linked cell

  1. B

    Linked & Dynamic Cells Across Tabs

    I have a main summary tab and then multiple additional tabs for other more drilled down summaries. My main summary tab has a drop down list of places. So when I click Place 1, my main summary and all additional tabs will now only show Place 1 results as all additional tabs are just linked back...
  2. S

    Multiple Linked checkboxes in a single cell

    I would like to have 3 linked checkboxes in a single cell. All 3 need to be linked to their own seperate cell. I can do this manually but I need it going 3 columns across and 500 rows down so was wondering is there some vba code I could use to carry out the exercise? TIA
  3. F

    Link and update a defined name to an activex textbox

    Hi, I have an activex textbox in sheet1 which should display a text from a linked cell in sheet2, although the text doesn't update as it should. The text should change depending on which value the user types in. The reference is created with a defined name from sheet2, the Offset and the...
  4. F

    ActiveX Text Box not updating

    Hi, I have grouped an ActiveX text box with Excel's box and whiskers chart. I want the text box to update as the data table is filtered. First, I used the Linked Cell -function but it doesn't update the text box when I run my macro. It sorta "reacts" slowly, in a sense that the value of text box...
  5. S

    Linked Textbox not getting update dynamically

    Hi everyone, I created a textbox and linked to the cell if i copy paste the whole row the textbox2 goes the previous linked cell In Row 5 Textbox1 linked to E5 Textbox2 linked to F5 Textbox3 linked to G5 Textbox4 linked to H5 <strike> </strike> Now I am selecting the Row5 and pasting it...
  6. D

    Message Box to linked Cell

    Hey Folks, I am trying to get a pop-up box to appear when a linked cell goes below a certain value.... On the code below cell "S15" is linked to my "Sheet1, cell C5", but when the value of C5 goes below 10, it should display a pop-up, but doesn't. Can anyone help me with the additional code...
  7. E

    Q: How do i keep a row connected together(moving together) while shifting/adding row above it?

    I have an Excel file containing two sheets: - `Teams` (which contains details of teams and time schedule of their matches) - `Results` (contains calculation and number of matches and results, etc). What`Results`did is that each game that has launched status on `Teams` it gets on...
  8. H

    Cell links to a file I can't find in the directory

    I opened an Excel file that's stored in the LAN. A cell in the file is linked to '\\LAN folder\LAN subfolder 1\LAN subfolder 2\Received\[Sheet Name]tab_name'!$A$1. The formula works fine. I wanted to find the source file [Sheet Name]. I went to the LAN folder, then LAN subfolder 1 and LAN...
  9. N

    Relative Cell Reference for a "Select All" Checkbox Macro

    I have a spreadsheet with many checkboxes and a checkbox determines if a row is going to be used in some calculations. Some sections have many rows, and to make it easier to select many row at once, I though it would be a great idea to add a "select all" checkbox. My spreadsheet was "macro...
  10. L

    Checkbox Macro to Identify the Linked Cell of the Checkbox in Excel 2010

    I am attempting to use checkboxes on a worksheet that if checked will increase the value of the cell 3 columns to the right of the linked cell by 10. I have many (>20) checkboxes on this sheet so I want to write one macro that will identify the linked cell of the checkbox clicked and then...
  11. B

    Highlight linked cell

    I want to highlight the cell chosen by a link. I have a list in the first column of my worksheet (in alphabetical order so I can find them) that corresponds to the column headings (inspection types in this case). For example, if I click the link in the first column for "Foundation Inspections"...
  12. A

    Linked Cell

    I have job names that I want to repeat on another sheet. but when I add a row in my source sheet, and add a new job name,the job names in other sheet are not updated. What I want is, when I add a row in source sheet, a row to be added on relative position on the output page and the formulas that...
  13. A

    Obtain the checkbox linked cell address in code

    Hi everyone, I have some code that removes a range of checkboxes (which were inserted using some insert checkbox code). The checkboxes are removed but the linked cells are not cleared. I am trying to modify the code so that the linked cell is cleared. I have made a change that will clear the...
  14. J

    Change linked cell color if value changes

    Basically, I have a workbook with several sheets. Sheet 1 is a "master" sheet and it contains a ton of numeric and text values. The other sheets reference cells from this "master" sheet. This way, a change on the master sheet is reflected in all the other sheets. What I want: When a value on...
  15. P

    Refreshing Linked Cells

    Hi! I have a workbook into which I want to insert worksheets. There is a worksheet (CONSOLIDATED) which will consolidate the data from the other sheets which are inserted on a monthly basis. An example formula (on CONSOLIDATED) is ='RED'!C24 Where RED is the worksheet that will be...
  16. T

    VBA to Link ScrollBar Max to Specific Cell

    Hi Folks, I am trying to link the maximum values of a set of scroll bars (across many sheets in the same workbook) to a range of cells set to display the current maximum value. The maximum value for each scrollbar will change each month, necessitating this update. I have almost 100 scroll...

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