1. O

    Look up a table, check availability then create a drop down list.

    Hi Everyone, I have some tables that show information and availability of products. e.g., List of colours then columns that show what finishes they are available in. (Pic 01) Firstly I am not sure if I am doing this in the best practice, but this is what I have so far. I then have another table...
  2. T

    Lookup Table in one sheet and Data in another

    Hi All, I have a data in one sheet in the workbook that in column A, it keeps track of individuals names, in B, the dates that they came into work, and in C, which shift they worked (work is divided in 3 shifts M, A, or E). I want to create another sheet, where one person's name can be typed...
  3. I

    lookup a value in different arrays with conditions

    Hi all, I'm trying to write a worksheet that allows me to look up a value in different arrays with set conditions. (in this case, a tick box.) Eg. If tickbox A is ticked, lookup on the array A3:B8, if tickbox B is ticked, lookup on the array A10:B15... etc (Please refer to the image below)...
  4. S

    Multiple Criteria Multiple Worksheets Find Match Lookup place on Summary Page

    Need a summary page that pulls data from multiple worksheets in the same workbook. Each day an excel spreadsheet that has device readings is created and saved in a folder. The devices have unique identifiers. There are 20 devices. I have used a macro to place all of the sheets in one workbook...
  5. B

    Using Filters with Indirect lookups

    All, Please see below and let me know what you think. Right now my formula works and is looping back the correct data based on A2. However, what I want to do is turn that A2 into an array of cells (i.e. &$A$2:$A$100&), so when a new project is added to that column A (say it is on A3) it will...
  6. H

    Pulling text after finding its relative position

    Dear all, I am stuck trying to automate a report which contains long strings of data with about 60 different country codes variants. I have a column text based which is inconsistent, for example: 1) GUIDE, Paper congress 2564 US Zii 2) Geni Radio DOC RU, Team template What I need to do, is to...
  7. A

    Lookup & Indirect to Find Last Non Blank

    Hello, I have data like this: Color Shape One Circle Two Red Three Square Two Three What I'm doing is returning the value in column A in the last non blank row in column B regardless of the value. Currently, in cell B5, I am using...
  8. U

    Give a Range Between Two Specific Texts instead of two Cells

    Hi guys i asked this question in 3 post(SUM in changeable range between two texts) but i still does not solved for me. i want this: Sheet 1 ABCD1NameDateSum 1Sum 22Customer ALast Date Of Customer ASum D:E Start at Customer A and End before Customer B For Example Until Last Row Added (15) =...
  9. W

    Lookup IF this, AND that AND that AND...

    Hello Wizards! In advance thank you so much for any help. I am self taught and have gotten along "ok" (I spend hours to complete what you all would deem simple) but my current need is too complex for me to think thru. Here goes: I am attempting to create a lookup from a cover sheet to another...
  10. S

    Return multiple hits

    Hi Guys, I have a table that manages my masterdata. In that table is the material number, and the last successor To explain, I will use an example, and in this case materials A,B,C and D are all superseded to the new material E So we could have something that looks like this Material...
  11. M

    Matching dates along with a lookup

    Hi all! I'm having some issues getting this to work (im a newbie) Im using a xlookup to look up someones name and return a daily stat - however the 2 sheets im using both have dates attached, is it possible for the lookup to return "the name with the stat if the date matches ? not sure how...
  12. J

    LOOKUP formula not recognized

    I am entering a LOOKUP formula that I've used on other worksheets. I vaguely recall there being some obscure issue when originally building the formula that was causing it not to accept it as a formula, but I can't remember what that was. Now I'm typing it in directly in a new worksheet and...
  13. D

    Help on array formula conversion

    hi good day/evening, I am new to this forums and I want to thank everyone in advance, can someone help me with my array problem, I wan to be able to compare a cell on a list. with this formula COLUMN C is the list APPLE BANANA STRAWBERRY PINEAPPLE ORANGE COLUMN D is the what i...
  14. MartinS

    Return Data from Table using Cell Reference

    Probably an easy one, but the obvious doesn't work. I have a column of references to an Excel table, where they are being looked up using Index/Match, but the actual header is stored alongside the formula. Rather than use INDEX/MATCH, is it possible to do something like =INDEX(Table1[$c32]...
  15. M

    VBA Lookup and like function

    Hello, I'm trying to create a VBA code that looks ups a grade number and retrieves the name associated with that number, however, the current code I've written has a 'like' function that I don't quite understand and means that a student that receives a 4% will appear for lookups values 4 and...
  16. B

    How can I tell which column a value occurs in?

    I have columns for Ethnicity in this student data but the values are split across five columns (see attached). I need to fill in the Purple column (Column N) with a single Ethnicity value. So Row 2 would be "White", Row 12 would be "Black". I have been trying for 30 minutes and I just can't find...
  17. H

    lookup / index formula

    Hi all, Can anyone help with a formula which looks up the percentage value in column A sheet 2 against columns A and B in Sheet 1, then looks up column b sheet 2 against columns c and d sheet 1 and then displays the corresponding figure from column E? AB1...
  18. D

    Lookup and return multiple values

    Hello, I have a large data set containing automobile model/name (year make model engine) and their associated part numbers. Some of the automotive names repeat due to multiple part numbers for that particular model. What I am trying to do is to combine all part numbers associated with a...
  19. N

    Macro to Lookup and rearrange the columns based on reference

    Dear Experts, Problem: I have a data source and reference Output 1: Create a data source with unique items and columns only based on the reference Output 2: Vlookup / any other look up to show all the data source which match the product ID of reference. Is it possible to rearrange the...
  20. M

    VBA to find last filled cell in a row, then copy

    I'm looking for VBA to find the last filled cell in a row, then copy the value in that cell. I'm asking Excel to look for the word "TOTAL," in column "A," then move to the right to look for the last filled cell in that row. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I'm kind of stuck at the...

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