lookup function

  1. V

    Help with Lookup Function

    I need help building a lookup function. I have 4 columns. Column A is the number value I want to lookup on column C to find an exact match. When found, I want the text value on column D to be placed on Column B. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. L

    Lookup function returning false values

    Hello! I am working on excel 2010. I am using the lookup function to pull in employee training dates from one sheet to another sheet. This is the formula I am using: =LOOKUP(A10,Sheet1!$A$13:$A$500,Sheet1!$K$13:$K$500) Where A10 is the employee name in Sheet2, Sheet1 column A is the employee...
  3. F

    LOOKUP Function Problem

    First time posting in here so if I make an error, please advise me of it. I have a workbook with several sheets. On one sheet, I have a drop down list that is using data validation from another sheet. When I select an option from the dropdown, I want another cell to automatically generate a...
  4. S

    Returning Debtors Balance if Student is youngest in family

    I would like to only return the Family Debtor Balance against the youngest student, so that the total database = my Debtors Control account. For Example: <tbody> FAMILY CODE Class STUD ORDER BALANCE STEFJ P1 3 1000 DOCHM P1 1 2000 WEARA S2 1 1000 MCARS S3 2 1500 LAIRD P2 1 1800...
  5. A

    Performance issue, is it my Lookup formula? Excel 2010

    Good afternoon, I am experiencing a few performance issues and struggling to get to the bottom of it, I am using Windows 7 and Excel 2010, 32 bit. I am unsure if I am not understanding the issue, i.e. it lies in computer memory or should look to use an alternative formula. The problem: Once...
  6. A

    Lookup using Multiple criteria in Excel/VBA

    Hi All, <colgroup><col><col span="3"></colgroup><tbody> <colgroup><col><col span="3"></colgroup><tbody> I'm trying to solve the below problem, Can any experts help me to solve it, Thank You In the below table, if i enter X,Y&Z i need the corresponding Node which is near to this X,Y& Z...
  7. M

    Formula Problems - Lookup, IF, VLookup? HELP...

    Hi, I have a workbook with multiple worksheets and I am struggling to link some of the data so I can review different bits of data on a single sheet. I have run 6 reports and used pivot tables to combine the data into a single worksheet named project summary to evaluate project to project...
  8. K

    Linking drop down box to lookup function

    I have a table consisting of months across row 4 and material usage in columns C-AQ. On a separate sheet, I have a dropdown box with the months. What I'm trying to do is when I select a month, all the data for usage changes depending on the months. On a sheet named Rolling Sums, a Table that...
  9. G

    Error in lookup function?

    Hi everyone, I am doing a lookup, both the lookup vector and the result vector contain an incrementor, first rows is locked, second row not locked. This gives the proper result until: LOOKUP(1;B$2:B8;A$2:A8) which gives 7 ! A workarroud is LOOKUP(1;1/B$2:B8;A$2:A8) this gives 3, because lookup...
  10. khawarameer

    Lookup for Horizontal and Vertical Search

    Dear All, I have two tables, in table 1 i have a statement of more than one customers combined in sequential order, in table 2 i have customer numbers vertically placed and dates horizontally placed. i want to use a lookup function which may extract day end balance in front of each account...
  11. M

    Formula help (2-way lookup?) in Excel 2010

    Hello! Let me start by saying that compared to most of the people on this forum I am NOT very skilled at Excel. That being said, I know the basics, and learn quickly, so wanted to attempt a formula to help me with a database/spreadsheet issue, but am completely stuck. I have been watching...
  12. D

    Conditional Formatting on a MATCH/LOOKUP function

    Hi all, I have an "actual build" worksheet, which allows the user to select which materials were used, material properties (e.g. material grade etc.), including its corresponding length. The user can enter all these in manually, or select the material name from a pre-defined list (Reference...
  13. S

    Branch Reconciliation

    <table style="width: 497pt; border-collapse: collapse;" x:str="" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="658"><colgroup><col style="width: 18pt;" width="24"><col style="width: 37pt;" width="49"><col style="width: 43pt;" width="57"><col style="width: 41pt;" span="2" width="54"><col...
  14. M

    Complex lookup problem

    :confused: Hello everyone - I have a complex lookup formula problem that I hope someone can help me with. I’m working with a complex excel workbook that I’m trying to build out to include more visibility, and I’m stuck with “writer’s block” on an issue because I’m not an advanced user of...
  15. J

    please HELP! Need to match up/lookup data in different columns in my spreadsheet!

    Hello, I really need some help here, and I was hoping that someone might be able to answer my formula question please (I've been trying to figure this out for 4 hours, and I know one of you experts will have it solved in 2 minutes :)) Ok, so I have a spreadsheet with this layout (see below)...
  16. K

    Two-Way Lookup function within named range

    I hope someone can help me out with this, I've been looking all over the net for ages. I have a table I want to perform a 2-way lookup on. I have given it a name, "Testing", which includes the header, row title, and all the data. So for example, I have: A B...
  17. S

    Using LOOKUP functions to give AVERAGE range

    Hi everyone - I've seen a few posts on various forums with questions that initially seem similar to mine, but the given answer doesn't help me (e.g., here). I'm using XL2007 with Windows XP. Here's my issue: I have a table of values with a header row (the header row is a series of time points...
  18. D

    VBA - Lookup and change a value... Help!

    Hello Everyone, I have two sheets in a workbook (Inv and Pslip) I'm trying to make a macro which will lookup a part number from a specified cell in Pslip and locate the same value from the first column of Inv, and reference the value of the second column of Inv at the particular row...
  19. L

    Lookup function in VBA

    I have two worksheets. ==== Worksheet 2 is named WorkDay. Column A contains a workday date (excluding holidays & weekends) Column B contains a workday 'number' for that day Example: Col A Col B 6-30-2010 14895 7-1-2010 14896 7-2-2010 14897...
  20. O

    Biblical verses with each letter of your name

    :confused:This is a church project I have 26 alphabetic tables each containing a different number of records but all of the 26 alphabetic tables consist of the same columns: Column 1 the alphabet letter of that table (A, B, ......Z), Column 2 a verse from the Bible starting with that letter...

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