1. E

    Tracking Outlook emails with Excel

    Hello Message Board. I’m a stock control manager & between myself & my team we send 000’s of orders per month & I need a quick & robust way of tracking what replies I’ve had for email order, or more importantly, when I’ve not had a reply at all, so I know when to chase for one. Is there a way...
  2. K

    Returning values if cells in array contain specific text

    G'Day everyone, I hope I can explain this one well enough because I haven't found any helpful hints/clues as yet. I have a training spreadsheet with two worksheets. One sheet is a matrix (Matrix worksheet.png) of courses/course descriptions and employed positions. There's an area on that sheet...
  3. D

    Extract multiple specified values from cell and return in 1 cell

    Hello everyone, I need some help on this, in column A i have a list of various fruit, within column C i have sentences which may contain one or more of the fruit listed in Column A. In column E i would like to list the fruit from column A which is contained in column C. Also i would like to...
  4. D

    vlookup with multiple rows returned?

    is there a way to return multiple lookup rows when searching for values from one workbook to another? i have the following in the first workbook and its the values to be return from the next sheet base on IP IP is found three times (this is workbook A) a b c client name ip...
  5. Z

    How to have VBA to perform vlookups when command button is clicked

    How can I get VBA to perform a vlookup in a range of cells. Right now I have this formulas in cells like below. Cell A8 = IF(C8>"",VLOOKUP($A$7,'Employee Data'!$B$4:$D$27,2,0),"") Cell A9 = IF(C9>"",VLOOKUP($A$7,'Employee Data'!$B$4:$D$27,2,0),"") Cell A10 = IF(C10>"",VLOOKUP($A$7,'Employee...
  6. K

    Vlookup/Hlookup need help

    Hello, I have GL data that basically looks like this A1:GL Acct # B1: Name C1: Total D1: Department 1 E1: Department 2 F1: Department 3 A2: 65000 B2: Wages C2: 1,000,000 D2: 500,000 E2: 250,000 F2: 250000 A3: 79000 B3: Travel C3...
  7. L

    How to get in which range a value lies out of multiple ranges

    I have a value e.g 48 There are multiple ranges, and each range will correspond to a specific amount, example below: 11 to 20 --> 15 21 to 30 --> 25 31 to 40 --> 35 41 to 50 --> 45 I want to search for the value 45, so i need to check the multiple ranges to get that specific value on the...
  8. W

    Multiple vlookups for different tables

    Hi, I am trying to use several tables in an if formula but I haven't gotten it to work. I have one master table which I want to look up to first, however, if the lookup value contains City (Suburb), City2(Suburb) or City3 (Suburb) I want to look up from three different lookups tables. I have 4...
  9. M

    Can you have dropdowns in Excel Data Form?

    I am using Excel Data Form to make it easier for leadership to see and/or modify the data within it and also add records. Problem is the actual table has several columns that are doing lookups, but the data form does not give me the ability to perform those same lookups, so its all manually...
  10. S

    Summarising a calendars events with lookups and ifs

    Hi all, I am trying to create a summary of a sort of calendar I have made. The calendar is a daily view and runs landscape, with the days/dates (custom formatted to just show the day i.e. d) at the top and then with the task/meeting categories to the left of this (column A). I want to summarise...
  11. M

    Macro paste values in current row when text changes

    Hi, I need a VBA/Macro for disabling lookups in the current row of column D when text changes to "Today" . For example, I have 100 rows and 5 columns in my sheet, in column 4 (D) if the cell shows "Today" I want the entire rows lookups to be disable or paste values to stop the lookups. Thank...
  12. C

    Macro to Select file location for lookups

    Morning All, I'm not sure if this is possible but was hoping you could tell me. I need to write a macro that does lots of lookups and others things by comparing two spreadsheets. The spreadsheet that is being used as the lookup will have a different file name each time it is run. It is...
  13. L

    Macro to print a changing report based on lookups

    I have a different report to print for 80 individuals based on lookups - I am using a single unique identifier to change the data on the report (G1). Here is my very weak macro attempt but it only prints the for first person on the list. How do I make this loop to print the next report and so...
  14. J

    Macro to speed up index/match

    Hi, I have an Excel worksheet that has to do an index/match to look up data from another sheet. It has 14 rows and ~8,000 columns -- each with an index/match. So, as you can imagine, the file is huge (60 MB) and too slow to be usable. I'm thinking I could instead have a macro do the lookups...
  15. L

    Create worksheet tabs from a range of cells but do NOT create duplicates

    I have a spreadsheet with multiple part numbers and in many cases, duplicate part numbers. There are 10,000 rows! <tbody> F G AO 1 000746-A-1 REV H <tbody> 000746-A-1 REV H OP-10 </tbody> <tbody> SHEAR 1st PC FOR INSPECTION Use 14 Gage (.075") 304SS, Shear strip to 3.25"Wide Move to...
  16. S

    VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH... What do I use for this scenario?

    I have two separate workbooks that include one spreadsheet of data each. One is a lists of all of our B2B customer information - Customer ID, Business Name, Individual Name, and Email Address. We will call this spreadsheet Customer Data. The second spreadsheet, located in a different workbook...
  17. O

    INDEX/MATCH with Infinite possibilites

    Hi, Was not sure what to name the topic to best describe this. I have an INDEX, MATCH formula that looks up a list of categories to return a response time based on the category. This works fine. However I have an issue that if a person can't be allocated into a category, it automatically uses...
  18. P

    How to use Excel Solver with lookups?

    Is there a way to use the solver with the data shown below? I want to have the Solver Table (Columns F-I) pull the data (Columns A-D) with the following constraints. 1) Maximize the sum of the profit (Column H), 2) Keep the sum of the Lbs <= 300 (Column I), 3) Each type must include two...
  19. S

    Setting out data and or multiple ranges with Multiple lookups.

    Hi all, I have hit a dead end and am in need of some help. Apologies in advance as this scenario is slightly lengthy I want to ensure that you all have the full information. The data that comes out of the accounting system is raw data dumps from 2 SQL data tables, one gives me all the purchase...
  20. A

    Probably need to use OFFSET but am not sure

    Hi I had some answers to a post a couple of weeks ago which were amazing, and have solved that problem. But the person I was doing it for has asked for one step further. Old post is here (I still can't figure out how to do the attachment thing - have tried all of them - might be because I'm...

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