1. S

    Linked Textbox not getting update dynamically

    Hi everyone, I created a textbox and linked to the cell if i copy paste the whole row the textbox2 goes the previous linked cell In Row 5 Textbox1 linked to E5 Textbox2 linked to F5 Textbox3 linked to G5 Textbox4 linked to H5 <strike> </strike> Now I am selecting the Row5 and pasting it...
  2. R

    Updating Cells Linked To Anouther Workbook

    I have a workbook that has cells linked to data in another workbook. If I open and update the one workbook but the other stays open how do I get the cells to update? I tried Refresh All but it does nothing. Will I need to update and save then close the one workbook and then close and reopen the...
  3. E


    Hi, Can someone please help with this? I have a vertical bar chart with 7 bars. Is there a way to have in the same bar chart this? bar1 and bar2 linked to each other without space. Space. Bar3 and bar4 linked to each other without space. Space. Bar5 and bar6 linked to each other without...
  4. P

    Replacing everything within [ ] with something else

    Hi I have formulas referencing different spreadsheets.... [9U_Observations Tracker1.xlsx]Selection'!CX3 ,... in sharepoint that seems to be broken through out the entire form so I want to replace everything within [ ] with a new file linked. I can not simply replace the 9U to 9I for example...
  5. P

    Highlight Cells using Spinbutton

    Hi can anyone help with a formula? I have a spin button form on sheet1 that increments the values by 1 in the linked cell "A3" does anyone know a formula I can add to conditional formatting that will add fill colour to cells in range "D5:D26" each time the value in the linked cell "A3"...
  6. J

    Excel Linked Workbook with static columns

    Hello all, I have created a workbook that inputs data from a different workbook via external links for columns A through F. I also have input data with no links in columns G through I. I need to constantly update the linked worksheet which could remove or add rows of records. I need a way to...
  7. W

    Macro delete ComboBox if LinkedCell = #REF!

    I need a macro that will go through my active sheet and delete all comboboxes that have a linked cell value of #REF !. Thank you in advance
  8. W

    ActiveX ComboBox VBA Copy, linked cell

    I need to copy a combo box using a macro. Cell A1 is a formula that will pull an account number based off of a text description in cell B1. Cell B1 is linked to my combo box. My combo box pulls from a range on another tab with my chart of account descriptions. I need to be able to copy the...
  9. P

    How to use a measure in another table with many to many relationship

    Hi, I have two tables: 1. a Task Table: 'tblTask' containing [title], [sub title], [booking group] and [effort]. the first three fields are text strings and the fourth is a percentage. 2. a Resource Table: 'tblResource' containing [date], [booking group] and [available effort]. The...
  10. K

    Change externally referenced link by changing cell

    I have a workbook with a ton of external links (Tabs JAN - DEC each with at least 100 external cell references). The workbook it's linked to changes annually. Instead of going through the LOOOOOONG process of editing the links via the DATA tab, is there a quicker way to do this? It used to...
  11. M

    restrict edit of database

    hiya, I have two tables in one database. I have a frontpage menu which gives two buttons. 1. to access form1 (linked to table1) 2. to access form2 (linked to table 2). If I restrict access to the whole database to read only, it means users cannot edit table no.2, which I need them to...
  12. L

    printing list of linked receipts - to single PDF - HOWTO?

    Hi, Each month I download a csv overview of creditcard expenditures and save it as an xls file. On each line I add the word "link" in column K. I then add a link to the receipt. I am on a mac. [The linked receipts are stored in a Devonthink database, the links open the relevant document...
  13. Jaafar Tribak

    How to retrieve the path and name of a linked OleObject ?

    Hi all, Let's say we have an embeeded and linked document in a worksheet - Does anybody know of a VBA method for retrieving the link source name ? I am referring to the actual document full path name that is displayed on the oleobject icon or in the formula bar when the oleobject is selected...
  14. R

    Make VBA create linked pictures and move to power point

    Im trying to create a VBA code that will take several ranges from excel, and turn them into linked pictures in a powerpoint presentation, however i cannot get the pictures to become linked. So far, i have managed to combine pieces of code which now makes unlinked pictures and sends those to...
  15. gheyman

    Access: Restablish a Linked Table

    At work I have a database that has one Linked table (and several others that are not linked). I wanted to work on the database at home, so I had to brake the Link to the one table. (I did not change anything in the table I am refereeing to. I made changes to forms....) Now I need to make that...
  16. P

    If cell is not blank, add it to the cell below. Those cells are linked to another Sheet

    Hello Network, I'm facing now a task, where I need to linked a cell to another cells, for example: sheet 1 has a title in B2 Sheet 2 has a column C. C3 is actually a list where this titles need to appear. fIRST, let say the column C is from 2 until 10 (row)S So, if I add a title in B2 but...
  17. masud8956

    Selecting all check boxs in a sheet by clicking only one

    Hi, I have 60 check boxs in 60 consecutive rows (same column) in 12 sheets of my workbook. The 60 check boxs are linked to individual cells (2 columns to the right). Is there any way that I add a 61st (master!) check box which will be linked to rest 60, so I can check/uncheck all 60 just by...
  18. E

    MS Access and SharePoint Online

    Hi I've heard that MS will stop supporting 'Access Services' in SharePoint Online but I'm not quite sure what that means. Currently I have several desktop databases linked to lists within SharePoint Online and they work quite well. Does this mean the ability to use a SharePoint list like a...
  19. J

    urgent help

    I need you to help me complete a macro, I want to pass a data from the macro to the linked page and then bring the information back to the macro.
  20. X

    Identifying formula links between Worksheets within a Workbook

    Hi All, I would appreciate some help with the following problem: I have a workbook (using Excel2013) with ca. 20 named worksheets of which I would like to delete approx. 10. Having earmarked these 10 sheets for deletion, I just want to check if the Worksheets which will not be deleted, are...

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