1. I

    Using Excel solver (or other method) with a common objective in multiple cells by changing the same variables, subject to constraints

    Hi, I am struggling with quite a complex problem in which I think I may be able to solve or at least partially solve using the Excel solver tool. I am trying to set up a design of experiments analysis in which I have a number of parameters at two levels. I have one specific objective which I...
  2. B

    Linear Line

    Hi, I've searched the net high and low, tried slope and trend suggestions but no success, please help?! On my chart I have an automatic Linear trendline, however if I hover over any point there are no data value for the most up to date end point as is relevent to the x,y values of the rest of...
  3. T

    Helped Needed: Linear/nonlinear Optimization with Solver

    Hi guys. I am currently working on an simple optimization problem that has a two non-linear constraint. Nevertheless, I want to solve this problem (I am required to do so) using Simplex LP and I struggle how to convert these constraints into linear constraints or how to approach this problem in...
  4. K

    Excel Solver

    I'm taking an intro to supply chain management online and am struggling with using Excel Solver. The class is online, so read the chapters and complete homework. Professor is very unresponsive as well. I am struggling with how to set up my linear regression. I need to create optimum...
  5. M

    linear interpolation

    Hi, I have a vba program, and need to do linear interpolation. There is are x and y values, but the values are not always the same so I need to have some function or Sub routine. I looked on the internet but couldn't find anything. It would be nice to use a custom program rather than a...
  6. T

    Linear Regression

    I have two data points in my data, a and b and I am trying to forecast point c. Assuming a linear relationship, surely point c would be: (b-a) + a However if I use Excel's linear forecast function in the graph, I get an equation that does not give me the same figure. In my data, a =...
  7. F

    Triangle Excel formula help

    Please excuse my ignorance and poor terminology for what I'm about to ask. I'm working on an Excel spreadsheet for our farm operation. I want to calculate the the distance of A & B when Ba and Cc change linear and lateral. The current pattern is 40" linear and 20" lateral from center line of...
  8. J

    Excel Solver Optimize Sums of Non-Linear Values Problem

    The picture below shows a simple example of the problem I'm facing. I'd like to maximize a cell that is the sum of other cells that are not linear. In the spreadsheet, I have Z scores for categories I and II (I hardcoded in a mean of 30 and stdev of 15 for category I and 40 and 10 for category...
  9. L

    VBA Using Variables Inside Formula

    Hey, Looked at other threads but can't find a concrete answer. I need to put the vlookup into a range looking at a closed workbook. This bit of code will just place this in the range with the variable name inside it instead of what the variable actually holds. =VLOOKUP(R6C3,INDIRECT("'["& LYS...
  10. T

    Calculating Number of Changes between 2 Ranges

    Hello, I am attempting to count the number of differences between ranges and then optimize the order in which these ranges should be ordered to minimize the changes. <tbody> Kit #1 Kit #2 Kit #3 Kit #4 Kit #5 Kit #6 Order Kit Changes 1 1 1 1 5 6 7 4 1 1 2 2 7 9 6 2 1 1 2 6 6 9 5 3 2 2...
  11. L

    VBA How to FillDown with linear..Based on Cell value

    Hi Boys & Girls, Please, help me.. I have this: ColumnA ColumnB SN qtty ac227 3 cz122 2 7787 4 And i need this: ColumnA ColumnB SN qtty ac227 3 ac228 ac229 cz122 2 cz123 7787 4 7788 7789...
  12. D

    Equation error for linear trendline with dates

    I have the following data that I've plotted and trying to forecast when 'Value' reaches 8 <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> <tbody> Date Value 01 Feb 2015 6.9330 04 Mar 2015 6.9588 04 April 2015 6.9847 04 May 2015 7.0697 04 June 2015 7.1576 </tbody> </tbody> Using a...
  13. A

    Linear Interpolation. From target, minimum, maximum, and step values

    Hey there, guys! I'm struggling with a certain issue a bit. I need to calculate monthly bonuses in Excel in an automated way. Which basically means I need to answer the following question: "If we know minimum and maximum bonus amounts, starting target achievement, and step value, how much the...
  14. D

    Avoiding IF statements and logical tests in LP Solver...

    Hello all, I've got a tricky problem for you that requires a clever solution. I am using the LP Solver to maximize the financial outcome of a factory. The quantity produced, Q, is the variable. Constraint: Q >= 0 and Q <= 200 The Revenue, R, is to be maximized. Very simple, but here's the...
  15. S

    Linear accrual

    Hi, If I have an amount, which should be accrued due to a start date and end date. How could this be done? I've tried to read about accrual accounting, but I can't find any simple examples on just simple linear accrual.
  16. P

    Excel Algebra help

    Hello all, I need to create an excel spreadsheet that can solve a system of linear equations by only entering the a, b, c, d, e, and f of: ax + by = c dx + ey = f I am a rookie at excel and algebra. So when explaining on how to do this please treat me as such. I need to know exactly what...
  17. M

    Variable input for linear equations system.

    Hi, I recently started the whole Excel VBA programming experience and used this forum a lot in the past weeks. Now I am stuck with this problem: I have a simple matrix multiplication [Sigma]=[E]*[Epsilon] for the stiffness of composite materials. Sigma and Epsilon are 6 terms vectors and the...
  18. C


    I.m afraid i am a bit of a novice when it come to equations. I am trying to solve BP = 0.0228*D + 0.0115*L + 0.0555*H + 0.122*S - 3.3256 * = multiplied I am trying to set up something in excel so that if i enter any of the alphanumerical parameters i.e say BP=.75 excel will return the answer...
  19. L

    Regressions crash excel?

    Hi again, I'm trying to run some simple regressions with excel and everytime I try and run it excel "unexpectedly encounters an error and has to close". Anyone else have this problem and/or know how to fix it? Thanks.

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