1. SkyGod

    From Listview to Listbox

    Hello, I want to give connection when a data selected in listview to listbox. I mean double clicked a data in listview must be also selected in listbox by automatic double clicked way. Every rows have a UniqueID after saved. Thank you for help. Download Link
  2. Jaafar Tribak

    VBA MsgBox customized to display data in tabular format _ (Data arranged in straight rows and columns)

    Hi all, As you probably know, displaying text data arranged/aligned in straight columns inside the standard vba MsgBox is extremely difficult. I personally have never seen this done before... Calculating the msgbox font size is a nightmare. Here, I am using a few api-based workarounds to...
  3. B

    listview in a VBA Userform object required error 424

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with listview. I want a table with some informations in my sheets when i click in a button "CommandButton1" but i have an error 424 object required here : Someone know what is my problem ? Thanks by advance here is my code : Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()...
  4. Y

    Change color of item in listview based on certain text

    Hi everyone, I have a listview in user form contains data from a spreadsheet. I want to loop through all items (all of them including the subitems) and change the color of the item if the item contains a text. For example if the item (or the sub item) contains + the item should become green, if...
  5. J

    Finding Date in Listview

    Hi, Is there anyone that can show me how to find in listview control column 2 the earliest date and populate it in textbox 1, and the latest date into textbox 2. Thank you to anyone that can help me.
  6. A

    show the colored value of column in listview

    hi, everyone i have data in sheet1 from range (a:d) , userform contains listview and the column d containes values of colored green and red i would show the colored value of column in list view is there any code do that ?
  7. J

    Highlighted Text

    Hi, I need help. When I check a checkbox I want the text in listview to be highlighted in blue, I am having a problem where whenever I do check the checkbox the text does not highlight blue unless I move my cursor into the listview. Also whenever I check each individual checkbox in the listview...
  8. A

    Listview Control Missing

    I wish to give a workbook to members of our group. It contains a listview control, but it appears that control is Missing (even though it was in the xlsm file I gave them). I thought adding a Reference would fix this, but it appears not. Is there a solution for this? Thanks,
  9. A


    I'm having trouble with zOrder. Is it for Form controls, or not? I see references to shapes but not sure what they are. I've tried msoSendToBack (1), and msoBringToFront (0) each way on a Useform label and listview control and nothing does anything. According to MSHelp there's also...
  10. A

    Listview Control

    Hi, has anyone knowledge of listview controls? Having just set one up on a Userform I'm having a bit of trouble. Can you only detect a click in the first column ? Also if you click another column in say line 3, column 1 in another line may become selected. Is there any way around this? Should...
  11. H

    ListView in Additional Controls - Not Found

    Hi Experts, I am unable to find the ListView control in Additional Control or in Toolbox of Userform. I surfed thru Google and tried a few steps still unable to find it. Please help me where did I go wrong or is their any other solution for this? In our office, we are using: MS Office 2016...
  12. J

    How to Populate ListView With Data Instead of ListBox

    Hi, the code below is working, but there is a small problem with it. I have the data populate a ListBox, but I want the data to populate a ListView. Can someone help with this? I tried to change this code to ListView, but it would not work. So I need someones help with this VBA. Private Sub...
  13. S

    Filtr and search in listview

    Good morning, i have a macro with userform to add , edit delete data and SEARCH in listview i want the code that will help me to search and filtr a data in my LISTVIEW when i click in the button on search . please help me ...:(:(
  14. G

    Iterating Over All Selected Items (rows) in MultiSelect ListView

    Hi, I am using a listview on a user form. I have multi-select enabled. I would like to select multiple items in the listview and then take the value found in some other text boxes and push that into the selected items subitems (columns). The listview is a somewhat new beast to me. I have it...
  15. A

    Excel Listview

    Is it possible to have an listview column show an image (or icon) in certain rows ? if yes, is there an example? I can't find anything on this. Playing around I find switching to either icon view upsets text/layout of the other columns. Must you have either icons or text, not both ?
  16. A

    Listview control

    I have a couple of questions about the Listview control I can't find answers for . Can you hide or set width for 1st column ? It seems to be a special column, not one added by code. At the end of text is "..." even though the width is well within the column width. To remove them you have to...
  17. S

    Listview data in excel

    May I know how I can populate data within the range A1 to F30 in a listview box with Excel VBA
  18. W

    Is MSCOMCTL.OCX installed with MS Office 2016/365?

    I need to use some Windows common controls like ListView in VBA UserForms in Excel. Does anybody know, is MSCOMCTL.OCX implementing the ActiveX interface to those common controls included into the installation of Microsoft Office 2016? And is the situation different in Office 365?
  19. M

    Search in Listview

    Dear Excel wizards I have a listview with six columns. How do I search for a value in the first column? I assume that it's column 0, isn't it? Example to search for value 59: FindItem "59", lvwCustomers, 0, Public Sub FindItem(strSearch As String, lvw As ListView, iSubItemIndex As Integer...
  20. bs0d

    Listbox vs ListView - Excel 2013

    I've read ListView is not available on 64 bit versions of Excel. I feel like I need ListView for the grid-like features. I also hear Listboxes can be formatted in a similar way? Are there still issues with ListView? Are there any good references for formatting Listboxes like tables? I don't want...

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