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  1. P

    Lookup from block of data - return from set column

    Hi I'm trying to look up data from a table of data (multiple rows and columns) and when that data is found I want to return the data in column A on the line that data is found to column B (in green) on another sheet. I have highlighted the column in green, in yellow is the example. 'South Hams'...
  2. M

    lookup with Condition of Allowable=Incurred values return a zero for particular Item ref Code.

    Hi, I required a help in formula where as a item code AI2 (Cell no 4 & 5)does not have any allowable rate , but in that item code has incurred value for Operatives and Equipment (Highlighted Cells). In this case i required a formula for AI2 should return as a Allowable value = Incurred value...
  3. B

    return a value from a search across multiple columns

    I have searched and can't find what I am looking for, so I had to post this question. I have a spreadsheet (not mine, it is a shared one created by someone else), it has columns/rows A1 - AW850. Not every column is populated, but the further most ones are. So, I need to return the value of the...
  4. M

    Dynamically Lookup values based on 2 conditions and then a range between (specified in 2 columns)

    Hi, I am stuck with an excel issue, where I need to look values based on
  5. H

    Prior data in current data set by looking up the require field

    Hi Team, I am looking for some help in getting the prior day data by compare with today's data table...refer the below two data set and help in formula to achieve the same..thank you <colgroup><col span="4"><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Day 1 Data Day 2 Data Project Probability...
  6. U

    Sheet Vlookup with Multiple Tabs

    Hello I'm trying to create a vlook up macro so I won't look up for each diifferent tabs as you may see below. 1. Master Worksheet 2. Reference Worksheet 3 Tab sheets namely - Sheet 1, Sheet 2 & Sheet 3 Master Worksheet - Master Tab <tbody> ID Name Age Subject Score 001 002...
  7. U

    VBA Vlookup & Pivot Table (Get Sum)

    Hi Team, I have this data with 100K lines and badly need to get a macro as I do this over and over again. This is the scenario: "Master" tab - Main Data Sheet "Reference" tab - Country reference sheet 1.) In the "Master" tab, what I need to do is add a blank column where the macro looks up...
  8. M

    How to delete a row if its values are equal to another?

    Hello, I have this code which should read all rows that begin with the word ACCOUNT#: which is followed by numbers like this: 1-026-31-00000-3342. The whole this looks like this ACCOUNT#: 1-026-31-00000-3342. If the code reads some row and there is another row identical to the row read in the...
  9. C

    Look account number up in table to determine VAT code

    Hi all, I apologise if this has been answered before, but as anewbie all the terms are a little confusing. My challenge is this - I am posting all my accounting posts (lineposts?) in an Excel sheet. As part of the linepost, I enter in column C the account number that the amount of the post...
  10. D

    How to Return/Sum Multiple Values in Excel while disragarding Duplicates

    Hello! First time Posting, I've been given a new project at work where I need to look up customers and come back with the customers multiple contract numbers in one cell. As well as Summing their total order quantities in these contracts (of the same product) in a separate cell - While...
  11. I

    Need to copy specific string of text from column into another cell

    First, I want to thank everyone that contributes to these forums. I work extensively with Excel and often have to find creative solutions for culling large data sets, and up until now, I've always found answers to my questions without writing a post of my own. That said...I'm stuck. I have a...
  12. B

    Lookup Function help

    I'm working on a better way to do attendance at our company, I'll try to explain this as best as I can, I'm hoping someone can give me some direction! I have a master list of all of our current employees. (Fig.A) At the end of the week I run a report that lists every shift that was worked...
  13. K

    look up

    I need help with putting my profit numbers in to the following range by using look Up Formula. My Range that I would like to see are: < 500 501-1000 1001-2500 2501-3500 above 3500 here is the real data that I like to put them in range by using Look up formula Profit: 1000 50 -500 600 6000...
  14. B

    Excel-Finding a numeric value return from a text drop box and return a value

    Hi all, Firstly, I know nothing about excel formulas, I’m trying to return numeric values by selecting “cash” or “card” in a drop down box with this text that would return a value from multiple rows or cells with the return value, This is a cash book spreadsheet with July to June tabs, any...
  15. D

    Return Lookup Value from another Tab after looking up 3 columns ??

    How do i return the correct value in excel via a lookup Problem Tab Stock Col A = Item Number e.g 1001 Col J Return Value from Look UK Tab Shipping Col A = Item Number e.g 1001 Col G = UK Shipping Cost for item 1001 So i want Tab Stock Item...
  16. M

    VBA Code for looping through column and returning value in same row different column

    Hi, I'm very new to writing Excel Macro's and I feel like it has to be possible, but I cannot find anything on how to do it. I am looking to have a macro; Open a certain sheet, search through a range of cells and if a certain value "R" is found take a string of text from a different column...
  17. D

    Help on Lookup formula

    Im stuck! What I am trying to do: If cells from spreadsheet1: C1 and E1, match cells on spreadsheet2:C1 and D1 it will show spreadsheet2s data from cell E1. Thank you in advanced for your help.
  18. S

    Index match with multiple criteria not working?? Please Help

    So I need to do a look up. The information below is from two spreadsheets. The look-up equation goes where #n/a is, below Total 87171. My result needs to to be the 2031. I tried using an index-match equation, but it doesn't work for some reason. It might have to do the fact that Total 87171...
  19. S

    Lookup multiple cell values in a specific range

    Hello all, Any help on solving my excel nightmares would be much appreciated. The relevant columns of my dataset look like this: <tbody> 1 V W X BA 2 50 1 0 51 3 51 0 0 4 52 0 0 5 68 1 0 72 6 69 1 0 7 70 1 0 8 71 1 0 9 72 0 0 10 73 0 0 </tbody> I need a formula that...
  20. G

    Look up value on another sheet by comparing goal to actual number

    I am very new to excel, and i bieleve i am working in excel 2010. I have been given a workbook that has a sheet called State Standards. This sheet contains pre determined goals for the entire year for 9 different offices. Another sheet imports actual month end numbers at the end of every month...

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