1. S

    Copy linked formula but skip rows

    I have three spreadsheets I am hoping to link to one main one, with the dates and 3 locations (FH, SH, WTN) down the rows, and variables along the columns. Master with linked data: Data spreadsheet 1/3 On the summary spreadsheet, I can link the data for the first location (eg. in C4)...
  2. B

    Linked Folders/Files Follow Up Program

    Dear All , I need your valuable helps. I will create a program that will check other folder/file updating. For example , I have a master list with macro and ; X folder with x file . x file is x_v01 Y folder with y file . y file is y_01 When anybody create new x_v02 file under x folder...
  3. H

    Insert rows with formulas based on a cell value

    Hey, Please I need help in this case; thank you in advance! I insert data and have the data in Table1 in Sheet1: <tbody> A1 DATA B1 Order =COUNTA(A2;A1000) (result: 2) A2 Car 1 B2 25 A3 Car 2 B3 45 </tbody> Every time I insert new data, new data might add/cut rows to/from this table...
  4. S

    How to Link your Access DB to Sharepoint?

    I have never attempted this before. But, is there a way to place your Access DB on SharePoint, but have it linked to where it saved in the folder its linked to? Also, multiple users should be able to open it correct?
  5. A

    add anew row whan fill data from userform to sheet

    hello i have userform contains combobox1,2,3 and textbox1,2,3 the sheets contains 6 columns a,b,c,d,e,f i would code to add data from userform to the next row in sheet1 the combobox 1,2,3 linked with range from a20:c20 and textbox1,2,3 linked with ranges from d20:f20 every time i fill data in...
  6. T

    linked table error

    Hello, I am running into an issue where when I tried to enter data in access database, it keeps showing up the pop-ups "name of the data.accdb" is not a valid path. Make sure that the path name is spelled correctly and that you are connected to the server on which the file resides". I have...
  7. D

    SQL Linked table

    Hi All, I am new to SQL but learning quickly. I have a spread sheet that has on tab linked to an external SQL database an several other tabs with static data When I run the following "select * from linked" (this I the linked sql data) I get no results, however if I do "select * from...
  8. J

    Table Compare

    Hello all, I am working on an addition to the massive dBase I have, a query that compares two different tables, linked by a name field in each, and performing a datediff function. For the most part I have this working. The datediff is operational, but the slight issue and question I have is...
  9. G

    Excel-Word linked

    When I run spreadsheets I create tables and charts in them. I format them as desired, then cut/paste them into a Word document. But I have found that the Word document and Excel file are "linked," which I don't want. The last time I copied the Word doc onto a usb driver to work at from home...
  10. S

    Scroll/Drag check boxes down and link to the new cell

    I am making a rather large list with checkboxes which is working well. When I want to expand the list, I have to individually edit each check box to be linked to the new cell. Is there a better way for when I drag a cell down by the bottom right corner that the new check boxes are linked to the...
  11. R

    Linked cells not updating values after copy/paste into source table

    Hi all! One of my colleagues has issue since some days: It's simpel: There are 2 Excel files: One to copy data from and Excel Masterdata file The Masterdata file has 2 sheets: one with all the data and one with all the data but with linked cells to the first sheet. AsWas: You could copy a...
  12. Sanjeev1976

    Excel to Powerpoint - Link and editing range

    I have made different scenarios in Excel, which are then linked to a Powerpoint presentation. I'm trying to get the listing of these ranges of various links in the excel file. And the possibility of modifying the range in the links, which will then get reflected in the Powerpoint presentation...
  13. E

    Adding 7 address fields to one row

    I have a list with single rows, each having name and other details but need to add / link up to 7 addresses for each person. I'm wondering what would be the best way to organize this without hopefully going into new linked excel files for each entry. Any ideas?
  14. Mel Smith

    Sharing linked workbooks

    I have a number of linked workbooks that I need to share with one, or possibly two, other team members. We work in different locations. I have trialled sharing these workbooks with one colleague via OneDrive, which wasn’t without some problems but I wonder if there is a better/smarter solution...
  15. danhendo888

    How to link mutliple sheets to huge data table

    In workbook, I have about 20 sheets that all have formulas (vlookups, sumifs, match etc) linked to one sheet (10,000+ rows) But everytime I make a change in any sheet (e.g. number format, or dragging down formulas), it takes a few seconds to calculate. Is there a better way to have the sheets...
  16. A

    Excel Message When Opening Files

    Hello. When opening Excel files that contain links to other files, I often get a message in the lower right of my screen that says "Linking: (file name)" with a status bar (please see attached photo). This would not be a problem except that Excel seems to "pause" at this point for several...
  17. M

    Any chance mdb to get data from xlsx

    I know accdb is better to be used to get linked data from xlsx. But for some reason my platform can only use mdb. Anyone got any experience mdb can also get linked table data from xlsx ? Help...
  18. B

    Coding in an employee count month by month and per region/department

    Thank you for reading my post. Need to count the number of employees in each month, by category and region. I have linked below a worksheet which hopefully demonstrates the problem best.!AtncZKajpjWngrAPs8RZSmOhLO4VWA
  19. H

    Percent (%) displaying on linked sheet on one PC but not on another

    I have a workbook, where I have several sheets that links to items on sheet 1 Sheet1 contains values as well as percentages The values and percentages are displayed correctly on the linked sheets on My PC, but the percentages are displayed as values on the linked sheets when copied on to...
  20. D

    Missing linked data file

    I am trying to help out a coworker who has an excel file embedded in powerpoint and when she tries to edit her graph that's in powerpoint she gets a pop up error that states, "The linked file isn't available". She states that she has always accessed the data via this route and has no idea where...

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