line break

  1. Z

    Macro to adjust line break in a text box

    Hi, I have below macro, what it does: It count the characters of concerned text and then add a line break whenever the text exceeds the text box size, then add this sentence "[more detail available in System]" in the last line of the text box. What I'm facing right now is: the text in text box...
  2. Z

    Carriage Return or Line Break or ALT+Enter in Cell problem

    Why Carriage Return or Line Break or ALT+Enter adding automatically in every excel cell ? is it a virus or corrupted excel software because I did not put anything its auto adding in every cell ? I have reinstall office 2013 many times and windows 7 also but same problem every time. please help...
  3. D

    Replace " </p><p>" with new line using regular expressions

    I am trying to replace " " with a new line in visual basic using regular expressions. I tried to find: ([\s]*)("") and replace with: \n\n. However, in my text is replaced but with "\n\n", not two physical new lines. I also tried to replace it with \r\r, but it does the same.
  4. M

    Help with import TXT files with transposed lines into columns

    Hey guys, I need your help with this case (sorry for the bad english :) ) I have this TXT file with payment details for each person divided by a line containing the name and year of the record, a new line with CPF number, and columns for each type of record (there are 7 colums, with headers)...
  5. M

    Splitting an Address equally in 2 columns

    Hi Everyone, First time poster, hope I am following all the rules. My dilemma right now is: I have an excel with around 3000 office addresses all in a single column, I need to split this in two (i:e, Address becomes, Address 1 and Address 2) For EG: <tbody> Address Address 1 Address 2...
  6. C

    Concatenate with a Line Break BUT....

    Hello! I have a exit interview survey that individuals are able to select multiple reasons as to why they are leaving the company. When I pull the raw data it puts all the reasons they selected into a new column. I would like to put all the reasons into one cell, which I can do using the...
  7. A

    Line breaks in text boxes linked to cell

    Hi everyone, I was wondering whether it's possible to insert line breaks into a text box's text linked via formula to a cell. For example, Cell A1: "Hello, pleased to meet you. I'd like to buy an apple" text box: =A1 -> text box displays the following with no line breaks [ Hello, pleased to...
  8. I

    How to Remove specific characters from all lines in a cell

    Good Evening every one, I've small problem in following case, your help is appreciated. In a Cell i've following data <tbody> 1. One 2. Two 3. Three </tbody> Now i want remove first 3 characters from each line and remove linebreaks and make as comma separated values. O/p ...
  9. R

    Insert a line break after every 42 characters

    Hi All, I need a formula to insert a line break after every 42 characters in a cell , example if there is 266 characters in a cell there should be 6(266/42)line breaks. =REPLACE(REPLACE(A1,42,0,CHAR(10)),84,0,CHAR(10)) I tried this but i am not sure how to get the start num to change to...
  10. R

    Combining multiple text cells into dedicated single cell, and inserting line break to separate text bulk in the dedicated single cell?

    Hello, I need to combine multiple product description texts which are in their own cells into a one single dedicated overall description cell which will encompass all the bulk texts from those separate cells, however not make all the text flow in single string without line breaks. Required...
  11. R

    Macro to insert a Line break at the end of the text of the cell in excel file

    Hello, To manually insert a line break at the end of the text of the cell in excel file the solution is "ALT + Enter" But I like to create a macro in the excel file which will do same but to the entire column. Thanks, Ram
  12. H

    Format word wrap/breaks to appear as separate row in sheet

    I have an excel sheet that is exported from an access report. The excel file automatically resizes columns and wraps text, etc. One of the columns on this sheet contains about a paragraph's worth of information. My question is: is it possible to somehow format all cells in this (or all)...
  13. P

    Conditional Format STOPS at linefeed (line feed, line break)

    In 2003 Conditional Format would format (font) the whole cell. It appears that 2010 stops the formatting after a linefeed? Is this right? ie. is it my configuration/system? Is it configurable? Is there a workaround? Thanks very much.
  14. K

    Remove line break for the last line only

    Hi, I wondered if anyone could help with my query. I have an excel spreadsheet that is produced by a report that pulls address into one of the columns that I use for a mailmerge. The problem is that at the end of almost all of these addresses there is an additional line break at the end or...
  15. N

    Formatting Addresses using line breaks

    I have a spreadsheet with address information, with columns for Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, State, and ZIP. I'd like to combine each of the columns into a single, formatted column, with line breaks in the address as follows: Address Line 1 (break) Address Line 2 (break) City, State...
  16. G

    Force line break in label that is concatenated

    Dear All, I have a cell where I am stringing text together and want to force a line break/carriage return in the label. I know that if I was purely entering text, I can hit ALT+Enter within the text to force a line break. How do I accomplish this when the text is created using concatenation...
  17. B

    Add Line Break

    Hi guys, I'm creating a template in excel to automate an e-mail that has to be sent out to different customers. I'm pretty much just using the ''&'' function to add individual information to generic text. What I would like to do is have it start off like this: ''Dear Mr. Brown, Please find...
  18. Futile Crush

    Getting a Line Break inside a cell

    Hey guys, I'm having problems with formatting. I'm trying to get text to go to the line below in a merged cell, to no avail, and was wondering if anyone could help. :)
  19. Roopher

    CommandBar Organizing / LineBreak

    Hello Excel Experts! I have filled a custom CommandBar in Excel 2007 with like 10 control elements. However, these controls are positioned in a single row by Excel on CommandBar creation. Is there a way to wrap the line of controls at determined positions? I have tried the .Width property of...
  20. C

    Linking single cell into word, formatting problem

    Problem: When linking a single cell from Excel 2003 to Word 2003 I'm getting a forced line break right after the linked cell data. Example: The vacancy rate was 4.5% in the Western U.S., while it was 2.5% in California. There are line breaks after 4.5% and 2.5% that should not be there. My...

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