1. Z

    Lookup using Find in lookup value

    As an example see the 2 sample sheets below. They are silly examples but this is similar to what I need to accomplish. I have a value that is text in an activities column and if there is any match in the text to a lookup value, in the lookup table, then it should return it's corresponding value...
  2. V

    filter data or any other option - don't want to copy formula in all cells

    Hi, we have the data in sheet1 and sheet2 and using index and match formula, its working fine but we don't want to drag and drop formula from C2:C4 and again we have used formula in D2:D4, there is any formula from which we can get desired result so that don't do drop down SHEET1 125024568765...
  3. brendalpzm

    Gallery.Selected not working

    I am creating a booking system with the logic of slots availability But when I select the slot from the gallery it doesn't fill the form I already input Gallery.Selected also tried with LookUp('Data Source',ID=Gallery.Selected.ID) and it doesn't work either
  4. I

    If statement to return list of values based on 1 criteria

    Hi All, My issue is probably simple, but Im in a brain fog! I have 2 columns, in A, I have a list of lesson numbers, and in B a list of unique subject IDs. Example 1 1.1 1 1.2 1 1.3 2 1.4 2 1.5 3 1.6 3 1.7 1 1.8 1 1.9 2 1.10 What I want to do is return only those...
  5. M

    Complex Lookup issue

    Hi Team, I have two excel files attaached screenshots I am trying to do a lookup { bring values of 3rd column {approved} from 1st sheet to 2nd sheet} but for each unique id which is my first column in both sheets. I have duplicate values in first column and in second column i have string like...
  6. E

    Formula to pull through data - changing sheet name

    Hi All, I'm looking for a formula to pull data a one cell in another sheet into a table on our summary sheet. The sheet name is contained in row A, the sheet name will increase by 1 for each row in the table. E.g. A3 = CR1, A4 = CR2. Is there a formula which I can use in my table which will...
  7. S

    Lookup on Merged Cells and Multiple Columns Below

    Hey everyone, I have struggling with this for days now...and my team is depending on me to figure this out soon. I need help with doing some sort of lookup on data that is in different columns below a merged header cell. I need a specific cell to be chosen based on the name that I input. For...
  8. W

    Lookup function with multiple criteria

    I have a dataset shown below that is used for production scheduling. I would like to be able to look up by the bay number and the date and return the job # and the phase that the date falls in. If I reorganize the data, I can use an index match and concatenate function. However, the scheduler...
  9. S

    Count across a data set or index

    Hi, I need a count formula that counts names across multiple columns. I need to know how many people attended Philadephia. The answer is 5. Then pull the formal down to know how many attended Orlando = 6. please note the blank cells are blank b/c there is a formula iferror return "" A1 first...
  10. R

    Lookup 2nd last value in a range

    Hi, I have a formula that looks up the last value in a range. This formula is =LOOKUP(2,1/(L2:BI2<>""),L2:BI2) I would like another formula to look up the 2nd last value in a range. Could someone supply this for me please? Thanks in advance
  11. S

    Changing a value when it meets a criteria from a lookup formula

    I have the following formula =LOOKUP(DATEDIF(AE4,NOW(),"Y"),{0,4;1,4;2,4;3,6;15,8}) to determine how much leave someone earns based off the years they have worked and when the person is only earning 6 hours, i need to add 4 hours to the last week of the year. How can I do this? Do I need to...
  12. skyh3ck

    1st match column header, 2nd lookup a value in same column, 3rd return corresponding value from the very first column ?? need help

    Hello guys i have a data base where i want to first find the column header, 2nd in same column find a certain date, and 3rd return correponding date from same row 1st column. So i have prepared one sample excel file Sheet one - Calc - where user can enter the class and dates Sheet two - Log...
  13. Agnarr

    Color Coding

    Hello Everyone! I desperately need your help! I need a code to do the following: sheet "template": column a must always have a numeric value. column b must always have alphabetic value. sheet "colors": column A and B will have the values as needed. For example 100 is Black, 200 is Blue etc. Any...
  14. J

    Unique ID field based on other fields entered in a record

    Hi, Firstly, thanks for taking the time. I am extremely new to Access, so hopefully this makes some sense. I have a table with some address details and I want to generate a Unique ID (either in the ID field or a new field) which relates back to the initials entered into the "State" field...
  15. T

    Worksheet name through lookup

    How can I reference a worksheet name from a cell found from a lookup function? For example, xlookup searches within worksheet 1, 2, and 3 for value. If value is found in worksheet 3, I want it to return "C", if value is found in worksheet 2, I want it to return "B" and so forth.
  16. R

    Force Balance to Total

    Hi there, I was given the task to force balance the data in 'Q1_2024_Raw' to sum to the final total by GEO (i.e. all LATAM customers need to sum to 10, so in this case I need to force balance their data down from 20 to 10 and all NAAM customers need to sum to 100 so I need to force balance up...
  17. V

    Lookup function gives wrong answer only for the last row.

    The lookup formula is giving wrong answer only fir the last row. In the example photo given, I want to search for fruits given as reference from one column into other column and output the price. All other answers are correct. But only last row gives wrong answer. Can someone please help? It...
  18. S

    VBA - Compare Two Sheets and Pull Results on New Sheet

    Hi all, My skill in translating logic into a formula and especially VBA is very limited. Hopefully the below makes sense. Basically I was hoping for a VBA code that pulls through results on to a new sheet by using the reference column A (Order Ref) in Sheet 2 and comparing columns of the...
  19. K

    LookuUp In VBA

    Hi all, I have the below code, currently I have hard coded the email to address but I have a list on a "Variables" tab, range J2:K10 (also below) with where the report should go. Rather than updating the code, I was wondering if I could lookup to this list and return the right to person...
  20. C

    Lookup with Headers

    What I am ideally trying to do is to build a dropdown off D2:I2 (day #s). I know how to do that, but I want to build the drop down on another tab and have it bring back the data in columns A:C. I need to be able to filter on the day # and have it return Name, Date, and Qty, but only if the day...

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