1. J

    please help me

    I have some text and digit in A1 to J1, but i want that if i type "O.K." in K1 then all line A1 to J1 changed to Blue Color.
  2. D

    Generating email using VBA

    Hi all it's me again, I'm using some code from Ron De Bruin's site to generate an email using the following code Sub Mail_small_Text_Outlook()'For Tips see: 'Working in Office 2000-2016 Dim OutApp As Object Dim OutMail As Object...
  3. N

    Deleting Columns Faster

    Hello all- I am running a line of code to delete multiple columns of unneeded info, this is what i am running: Range("A:B,H:H,J:AD,AG:AK,AN:AX,AZ:BJ,BL:BN").EntireColumn.Delete Is there a way to run this code and make it go faster? I have a timer on for this line and its taking between 9...
  4. T

    Pivot Table

    I have a column that I want to filter on in a pivot table. The column contains multiple values in some cells, how do I filter out only words that contain certain cell ranges: For example these are all values in the cells and I only want to see the rows that contain HART for example? Thank you...
  5. masud8956

    Problem refreshing charts in multiple sheets depended on data from specific sheets

    Hi, I have some data involving dates {including =TODAY()} and numbers in Sheet1 and 2. Sheet 2 is hidden from view. in Sheets 3, 4 and 5, I have several charts (Line, Doughnut and bar chart). The line chart is located at Sheet3 getting data from Sheet2 only (hidden sheet). Doughnut chart is...
  6. M

    Best way eliminate rows with multiple status from a count?

    I receive data from our ERP system on vouchers that create errors. I want to have a measure that tells me how many voucher lines were closed within the last week. But... a voucher can create multiple errors - one might be closed during that week, but if the same line has an open error I don't...
  7. D

    How to include double quotation marks in a formula in vba

    I am trying to insert a formula using vba but it gives me a syntax error, what is wrong with this line of code? .range("C11").formula = "=IF(A11="","",IF(COUNTIF(Sheet2!$G$87:$DO$97,A11),"Public Holiday",IF(WEEKDAY(A11)=1,"Sun",IF(WEEKDAY(A11)=7,"Sat","Mon-Fri"))))"
  8. P

    Excel 2010 formula to look up duplicates so I can contra them off

    Hi, first of all thank you for looking at this post. I have started a new job and am wanting to improve the speedof the month end process. I have to download the information from Excel from thenominal ledger to review (approx. 3000 lines) some of the values are the same butare pluses and...
  9. W

    Prevent a dynamic line chart from interpreting formula output of "" as 0?

    I have a formula in a table that uses an IF function. The output of the formula dynamically plots a line chart. The problem I'm experiencing is that if the output of the IF function is False, then the "" value output is interpreted by the dynamic line chart as a zero instead of a blank cell...
  10. S

    Compare each cell of a row with another row from another excel file

    So, hey people. Thank you for reading this and for putting some thought into it. I have a long line in an excel file, let's call it X, that I need to compare it with another line from another excel file, we'll call it Y. The thing is that the Y line has the same first 6 cells as the X one...
  11. A

    Insert a line break after word wrap

    I have a multi-line textbox I want to insert a line break after word-wraps to a new line. Can someone help with a vba code that can do this. Thank you kindly
  12. J

    Userform, textbox copy to sheet

    Private Sub ToggleButton2_Click() Me.TextBox1.Copy Sheets("Data Sheet").Range("L" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues Struggling to achieve a simple copy to the next available row in column L from a textbox in a userform. It is failing on line 2. Any...
  13. N

    No data labels on Pareto Line of Pareto Chart

    Excel in office 365 now has a dedicated Pareto chart which is quick and easy to use. However, there is no option to add data labels to the Pareto line to show the percentage values. Am I missing something obvious here?
  14. F

    VBA to Send or Display Email

    I have a code that sends an email with pdf attachment. I have a dropdown in cell L3 with options Display and Send. Depending on what is chosen I want to either Display or Send the email. I can't seem to get the code to work. Any help would be appreciated. Below is the email section of my code...
  15. R

    Send email on workbook refresh

    Hi I think this is a big ask, but here goes! I have an excel sheet which is refreshing and pulling data from a googlesheet. What I am wanting to do is when a refresh occurs any new line will trigger an email. The data coming in will include an email address (Column J) I would also like to...
  16. E

    Text manipulation in PowerShell

    Hello I am looking for a free and fast way to manipulate large amounts of data (GigaBytes). I think Powershell is the most appropriate as it comes with Windows and it is fast. Do you have any other alternatives? As for Powershell, can you help me please with a script that will read the lines...
  17. M

    Formatting of table headers

    Hi, Im curious to find out how this is done? It's probably dead simpel but i can't seem to snatch it in google :) How do you add a line below the text in the cell with padding in the ends (as seen in A12-F12)? I've replicated with borders but the you lose the grey grid. Thanks! /Marten
  18. Johnny C

    Re-activating XL VBA error after pasting into powerPoint

    I have a utility that copies charts and named ranges into PowerPoint slides. It worked fine until I added some code to (in bold below) resize the copied Shape and move it on the slide. Now it crashes with a Runtime error: 9 Subscript out of range (on the red line below) The DoEvents loops just...
  19. S

    Saving Cell Data to a .txt file

    Good Morning, I've got some ideas but none seem to be working quite the way I want them to..... I'd like a string of code that, when run, will take the contents of cells A1, A2, and A3 and save them in a .txt file, with each set of cell data being a new line (so the info of cell A1 is the top...
  20. G

    Convert a shape (group) into a picture inside wrksheet using VBA

    I am obsessed with terse code. The code below does the job (I recorded this macro): Sub copy_and_paste_as_picture() ActiveSheet.Shapes.Range(Array("Group 5")).Select Selection.Copy ActiveSheet.Pictures.Paste End Sub Can someone help me clean this up and turn the three lines...

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