1. C

    macros, it disappears from the list.

    For a few weeks I have been having problems with my macro books. Once I open the files I can't see the list of macros it contains. I have solved the problem by opening the files with the "open and repair" option, but I have to do it every day. Because it happened after an office update I...
  2. D

    Find missing checkboxes in userform

    hi all, The following code showing my userform contains approx. 170 checkboxes. Sub macro1() Dim ctl As Control Dim j As Long 'Dim msg As String j = 3 For Each ctl In UserForm1.Controls If TypeOf ctl Is MSForms.CheckBox Then If UserForm1.Controls(ctl.Name).Value = False Then Cells(j, 5).Value...
  3. A

    Leasing Report Progress

    Please check the below table for each leasing agent: <tbody> Client <tbody> Status </tbody> Just Browsing Interested On the Fence Hook Line & Sinker Lead Lost 1 Active <tbody> 14-Jul-19 </tbody> <tbody> 15-Jul-19 </tbody> <tbody> 16-Jul-19 </tbody> <tbody> 17-Jul-19 </tbody>...
  4. megera716

    Formula to identify how long before cell value changes

    I feel like that's a weird subject but here's what I'm trying to do. I've analyzed year over year sales by customer and identified when a customer was new, if they were an existing customer but their total sales increased, decreased or stayed flat YoY, or if they were lost. (None would indicate...
  5. A

    Web query error

    Sometimes I get an error when getting data from the web. (Either due to lost internet connection or slow internet connections.) The error occurs on Send. if, for example, the website can not be reached, lost internet, or slow internet, I would like to give a message to each scenario. How can I...
  6. D

    index match with 2 mathc arguments

    <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 2019 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec </tbody> I have this it is formatted so they are dates not text or numbers 2019 is in A2-A13 then each date in in B2-B13 Across the top, i have headers so A1= year B1= month etc...
  7. R

    Lost with the Time in Excel and require a helping hand...

    Hi Folks, I'm lost trying to figure out how to aggregate the Time data in the table below to make it easier to work with and more presentable. Unfortunately, I don't have control over how the data is exported and I'm stuck to work with what I got. Luckily I've found this Forum and I've been...
  8. E

    Lost Macros

    Hi There, I'm a bit confused. I appear to have lost my macros. I have written multiple codes and have created icons at the top of my excel window. These all appear to work fine but when I open up visual basic I cant see them anymore. What have I done? and how do I correct it? Any help is much...
  9. T

    Ifs & and

    Hello. First of all, thank you very much for taking time to review the below case. So I have a data set and I'm attempting to build a formula with IFS and AND to determine the following; New Customers: customers who have never purchased any of the selected products. Returning Customers...
  10. I

    If statement with a between date condition

    Hi Guys I have the below data <tbody> A B C 1 MANAGER DATE STATUS 2 Roy 01/01/2019 Open 3 Roy 01/02/2019 Won 4 Roy 20/02/2019 Open 5 Roy 01/01/2019 Won 6 Roy 01/01/2019 Open 7 Roy 11/02/2019 Lost 8 Roy 01/01/2019 Lost 9 Roy 01/01/2019 Other 10 Roy 01/01/2019 Lost 11...
  11. A

    conditional format for background color change with cells D47 and D52 when they match

    Ive tried all the conditional formats I could find which indicated they would work but none have. Thanks for the help, I'd be lost without this site. thanks again, ATCMAN
  12. D

    Stop macro from running

    I've read so many threads, but still cannot determine what code to use: When the cancel button is clicked in a userform I want everything to stop. Data entered in the userform to be lost, the macro that called the userform to stop completely, and cell A1 of Sheet 1 to be selected. Should be...
  13. W

    Calculating Lost TIme

    Good morning I have a strange request. I am working on calculating if an employee missed any time during the previous month. I have it written to a table and am using Conditional Formatting to highlight any value greater than 0 (That would indicate lost time). If in any month prior to the...
  14. 1

    Multiple Pivot Table Combinations

    Hi, I have a data set which includes a field for "Result", two options within this field are "Lost" & "Cancelled". There is another field "Closure Rationale" which contains options which can be common for both of these "Results". I have grouped the "Closure Rationale" into "Cancelled W" or...
  15. M

    IF statement

    I am running an end of year report. I want to highlight 2018 figures if it is blank AND 2017 has a value. How do I write this if/ and statement. We are looking at where we lost money.
  16. O

    Count number of rows until a value is reached

    Hi, I've been searching for an answer to this for a while but can't work it out, so I'm calling for help! (BTW, I'm using Google Sheets) I've a list of football results, and I'm trying to calculate the longest unbeaten run. Column A shows the result (Won, Lost, Drawn). I'd like column B to...
  17. J


    I just spent about 30 mins on a post and when I went to submit it I got a message saying I had been logged out and had to log in again. As a result, I lost my post. >> Why did it log me out !!!
  18. T

    Excel Formula

    <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Hi, refer to attachment, I'd like to find out how many time the email at column A appears at col. B (within the same row only. Eg. A1 with B1, A2 with B2). Currently I have this formula as appeared at col. C1...
  19. I

    SUMIFS with multiple criteria, cell referencing

    Hi, Following the brilliantly fast response I got yesterday, I thought I'd try a trickier question. I'll be honest, I think of myself as good with excel but am very capable of getting completely lost when it comes to complex formula! I've got a SUMIFS formula which picks up spend of a...
  20. N

    Help with IF AND statement please

    Hi there hoping you can please help with an IF AND STATEMENT please.... I'm trying to create a formula to return the following text based on %\ numbers: if less than 90%, type '<90%' if >= 90% and <=100%, type '90% - 100%' If >= 100.01% and <=110%, type '100% - 110%' if >110%, type '>110%'...

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