1. G

    Curious to Auto-fill across columns with formula

    Hi folks, Is there a way to auto-fill laterally across columns like there is down rows perhaps using a macro? I was thinking this might be handy in some instances I've run into, but I'm not sure how to make the ActiveCell part work. Sub FormulaFill() ' Dim rng As Range Dim y As...
  2. F

    Help with Loop Exit

    Hello, I have recently started to code a macro to help me repetitive data analysis with very few knowledge in coding languages. I have came up with this code, the idea is that I import my data on the sheet "raw" then I select the different series of values and name them in a new sheet. Since I...
  3. L

    Problem with loop, nest loop

    Hi! I need to loop through a dynamic data set, only the range in which the data are entered is given. I need to loop through every cell and copy the value to the end of another column. I totally managed that for the first column but now I am stuck with telling excel to increment the row and...
  4. C


    Hello! I'm stuck with this for several weeks and that's why I'm asking for your help. This code interacts with a third party application, sending values and printing documents from it. It works fantastic, only for the small detail that with the passing of the iterations the cpu fan starts to...
  5. V

    VBA: Loop through columns and replace values according to cell value (two workbooks)

    I have two workbooks; one with data to be replaced (main workbook) and another where to find data to replace with (secondary workbook (converter) / two different sheets; product and subproduct). In main workbook there is columns: A: row_id = not to be touched B: product_id = product code to be...
  6. D

    Downloading stock list in one go with loop.

    Hello, I want to download the Stock list in one go with a loop when I refresh the page. I want it to download every stock in the stock list to the "combine sheet". ----Combine sheet 1st share "C3", 2. Share "C163" ... I want to download as in the example. ----In the same way, I should...
  7. D

    Loop until No Error

    Long time reader, first time poster! I'm trying to create a Loop that names a sheet based on a cell value. If the sheet name already exists then the macro will pop up a message box with an entry field to enter a new name and that will Loop until the user enter a sheet name that isn't already...
  8. M

    Index Match Match with a loop

    Hello all, New to the thread so I do apologies if this isn't sufficient. I am trying to create VBA code for Index Match Match with a loop. I have attached an image to help. To detail the problem; - Cells A4:C13 have permutations from myarray (1,2,3,4,7) where I want 3 numbers picked and...
  9. S

    Running the Same Macro on Multiple Worksheets and Multiple Files

    I have a piece of code called "restoredataval" which i need to apply to certain tabs in about 15 workbooks all of which have a varying number of tabs. What i want to do is open the file, select the tabs I need the macro to run on and then press run. The macro should then Run through each tab...
  10. L

    VBA Formula to Calculate a Range between blank rows and loop

    Please see attached image for sample sheet! I have data sorted by row H and I have a blank row in between each different group. In that blank row, I need to total the values in that group for columns I through O. I want to be able to run a macro do to this. I know I'll need to set the range...
  11. C


    Hello, I am looking for a bit of code to add into the below but I am struggling. What it needs to do is say if the cell A1 is = to cell B4 then it needs to speak as per the below code. However this needs to loop constantly so everyday at the the shown in B4 it speaks aloud. I have it...
  12. O

    Matching concatenated values across columns VBA

    Hi there! I am trying to write VBA code to execute the following (visual screenshot attached) If the concatenated store and zip code value (ex: Walmart98101) is repeated in any of the columns (ex: columns C, E and F), I need to ensure the value of row 1 is the same in each instance of the...
  13. 4

    Looping concatenate based on input range

    Hello, I need loop that would create concatenate from fixed values (strings) and loop it based on input range (dynamic, user input). For example, "create image", input range 001-245, ".jpg", "image created", input range [same as 1st one]. Result would give create image 001.jpg image created...
  14. Q

    Looping through a row in a 2-D Array

    I have 2-dimensional array and I would like to inspect each element in a specific row with If-Then statements and assign assign values to the next row depending on the outcome of the If-Then statements? What is the correct syntax for looping through the elements of a row in a 2-d array?
  15. tljenkin

    Search Loop VBA

    Hello All, I have a massive csv file thats linked to an excel file as "data model" & connection only, lets call it Master. Now this csv file arrives weekly with a different name, so week 1, its called Week 1 and that rolls each week. In the Master, you have the following tabs: Data and...
  16. S

    Macro For...Next Loop - use counter in FormulaR1C1

    I am trying load Picking Sheets with data from another sheet. I cannot workout the syntax to access the data. Receiving Compile error - Syntax. how do I access the other sheet? Sub Macro4() ' ' Macro4 Macro ' ' Dim OrderCount As Integer For OrderCount = 0 To 600 ActiveCell.Offset(0...
  17. E

    Can't run multiple macros but alone they work

    Hi, I have a first macro that compile data using relative and absolute reference recording. My second macro consolidate data My third macro clean the table after the consolidation. I can run them fine alone but one after the other one its not working. Call doesnt work. Application wait...
  18. F

    How to perform Index-match with great amount of rows (formula or VBA)

    Hi everyone. I hope y're all fine. I have a spreedsheet with prices for many products, according with the 4 criteria bellow: (1) City (2) Seller (3) Date (4) Product type Each product has a product "below" which price must be lower. So for example, the product B must be more...
  19. T

    Iteration: matching headers with worksheet names

    I have a fairly complex macro (for me) to program. The Workbook contains the following: The first Worksheet called “Export” contains 53 columns with headers in row 1 with names such as “Apples”, “Bananas”, “Cherry”, etc. The Workbook also contains 53 hidden Worksheets named like the headers in...
  20. C

    For each loop applying value of one cell to entire content

    I've got this set of code: Sub loopthru() Dim rng As Range Dim mycell As Range Set rng = Range("A2:A78") For Each mycell In rng Windows("wb1.xlsx").Activate mycell.Copy Windows("wb2.xlsx").Activate Range("G2").Select...
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