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  1. M

    Find and Lookup, return values based on priority in list-1 sheet

    Hi, Here I have a list-1 in that list need to be extract the required items only in list-2,One is high level and Second one is blank cells where yet to be decide work location priority level. and as per Priority level there should be return further values which are contains in a same row. I...
  2. A

    Pulling List of Rows from other sheet dependent on matching Cell Value? HELP See Pictures!

    Hello, I have a workbook with Sheets 1 and 2 with data on them. This template is on Sheet 3. The template uses the cell D5 to pull data from these different sheets to populate. You type a project number (Proj#) in D5 and the rest should populate. On "Sheet 1", I have a listing of all the...
  3. R

    Create a list of all values from one sheet that match a cell on another - VBA

    Ok I need to build a list automatically on Sheet2 (In Column A from Row 2 down). If I enter the data "Team 1" into A1 on Sheet2, I need it to pull anyones names from Sheet1 Column B. (Column A has the Team # they are on). I've tried the following and have had no luck...
  4. M

    unique values list from a range proven harder than first imagined...

    Well, upfront, I have a very basic knowledge of excel software and I hope my question isn’t too lame… Having said that, I have multiple storage boxes which I need to organize. Each box holds 100 units in defined fixed positions (1-100). Units have a very dynamic range of names (#ID) and also a...
  5. R

    VBA: Find matches in other workbooks for a list of values

    Hi I have very little experience in VBA but need to puttogether some code to save me a great deal of time. To set the scene: Each day I get a list of style numbers for products. I have to check each style number against acollection of other workbooks and copy the corresponding row(s) to a...
  6. J

    Displaying multiple matches based on multiple criteria.

    Hi, so I've been looking around for a kind of self-project that I have in mind. I got a list of different descriptions with variable components, basically my idea is: if I have a certain amount of this component and a certain amount of this other component, display all the matches based on the...
  7. S

    Make a list with criteria and no duplicates

    I receive a spreadsheet with the information listed below. The spreadsheet has a list of employees, spouse, children with DOB's and packages (Medical & Dental). I want to create a formula that extracts every employee with the relationship 1 without duplicates. My current formula extracts...
  8. M

    IF (function) is TRUE, LIST the corresponding values

    I currently have an excel sheet with 5 columns. The first 4 have data, the last column has the function: =IF(AND(D2<b3,d2>C3),A3,"") So if (TRUE) the value in column D is between the values in columns B and C it prints the corresponding value from column A to column D. If (FALSE) the function...
  9. E

    Extracting a List of Values Filtered by Criteria with Sub-Arrays

    Hi guys, This is my first post on this forum so sorry if it's not clear but I'm hoping for some help with a formula. I'm trying to design a formula that will present people with a list of holiday destinations based upon when they'd like to go. On the sheet 'Countries' there's data with each...
  10. B

    Compare 2 lists and generate a list of duplicates

    I have 2 lists (many thousands of items in each list) and I need to compare these two lists and generate a list of all the duplicates. (items that show up on both lists) I can find instructions on how to DELETE duplicates, or how to HIGHLIGHT duplicates, but I need to generate a full LIST of the...
  11. J

    Vlook-up with date conditions

    Hi Team, I have a workbook that I am trying to create and an overall Dashboard to give a snapshot of information from my main list of projects. On the main sheet we enter details about the project, unique reference numbers, and dates to show start & end of projects. There are also sections...
  12. N

    Array Help

    Hi folks, I have a list of clients in A6:A101. If criteria is met in cells D6:D101, I just entered an X. I am trying to have the names of all clients with X's in cells D6:D101 output and list in another column. The formula is in AB6. As you can see, I have it working for cell AB6, but it is...
  13. G

    List with check boxes of varying lenght

    Hello, I have a list of recipes, say recipe 1-10 in the B column (and these recipes have hyperlinks to other sheets where the recipe actually are, more on this in a minute). I have check boxes that are linked to their corresponding cells horizontally. What I am trying to do is create a list...
  14. S

    Finding Combinations of Values in a Two-Column List

    Hi Everyone, I have a challenge that is failing to take root in my brain, and I'm hoping that someone will have a great idea, if not an actual solution. Here's my situation: I have a list of charitable membership (about 7000 people) and a list of projects that those members have expressed...
  15. G

    In need of a greater Excel mind than my own! Referencing a Sumif Function??

    Hi Helpers, I'm not sure if this is indeed possible, but thought i'd give it a go as you all have been so helpful in the past. I have two tables in two separate worksheets ("WKST1" and "INV2") as shown below. INV2 references WKST1. In Column D of INV2 I am using a SUMIF equation to total all...
  16. S

    Check name in list and return offset and activity - excel and sharepoint

    Is there an "in" array formula option or equivalent? So item in list: return item Anyway, for problem I need to check people names against a list of names derived from SharePoint entry and return the offset of them attending(possibly multiple events) and what event. So say this was the...
  17. F

    Search Substring within column of text strings and list all results

    Hi, I'm fairly new to this forum. I would appreciate assistance on improving my formula that works similar to the "Find & Select" (Binoculars) tool in Excel. The formula partially works at present with some sub-strings, though with others does not display any or all the results that it should...

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