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    Get table from lotus note email to excel cell

    hi guys, I got trouble on handling the lotus notes and internet don't have much resources on this. Here is my problem, i have a table in email look like below. <tbody> Food Drinks People Car Total 10 5 9 1 25 </tbody> And i got below code so far, but it error on Set rttab =...
  2. M

    Macro & Lotus Notes

    Hello there!   I have pieced together several macros and I am almost good to go with my project. However, the macro I need help with is the actual sending the mail. The script I found, would generate a pop up and could use that to enter in an email address. However, I'd like to remove the pop up...
  3. C

    VBA Lotus Notes Calendar Entry Meeting - Multiple Attendees

    Hi, I found on internet a code that send a calendar entry meeting in Lotus Notes. The code works, but when I put more than one attendee, it send only to the first person in the cell. For instance, in image below on the B2 cell there is two e-mails: xx@nda.com and dd@nda.com separeted by...
  4. P

    VBA Macro to send email from Excel Crashing

    Urgently need some help completing this macro I found this code on your Forum posted by John Davis (edited post by George Hart). I have edited it to suit my needs but is gives me an Active X error and fails. I have added a variant for the title. I want it to run automatically each day and go...
  5. S

    Macro Stopped Working (Worked fine for months)

    Hi everyone, I had a macro that would open a new lotus notes email and send a predefined, but dynamic message that I had written in excel. This was necessary because I was sending this type of email several times an hour. All of a sudden I started to get an error that read: "Run time error...
  6. C

    VBA to Lotus Notes: add attachment IN body

    Hello ! Im beginning to get upset against my computer and I need your help! I am generating an email from Lotus Notes with VBA. Until now, I am able to create the email, send it and even include an attachment. However, I would like to have the attachment inserted into the body like: Mail Body...
  7. D

    Lotus Notus send email with VBA - problem with version 9

    I have a VBA procedure that send email with Lotus Notes. It works perfectly until an upgrade to Lotus Notes 9.0 was done. Now, whenever the macro is run there is a run-time errors. Codes: Sub SendEmailCandidat1() Dim stFileName As String Dim stRecipients As String Dim noSession As...
  8. M

    VBA Lotus Notes : Issue with Sender in Sent Item inbox

    Hi All Good day. I have created a codes to allow sending email from Lotus Notes generic mailbox/shared mailbox through Excel. The email will also appear in the Sent Item box. However, when my colleague open the sent item , it showing their name as sender ("Sent By") Your advise and tips to...
  9. E

    VBA - Identify name of the file

    Hi, I have following problem. Im sharing some file wich contain macro to automaticly send e-mail from Lotus Notes and I want to make my coworkers to use it. Underlined value in the script is name of the nsf file wich is contained in the same directory in their computers (its the only file in...
  10. C

    Need help using VBA to email attachments through Lotus Notes 9.0

    Hi, I'm a total novice when it comes to Excel VBA. Most of my codes have come from scouring the internet and plugging and playing until I get the desired result. I had a script that created multiple emails from a list in Excel and sent an attachment to each email within the list. This code...
  11. B

    Send the active sheet or Range of cells as mail

    Hi,# I use the following code to send mail to a person through lotus notes. But i want to send a specific page or the Range like (A1 : K50) as an attachment. Someone please help me to alter the code so that it works in the way i want it to. Public Sub CommandButton21_Click() Dim Maildb As...
  12. B

    Command button - Lotus notes email

    Hello, my name is bharath. I am now working on a complex process planning. i have integrated data from various sources and grouped in several pivot tables according to my boss's requirement. My questions are as follows: 1. I know how to filter the Pivot table (I use slicers in my case). I want...
  13. S

    Automate emails (lotus notes) from excel - Basics

    I have a bunch of reminder mails to send everyday. I have researched MrExcel and all responses talk about VBA. I know nothing about VBA. All I have is an excel and Lotus Notes. Can anyone help me with the basics? Is there anyway to do this without coding?
  14. F

    Email cell contents via Lotus Notes

    I'm trying to set up a spreadsheet for a co-worker that would let the user select an item from a drop-down, which would automatically send an email to a list of users in a separate worksheet. The email would be a review of the entries in the particular row in which they are working on, which is...
  15. C

    VBA Hyperlink in Lotus Notes Not Working

    This forum is brilliant and has saved me many times, but here's an odd one I cant answer. The code below sends a hyperlink of a pdf to Notes. The code works fine, including an active link in the email, except when the link is clicked and IE opens, it only navigates to my homepage. Yet, when I go...
  16. A

    Send lotus reminder based on date table in excel

    Dear All Excel Experts...I need your immediate help...its been years together I am not getting any help on Lotus Calendar and excel integration.. I am working on a MOM. MOM have certain items need to be completed by certain dates. Many of the times I miss the action item deadline. I wish to...
  17. G

    ACCESS VBA code to send email's on Lotus 8.5

    Hi to all; I've this code bellow is to send email's field in access but it only send to the first email only; rst![Email] --> test@test.com,test@test2.com It can be 1, 2 or more; ---/--- Private Sub Command43_Click() Const ForReading = 1 Const ForWriting = 2 Const ForAppending = 8 Dim rst...
  18. S

    Getting Hyperlinks from Lotus Notes mail body to Excel using VBA

    Hello, Is there a way to get hyperlinks from Lotus Notes mail body and save it in a cell in Excel using VBA? I am trying to run a macro which will open the specific mail, go through the mail body and find and save the hyperlink present in the mail. Or if it is possible to get specific words...
  19. J

    VBA attach file to invitation meeting in Lotus Notes

    Hello. Is there any way to programatically (by VBA) add an attachment to an invitation meeting in Lotus Notes? A lot of google-ing did not clearly reveal the method. Below is my code which blocks at line '*** Call objNotesRichTextItem.EmbedObject(1454, "", Attachment1, "") *** Sub...
  20. J

    VBA Excel to Lotus Notes

    Hello I'm trying to find code, involving pressing a button within excel will launch and email to the same recipient every time, but the subject of the email will always be based off of a certain cell (C5). I know how to create a button and assign it a macro, I just need help getting the code...

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