lookup and match

  1. E

    Results disappear when match is no longer found.

    I have the following formulas in 24 different cells in my "Stage Times" sheet looking up certain criteria in my "Frac Report" sheet. They are correctly entering the matches they find in the "Frac Report" tab but then when the criteria is no longer found, the matching result disappears in the...
  2. A

    Replace MAX with MIN bur greater than

    Hi, I have a warehouse master list with several item no. positions. Each item no. occurs more than once, and each occurence has its own bin code, lot no. and quantity. For example, an item no. may be located in several different bins nad have several different lot numbers. A bin may contain...
  3. N

    Finding sign in sign out time for employee

    Hello, I have a sheet with columns: Date , Sign in, Sign out, Emp ID and another sheet with Dates and Emp ID. Employee ID Date Time Event Sign in Sign out 0 2020-12-04 13:50:08 Exit 13:50:08 0 2020-12-04 13:52:25 Exit 13:52:25 701124 2020-11-30 13:31:30 Entry 13:31:30 701124...
  4. W

    Conditional formatting based on values in another table

    Hi everyone! I haven't posted any issues for a while, but this one really got me or I'm just getting older :) Basically I would like to format the cells based on the result of a lookup value from another table. I managed to apply the index match formula to return the value, that needs to be...
  5. S

    Extracting a number from a text string and returning a third value

    Hello All! I have one Excel file In Column B (275 rows) I have a number (all of these numbers are unique) In Column C (275 rows) I have a string of text which contains several numbers within the string (all of the text strings are unique) In Column D (275 rows) I have a different number from...
  6. M

    Lookup between 2 tables and match the field and update the records

    Hi I have 2 tables as shown below. I want to look up the "Field" column in Table 2 and and update the record in Table 1 for the column mentioned in "Field column of Table 2 based on most current "System Notes Date". For Example: In Table 1, for document number OPP1003, "Exp.Close Date" should...
  7. C

    Find last non-blank text value

    <tbody> Column A Column B Look For Result A A A F B B C C D D E E A F B G D H A R I </tbody> Hiall, I need Excel to look for a specific text in column 'A' and return thelast non-blank corresponding value in column 'B'. I know...
  8. T

    Auto populate holiday tracker from year planner

    Hi, I have a sheet "Planner" where I can input the holidays taken by employees. All these sheets currently work fine as they are if I were to input data manually. What I am looking to do is auto populate sheet "Holiday Overview" cells C4:N28 with the hours holiday taken which is based on the...
  9. J

    Formula for monthly numbers

    I have a sheet called Aux Codes in my workbook that I would like to get the monthly numbers based on today's date. Example: if today is November then it would pull from the named range "November" based on the agents name! On sheet "Aux Codes" I have the following: Agents Names in column A...
  10. B

    lookup in unsorted table, column and row unknown (No VBA, please)

    I've copied snippets of my data from two tabs: "Pokémon" & "Fast TMs". As an example, we'll use Nidoking, who's pokédex number is 34. I need cell I16 in the first table to find Nidoking's # ("34") in the second table (cell M6) and return the name of his Move ("Iron Tail"). I'll then need a...
  11. F

    It is Possible? Index Match - returning column header

    Hello Team! I have a table that contains Products and parts for manufacturing(sheet1) <tbody> Part Number Part Name TOYOTA 374F TOYOTA 637F NISSAN 1224 VOLVO 2650 HU294150-0400 CYLINDER 1 1 HU294150-0410 CYLINDER 1 1 HU294191-0100 CAMSHFT 1 1 1 HU294191-0070 CAMSHAT 1...
  12. M


    I have tried them all to no avail. I am looking to perform a type of lookup. On Tab “Sheet1” I have raw data, each name has 3 rows. I need to find a specific row based: Matching Name from sheet2 to sheet1 and where the Type is “Date”. From that identified row, I want to put the dates in the...
  13. M

    Multicriteria lookup with excluding data

    Hello, this is my very first thread. I have never thought I can post something like this but I am stuck in circles. I want to ask for help with my current case. I tried Index Match function but no success. The biggest problem for me is to say lookup in ALL or Exclude something. I have a report...
  14. P

    Look up and return value from another colunm

    I have run into a problem. So I have 2 colunms as follows: A B C D 1 123 2 444 9 3 666 4 888 7 5 123 6 666 3 7 123 1 8 444 9 444 10 666 So I want to look in Column A for the...
  15. DDRA Steampunk

    Formula to lookup next not previous sheet and add 1 to cell on current sheet if name matches

    Hi there :) I have a workbook that tracks earnings per each day of an event, different events have different names, but many are several days long and some dates have more than one event on the same day. I need a formula that can look up the number of days I have on the NEXT sheet, then add 1 to...
  16. S

    Query cells in a row to match in another table to return a true false statement.

    Hey ya'll, I'm trying to summarize some Line-Point Intercept data and would like to able to summarize it by plant functional group. pt Top Canopy 1 2 3 Soil Surface Shrub Perennial Grass Annual Grass Perennial Forb Annual Forb 1 QUGA POPR ACMI2 l s True True True...
  17. T

    Sort Names according to their column header

    Hi, I really need a help right now. I have these thousands of names that I need to sort accordingly. The sample input and desired output is shown below. The 1st column in the desired output must return the names of the people who only went from A to M ONLY (same as the 2nd, 5th and 6th column)...
  18. L

    Find a value in a column and bring back a corresponding value

    Hello I want to populate a column with survey numbers from another worksheet. However I only want the survey number to appear if the answer to the question is yes. In worksheet 1 I have a column with yes/no in. There is another column with the survey number in. On worksheet 2 I have a column for...
  19. K

    ANY text contained in cell C2 is ALSO contained in cell B2 (Fuzzy Match)

    I've been searching for a formula on the forum for some time now and have not found this exact scenario. I'm looking to have a formula that indicates if there is any text in cell C2 that matches any text in cell B2. Yes B2 C2 Acme Mfg. ACME MFG CO No B2 C2...
  20. G

    Lookup, Where Cell/Selection needed could be in Cell above or below Lookup

    I'm trying to set up a daily fixture. On Sheet 2 I have set up a web query to bring in the daily fixture. It sits in Column A, Row 33 - 76. Its in groups of 2 with a blank cell between each group. On Sheet 1 is where all the relevant formulas are. Its impossible to get the web query in Sheet...

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