1. Z

    VBA: Rename all Tables based on a list

    Hello, I have multiple tables in a sheet (48 to be exact, they relate to a survey question) with the table name currently set as Question1, Question2, and so on. I need to duplicate the sheet as each table of answers needs to relate only to the answers provided in a certain grouping (say, by...
  2. N

    How to create a dynamic list based on value in one cell when the list to be created is based on another cell?

    I will try to be as clear as possible. This is my destination where I would like for a drop down in the column "Pick a batch" for each row. Plant SKU Concat Pick a batch abc 12345 abc12345 def 98765 def98765 ghi 33333 ghi33333 abc 12345 abc12345 Base data is in the below...
  3. C

    Combine lists with similar headers

    I have a spreadsheet with hundreds of lists that each have a header and vary in length. The headers all follow a similar format (ABCD 123AB) and I want all columns for which the headers share the first 8 characters (including the space) to be combined into a single column with the header being...
  4. M

    Consolidate multiple tables dynamically

    Context at the bottom. I am hoping you are able to assist me with an issue I am struggling to resolve. I have data collected in multiple separate SharePoint lists (identical structure) which can change dynamically which is causing me issues in consolidating all the data in to one table within...
  5. M

    Taking a list that fills multiple columns and turn it into a list with only 2 columns

    I currently have a list of clients where in some cases, the clients have multiple client numbers which are in different columns. I need to move those with multiple client numbers to have the client number on it's own row. My dataset currently looks like this: CLIENT CODE 1 CODE 2 CODE 3 CODE...
  6. D

    Reset Button for Drop Down Lists

    I have a workbook with multiple drop down lists. Unfortunately, all the drop downs are not using data validation. We need to have the list "reset" to the first item of each list. Is there a way to do this with just one Reset Button? Thank you
  7. A

    connect exiting workbook to a SharePoint Lists

    Hi All, I've been googling a way to connect an existing workbook to a sharePoint list I have a maro enbled workbook and I'd li to connect to 5 different SharePoint lists on different sheets in the workbook.S
  8. Darth_Williams

    Filters & Drop Down Lists

    Good afternoon all, I have created a spreadsheet that uses drop down lists to control the data that is entered. A problem that I have encountered though is that I can not now apply filters to my headers. Does anyone know of a work around for this or is it a by product of using drop down lists...
  9. M

    Name manager - adding data manually as reference

    Hello, Normally we create named ranges by referring to excel lists - we select the data range that is located in certain cells in worksheets. I tried to create named ranges by manually adding data to "refer to" part. But it didn't work - all the data that I added appeared in one cell, so not...
  10. S

    Dynamic unique lists

    Hi all I am trying to create a series of dynamic lists with data from a table searching on 1 criteria to return a second set of data Example data set Make Item 200mm ICP module 300mm DEP module 200mm DSiv module 200mm DEP module 300mm Synapse module 200mm DEP...
  11. DRSteele website; How to get tables into PQ

    Can someone please help me? I am trying to import this webpage to PQ but the Navigator lists no tables at all. Is there some special technique?
  12. Y

    Create concatenated list of unique IDs from multiple ranges

    I have several lists named as ranges and want to create a single list of all the unique combinations of items on those lists with a formula ideally: For example, if I had three lists with the following values: List 1: A, B List 2: 1, 2 List 3: X, Y The formula would create this list: A1X B1X...
  13. Z

    Issue drop down menu indirect from offset table

    Hi, I cant seem to resolve this: I have made some tables i wish to use in two drop down list with the one list dependent of the choice of the other(indirect formula) The lists is made by using the offset and antalla fomula to avoid emtpy cells in lists. My problem is that when i want to make...
  14. H

    Automatically populate lists from master list/ Create Teux Deux or Trello Style lists

    I have one long list of tasks in an excel sheet with columns for task, date due, project & priority etc. I have macro buttons to sort by each column and generally it works well and is simple but I would like to be able to view it in a similar way to this: or Trello ie, have...
  15. D

    VLOOKUP not finding data that is present

    Trying to use one worksheet as data and do calculations on another, thus need to pull specific data from the data sheet to my calculations sheet. Using the formula: =VLOOKUP(C4&"",'List of Lists by name'!D:D,3,FALSE) This returns the #NA error, despite my confirming the data is located in row...
  16. M

    Result based on criteria fro 2 lists

    Please can someone advise me the best way to go around this scenario. To help ease calculations for a mileage report I want to put together. I am thinking I will have 2 lists that generate a result (you maybe able to advise a better way?) – a list of clients (going from) and a list of clients...
  17. D

    Help finding unique names between two lists

    I have two lists. List one is n2:n74 and list two is in o2:o79. I need to find the names in list two that are not in list one. Thanks! DS
  18. M

    VBA - Lists with dynamic content for dropdowns

    Good morning folks. I usually manage to find solutions by scouring forums but this time I've drawn a confusing blank. I've found stuff which partly solves the problem but I can't assemble a complete answer. So here goes. I have a) fixed data ws1.Range("A1:A3"). b) dynamic data in...
  19. G

    Embedding Pivot 'Custom Lists' into a worksheet

    Hello everyone, long time lurker and big fan of the site. It's helped me many times. I'm hoping you can help with a question Basically: 1) I've created a slicer for a pivot table 2) I created a "Custom List" through Options-Advanced to rearrange the order of the items inside the slicer to what...
  20. S

    Display values only of the first X Occurences of a condition in a small range .

    Hi... Could anyone help me with a solution to this. i am wondering if there is a function that will help me find... say 1st/2nd etc occurences of a condition in a list ? e.g. I want to pick out the first 3 numbers (say) that are over zero. so if my list is 0.00, 23.45, 45.67, 0.00, 0.00...
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