1. E

    Sumifs lower than a given day

    Hello I'm trying to do a sumifs formula based on 2 criterias. The first is a name. the second one I can't do is when the date DAY is lower than 15. For example in the table below I want to get the sum of A only lower than 15, the result should be 2.000 I was trying something (hardcoded just...
  2. J

    Formula Help - If Cell Falls Within Certain Range

    Hi! So sorry if a question like this has been posed before, I'm sure it will have been covered at some stage .. I'm looking to create a formula within a work spreadsheet as follows; If the value of a cell is lower than 5 then new cell is A, if it is between 5 and 9.9 then B, if it is between 10...
  3. R

    Excel Line graph

    I am looking to plot a line graph with upper and lower limits (Ranges). Attached is the target view (PNG). The value that I have, has positive and negative values. Hence showing upper limit and lower limit range in the line chart is a bit complex. Attached is the excel sheet(Sample.xlsx) with...
  4. S

    adding Percentage

    Hello, In the formula below how do i add IF 7% or lower make 0%? =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B$1,OFFSET(INDEX($K$2:$K$900,MATCH($A2,$K$2:$K$900,0)),,,MATCH("*",INDEX($K$2:$K$900,1+MATCH($A2,$K$2:$K$900,0)):$K$900,0),2),2,0),"")
  5. R

    Display lower of two values

    I need to adjust this formula C21+($I3+($I3*$D11)) so itwill either display the results of this calculation OR the value in J3, whicheveris lower. Thanks in advance
  6. B

    Minimum Value of 1.00 in Cell

    I have a cell that does not have a formula, but i need it to have a minimum value of 1.00 in it. it can have larger number in it, but no lower than 1.00, it must always have a value in it. Thanks for the help Chad
  7. M

    Assign numbers in block of 10 starting from lower to higher

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> In the column "D" I got the numbers disordered, they can be from 0 to 3000 max. </SPAN></SPAN> I need to assign them in column "E" in blocks of 10 (1-10, 11-20...etc.) starting from lower to higher as per example shown below.</SPAN></SPAN> <COLGROUP><COL...
  8. B

    Inserting Row(s) based on cell Value on same sheet

    Hello, First time post/reply. I'm a pro at recording macros :wink: but not so much on writing them. I'm trying to insert Row(s) based on cell value(s) that reside within my sheet. Cell A3 has a value of N = 3 and I'd like to insert N rows at row 5 (two rows lower than 3). Then at Cell A6 which...
  9. D

    Closest Value

    Hi, Please help me, i need to get the closest number from the value from the Lower/Higher column. Let say value 5, the closest is the Lower number which is 7. Thanks <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Value Lower Higher Result 5 7 11 7 7 9 13 9 4 5 9 4 15 17 21 17 32...
  10. bobgrand

    Conditional Formatting for 20,000 rows

    Hello all and Happy New Year, I have 20k rows of data where I need to highlight cells E thru I if a condition in column R = "LOWER". I tried the conditional format but it looks like it has a limit to how many rows are used. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. U

    Conditional format

    I simply want to conditionally format a number in one cell if it is at least 2 times (or More) lower than the cell to the left of it. Here are my exact layout grid numbers. What would be the exact formula for this? So K7 is 2x's LOWER than J7. I want to format it a certain other color ...
  12. M

    If when blank then additional formulas

    <tbody> 12/10/2018 12/9/2018 =IF(A1="","",(IF(B1>A1,"NO","YES"))) NO 12/3/2018 12/2/2018 =IF(A2="","",(IF(B2>A2,"NO","YES"))) YES </tbody> I am currently trying to make these two cells both say "NO". I cannot find where the formula stops working. This is the formula now...
  13. O

    How to create an array of outliers from a data set?

    I already calculated the upper and lower fence for my data set, how do I create an array that has every outlier (lower than lower fence or greater than upper fence)? :confused::confused:
  14. B

    Statistical question - confidence intervals

    I have some data I have inherited from several years back and no-one who was around back then is still around to ask. Year Question # Lower 95% confidence interval Scored percentage Upper 95% confidence interval No of responses for this question and trust 2014...
  15. M

    Tabular buttons

    2010 Excel I'm using tabular buttons to raise or lower the value of a cell. The problem is the upper button (pointing up) lowers the value, while the lower button (pointing down) raises the value. How can I reverse these so the upper button raises and the lower button lowers the value?
  16. A

    Picking higher value of two cells and bringing back text from adjacent cell

    You guys have helped me a couple of times recently. I hugely appreciate it but I'm stuck again. Apologies. So P2 is John and S2 is David in the next cells along there is a figure so Q2 is 4.5 and T2 is -4.5, I need a formula to look at the values in Q2 and T2 and know that T2 is the lowest...
  17. S

    Conditional formatting using vba

    Hi , So I created an automated summary sheet which extracts data from multiple sheets and puts it in one workbook. I need to do conditional formatting on the data in summary sheet based on certain parameters Base Upper Lower PROD A PROD B PROD C PROD D PROD E 2 4 5 6.1 6.3...
  18. U

    Formatting for a number Double Lower than all others!

    Just a quick qyestion which I'm sure there is a easy answer to but I don't have anyway. I want to conditionally format a number in a row of numbers (See Example) that is at least Double Lower or more than the rest of the numbers. So in my example the number 1340 would be highlighted in...
  19. K

    If row is less than last row

    Hi guys Struggling with a little problem here, should be really simple you'd image, but danged if I can get it to work:- this below, is basically the idea I need to happen. If column A suddenly goes lower than the previous value, increment column b by 1. Can't use scripts. 1 | 0 2 | 0 3...
  20. E

    Conditional formatting

    I have a set of data (5 colums wide 50+ rows down) containing both numbers and text. I would like to highlight all numbers greater than 5 in red and all lower than 5 in green. The issue I’m having is it’s highlighting all the cells containing text red, is there a way to ignore the text?

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