it would be helpful to have a way of bookmarking a certain layout an putting in a name instead of duplicating the pivot table tab and having a dozen of duplicated tabs, will the spreadsheet get...
  2. T

    Excel Page Layout - Remove Blank

    Hi Everyone, You can find attached a page the way I see it when printed out. The issue is that I have some blank areas on the left and right I want to remove. I set up the margins to 0 but I still cannot get rid of this blank areas. Any ideas on how I can remove it? Thanks!!!
  3. M

    Redesign excel format

    I have the following spreadsheet with about 2000 rows, ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO1Ref No(s)TitleEff DateATAComments2TEST 1B737 ADVERTISING PLACARD INSTALLATION25Referenced By: TEST3ParagraphMethod Of ComplianceRLifeLast ComplE/D O/RideLimit/ IntervalF/ LNext DueRemain4Initial Issue...
  4. B

    VBA - Layout and sorting with conditions

    Hi Team, I'm facing the current scenario, I will start by placing the sheet that i'm working in and then bring up what has to be done: ABCDEFGHIJKL12UUIDWhatsover1Whatsover2Whatsover3Whatsover4Whatsover5Whatsover6Whatsover7Whatsover8Whatsover9Adjust and...
  5. M

    Page Layout Margin

    Error rows going onto next page when space left on page, only seems to happen for this workbook, all others seem to fill ok. But there is a fair amount of invested time in layouts formula, and macros that would be a pain to switch to a new workbook (so i'm leaving that as last resort) Workbook...
  6. G

    Maximium Box in the circle

    Hi, Pros: I need help in create some code with Excel VBA, which find out how to layout box in the circle, requirement as such 1. Circle diameter= 194.0000mm 2. box dimmension can be varied, but L<33.0000mm, W<26.0000mm 3. Bottom edge move up 6mm is forbidden area. 4. The result can be reference...
  7. J

    Sending a workbook in Page Layout

    hey everyone, i need some help. I have finalized my workbook, each tab has one page per sheet in the workbook, i want to send this to my team however I want them to view these sheets as page layout view. my problem is i only want the active sheet in each tab and i can't get rid of any...
  8. E

    Coverting layout of spreadsheet

    Hi there, I am completely new to excel and I was unaware of the extent of its functions. I have been tasked with converting the layout of a cinema timetable that is in a spreadsheet. the timetable also includes the age rating of the movie and the director . I am also not going to include certain...
  9. K

    Require changed of formulas as per new layout

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> Columns C:P, I got data, in the column Q have got a index formula, and in the columns S, T & U have count of 1's, X's and 2's as shown in the example sheet1 below... </SPAN></SPAN> Current Formulas</SPAN></SPAN>...
  10. M

    Page Layout not working in Excel 2016

    I have Office 365, using Excel 2016. Page Layout is greyed-out. I rebooted, opened Excel, clicked on the Page Layout icon, and got a message saying "current printer not available". Does anyone have a solution?
  11. R

    VBA question

    Hi All I am using this code and the target range represents 1 layout of 72 cells. I need to include 23 more layouts. My question: should I cram it all in 1 target range or should I duplicate this code for each layout? If Not Intersect(Target...
  12. B

    VBA for Word document

    I understand this is an Excel forum, but I just came across something related to what I'm trying to do in Word through Google on this forum, and I'm hoping people continue to be extremely helpful here. This forum has been a life force for me in completing projects. I am trying to craft a VBA...
  13. B

    Add the last row

    Hi I have a sheet I want to be able to look for the last record or last row of data and paste new records from another sheet The layout for both sheets are the same, just not sue about the lastrow function
  14. N

    Table Layout to create chart for three sets of criteria

    I'm trying to figure out how how to layout the table that needs to contain three different sets of criteria so a comparison chart can be created. The chart needs to be a pilot chart so it can be manipulated to show which week is being reviewed (this would be the horizontal chart Axis) for the...
  15. G

    Consolidation of columns

    Hi, I want formula to bring sets of four columns into one set of long columns. I have 1000+ columns vertically located so want to bring in one series. Please assist. Current layout a b c d e f g h I j k l a b c d e f g h I j k l a b c d e f g h I j k l a b c d e f g h I j k l Desired layout...
  16. D

    Really stuck on using VB to sort Raw data in standard layout

    Hi, Im really stuck and getting nowhere fast, mainly because I dont know VB. Im pretty good when it comes to excel formulas, but it looks like what I am tring to do will only work through VB, and it isnt a really complicated issue either, just I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to...
  17. C

    Excel 2019: Why is my Chart Tools Layout Tab Missing?

    Simple question: Why is my Chart Tools Layout Tab missing? I want to add high-low bars to my chart. I read around to find out how and I find I should click anywhere on the chart and the Chart Tools thing will pop up with three choices under it: Design, Layout, and Format, and I should choose...
  18. A

    Adjusting the layout of disparate data in excel

    Not sure if that title is the snappiest way to label this query. I have results from a questionnaire which are partly about jurisdictions of interest of businesses. As shown (poorly) below, they way they have been pulled in to excel makes it quite difficult to interact with them. The businesses...
  19. V

    Copying information to one spreadsheet

    Hello, I need help with a spreadsheet form, at my workplace I have Certificate to be filled in, so far manually:(, using other spreadsheet with information(Data Sheet). Both are forms not tables so there are lots of merged cells in them and have different layout, and I would like to make...
  20. A

    Page Layout

    Hi guys, Someone (who is defo not me) has managed to resize every column on every single sheet in the workbook i took an age to build. Is there a way I can copy a master layout to the all of the sheets without effecting the data that is already on each sheet? massively great full for any help!

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