left function

  1. Z

    Truncate Whole Words within Max Length Set

    Hello, I'm looking for a way to truncate the length of data that I'm pulling from another Sheet using XLOOKUP. ABCD1QuizTitleDataLEN2176888A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to School...xxxxxxxxx463178125A Pirate's Mother Goose (And Other Rhymes)xxxxxxxxx424187860Alexander Hamilton: From Orphan...
  2. S

    formula for last names not working

    I have a list of employee names that follow the Last name, First name Middle initial format. The formula I have works 95% of the time for employees with one last name, but it doesn't work when there is an employee that has two last names. I am looking to update my formula to accommodate the...
  3. S

    Remove Middle Initial from list of names with formula

    I have list of names in the format of Last Name, First Name Middle Initial. The problem is not every single name has a middle initial and I am looking to make a formula to put the names in First Name Last Name format. Here is the list and the formula I have so far: Extract first name formula...
  4. L

    Partial Match Index Left Mid 2 sheets

    I am working with 2 Sheets in a workbook. I am attempting to run a PARTIAL MATCH from SHEET1, COLUMN C to SHEET2, COLUMN A. When there is a match of 5 digits, I want the value in SHEET2, Column B in the same row as the match, to be placed in COLUMN G of the row matching SHEET1, Column C. I...
  5. S

    Inserting LEFT into DAX functions for Measure

    I am trying to pick out a certain word in a measure I am trying to create in Power Pivot and with my unfamiliarity with DAX functions, it's throwing me off. Hoping there are some experts on here that can help. Below is my first attempt to find the first 8 characters in the column I am looking...
  6. T

    Complicated Nested If statement with 12 conditions and left function

    Hello profs., I am having a long table containing about 20,000 rows (format is in numbers having 15 characters long), I need to get only the first 6 digits in the left for each number and then need to do an if statement with 12 conditions so to map each code with its correspondent company name...
  7. M

    Right / Left & Len function

    Hello all, I am trying to extract characters 2 to 6 from the right of a field. The left characters are a user's name and vary quite a bit. The code I am trying to extract is 5 characters in between (). For example my list will be filled with records like this: John Smith (PQ123) or Susan L...
  8. J

    Data Cleaning with the search function

    Hello I have a column in my tab called company name that needs data cleaning. The data looks like this Company ABC-London Company DEF-Manchester Company A Ltd Company B Ltd. Company C, I want to remove everything after the company name EG hyphen, comma, full stop,place. The formula I am using...
  9. V

    Grouping Column Names

    Hey all, I'm new to this forum and relatively new to VBA. I'm currently working on a project and I'm trying to code the following, but I'm having difficulty. My data is a static table. The first column it titled Year and goes from 2011 to 2015. The columns thereafter are titled with 6 digit...
  10. X

    Use =Left Function in VBA to pull characters from adjacent cell

    Hello, I'd like to take the first 4 characters of a string from Col B starting in B3 and copy them to COl A all the way down to the end of the file. Here is what I have so far, this is the next step. Also any other tips/criticism on what i already have is welcomed Sub FormatReport()...
  11. Q

    Adding a carry over digit.

    I want to add a column take the digits greater then the ones column over to the next column and add. example <tbody> Column A Column B 4 9 3 6 8 5 </tbody> 9+6+5=21 carry the 2 to column B and then add. The formula works on two digit numbers, however if column B is a 3 digit number or...
  12. D

    Index and Match Question

    Hi, I have three columns that I am trying to pull data from via index and match and the current formula I have is missing certain data points - any ideas? Column 1 (account numbers) Column 2 (Revenue) Column 3 (counts accounts left 5) Column 4 (sums revenue by account) 10001-11...
  13. J


    Hi, I need help doing a Vlookup for fill a description. Need the Vlookup to check the Part number in A2 and match it to a description on another sheet. The description also has the part number in there and I figured I could use a =left(B2,5) statement to help with the Vlookup. Second sheet...
  14. M

    Attachmate Reflections to Excel

    This is all fairly new to me, so be gentle. I'm using Attachmate Reflection for Unix and OpenVMS, which is capable of using VBA to automate interactions with a host of other applications. I'm trying to put together a macro to run from Reflection which will result in an orderly spreadsheet list...
  15. K

    Using VLookup with Left Function

    I have two tabs, one containing an id with 6 numbers (i.e. 100901, 100902, 101001, 101002, etc.). I need to lookup only the first 4 numbers (1009, 1010) to obtain a value from another table matching only the first 4 numbers. I am trying to use a formula with both the Vlookup and the Left...
  16. J

    Left Function Variables for multiple cells in same column based on another column

    :rofl: Hi all, So, I'd like to pull the first three digits from a different column and place them in another column while turning any other digits in the original column into zeros in the next column. This is what I mean: <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody></tbody> <tbody></tbody>...
  17. J

    Pulling two digits before a decimal point from adjoining cell

    Hi, I have been trying to figure out how to pull the last two digits before a decimal point from an adjoining cell so those digits show up in the cell next to it with the digits after the decimal displaying as zeros. Cells in A column displays $ABCD.EFG and I want Cells in the B column to...
  18. swaink

    All characters left of a number

    Hi All I wonder if you can assist me please I am in the process of cleaning up some date (1.5m records) its a slow process but i'm getting there However I have become stuck on a query for one field, the field should only contain names but in some instances I am seeing address details too I...
  19. F

    how to combine left, right or mid function

    Hi, how can I read/select the number from the string as below: for example: A1: = "Audi A6, Poland - N123323 - SG" A2: = "VW Polo, Denmark - (X) - N233217 CN" A3: = "Ford Fiesta, Italy, XZ, (new) - N876233 - WW" I wan to have only: B1 = 123323 B2 = 233217 B3 = 876233
  20. M

    Keep the 1st 24 and last 7 characters of a text string

    Hi all. I'm using excel2010. I've been searching the posts for a solution and everyhting always seems to be in reverse of what i need. I have text strings of varying length and are all unique. All i want to do is keep the first 24 characters and the last 7 characters (=31 so i can name the...

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