list data

  1. F

    Define Name by vba

    Hi, I'm using "Name Manager" in Formulas Tab to define LIST. Exaclty the same I want to do using VBA. I have: =OFFSET('Country'!$E$9,0,0,COUNTA('Country lvl'!$E$9:$E$20),1) Into VB: rows_x = ws.Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row wb_1.Names.Add Name:="Country_list", RefersToR1C1:= _...
  2. L

    Generate List if Conditions Are Met

    Hi all, I am trying to do the following with VBA and have had some trouble, would appreciate any ideas; - I have an array of data in my excel spreadsheet (range("A2:D401"). - In column D2, I am performing a calculation of B2 minus C2. This formula extends for each row until row 401. - Once...
  3. A

    Generate a list from single cell input

    Hello all, My question is basically how can you generate a list in Excel based on a single cell input? For example, in the single cell the user types 10 then replaces it with 20 and then 30 etc. Is it possible to generate a list like: 10 20 30 etc This could be for any number of inputs, and...
  4. G

    moving column down when making new entry

    Hi :) I am making a to-do list and I want to, when adding a new task, have the column move one cell down and put the task on top of column. That means I want the new tasks to be on top so i dont have to scroll down all the previous tasks to add a new one. Is that possible? I know it is a bit...
  5. B

    Link Columns in Excel

    Better question...I have a price list of 100 items can I make it so this data can be filtered by more than one column for ex. <tbody> Item price item price 1 2 5 5 2 2 6 6 3 3 7 7 4 4 8 8 </tbody> can I link both "item" categories so that they both can filter ALL of the info
  6. S

    Name Listing if date is expired and if visible (Filtered) - Tricky Formula

    Good day dear Excel Gurus. :) I've been working on a training monitoring table for around 500 employee with the ultimate purpose to monitor around 15 training dates per employee. For forum purposes, I have simplified the table but the structure remains the same on the full scale. In the...
  7. R

    Formula to sume if 2 different factors are needed

    Hi Guys, I have a big list with names, money spent and date. I need somehow with a formula to do: take all the money spent on some specific day from a specific person an put it into a field.. and this for every date of the week and for everyname... Im gonna upload a photo, so you can...
  8. M

    Listing multiple values in a single cell if they match

    Hello all, I have a Gradebook where I enter the number of points a student earns per question on a test. The students names are in the first column and then their points follow. I have other columns such as total points, percentage, letter grade that follow but they are not part of my issue...
  9. Y

    Excel Dynamic Formula to List all Cities in a State

    I have an excel spreadsheet that has 3 Columns: 1) City 2) State 3) Population all on sheet 1. On Sheet 2 cell B1 I want to be able to select the state and display all cities within that state & their population. I would like to have a formula that accomplishes this and it needs to be...
  10. C

    Reference,calculate and convert multiple cells with multiple options

    Hey Superstars, In a tab named "Schedule" i have a 'list' of text options (morning,afternoon,half day etc...). The source data for this in a sheet called "shifts". This has the shift (morning,afternoon) and then i have 2 additional fields (start and finish time). In the "hours" tab I have used...
  11. H

    Version info in VBA form

    Hi, Regarding this issue I think I need help for almost everything (from building opp the form correctly and all coding). In my sheet "Versjon" you can find all changes that's done with every new version of this workbook. You will find the following in column A: dates, B: version number, C...
  12. L

    Help with CONVERT a list of numbers from ounces to pounds

    Can someone help me understand how to convert a whole list of numbers at one time? I see how to do it one cell at a time, but can't figure out how to enter "number" to do a whole column at once. I assume it has to be possible.... I'm using Excell on a Mac. Thanks for your help! -Leila
  13. P

    Filter contents in listbox

    Hi Guys, Really need someones help on this! I have a listbox "EventNameListBox" with contents displaying info on clothing etc that gets its info from Sheet2, all works well but I need is to filter the contents in the listbox even further. I need to filter the contents in the list box to display...
  14. S

    Create a 'New List' based on specific criteria

    Greetings Excel Guru's, <tbody> Clients C B R A Car Bus Rail Air John Public X John Public Jane Doe X X Jane Doe Jane Doe Mary Smith X Mary Smith John Doe X X John Doe John Doe </tbody> Clients list is the master list of all names. From that list, I...
  15. P

    Listing Data in a ListBox Challenge

    Hi Guys, I have a form with 4 TextBoxe's "TexBox1,2,3 etc" and a ListBox1 were the whole idea is that you enter a value in TexBox1 and the VBA code looks for any and all items on your data "respective worksheet" and lists any/all data that it finds "corresponding to the value in TextBox 1" in...
  16. M

    Permenant list of items, accessible by different files

    Bonjour Je fais beaucoup de different fichier excel, mais ils ont toujours la meme base. Est-ce possible de faire un fichier ou une base qui serait toujours en fonction peut-importe le projet sur lequel je travaille. Je fait souvent des "drop down list" avec toujours les memes informations...
  17. B

    EXCEL -> WORD Creating Outline HELP

    Hey All, so I am sending some text from excel to a word document. I would like to create an Outline list for this information with two levels: 1) a. I know how to create a regular list, but I have no idea how to tell word to execute the second list level! This is the code I have right...
  18. D

    manipulate list of data into separate columns

    Hello, I am using Excel 2007. I have a list of data that I am trying to parsed out intto separate columns depending on criteria in the first column/list of data. Example data: <table style="border-collapse: collapse;" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="477" height="741"><col...
  19. S

    Generating dynamic dropdown list in Excel

    Background information: I am using Excel 2003 on Windows XP. I am trying to get a unique list to create a drop down list. I have a sales report where Col A=Product Name, Col B=Month, Col C=Year, Col D=Total Sale Value. I am using "Conditional Sum" to get the Total Sale amount from Col D...
  20. N

    Dynamic list with spaces removed

    Hi, I have 20 sheets in a work bookwith up to 12 that will be hidden depending on the number of sheets that a particular site will use (i.e. small sites may only need to use 4 sheets, whilst larger ones may need all 12). I already have VBA that give me a TRUE/FALSE result if a sheet is hidden...

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