1. A

    Capitalized File Extension???? Why and How to Change from ".XLSX" to ".xlsx"

    I have an excel file that is saved with a capitalized extension, "XLSX". I've tried to resave the file with a lowercase "xlsx" extension, but I am unable to do so. I've checked in the options and settings, and searched online for an explanation, but have had no luck. Can anyone tell me when and...
  2. B

    Preventing data entry non-conformity

    UserForm adds data to my worksheet TextBox13 is “City” TextBox14 is “State” If a user inputs lowercase letters into the TextBox13, can the target cell be formatted to UpperCase the first letter? And, if lowercase letters are entered into TextBox14, how can the target cell be formatted to all...
  3. K

    Names with Upper and Proper Case Words

    I have a column of names. Each name has at least 2 words - the first name and the last name. Some of the names also have 1 or more middle names in addition to the the first and the last names. However, the names, i.e. the first, middle and last names are not in any particular order. But the...
  4. L

    Uppercase letters in alphanumeric entry

    Thanks to anyone who may be able to help. I have two columns in a worksheet that require alphanumeric entries. The columns in which the alphanumeric data are entered are column A and column B. Would it be possible to write a VBA code that would change the lowercase alpha characters to...
  5. L

    Password generator

    So, I'm trying to create a random 15 digit password with certain criteria. At least 3 of the following; uppercase, lowercase, special characters, numbers. I also want to make each character unique, I have 2 formulas: 1...
  6. M

    Conditional formatting for lowercase letters

    Hi all, I am trying to format a column so that I can identify when a cell contains lowercase letters and then I can change each cell to uppercase. The problem is that the cells change length and format down the list so I cannot use the =EXACT formula. Example: <tbody> Topo Code Topo Code...
  7. M

    Changing upper case to lower case for 3 letters of a word

    Hello all, Would it be possible to alter a whole column (as shown in column B) so that any upper case entries remain upper case for the first three letters of a word but all other letters change to lower case (as shown in column C). However this would only apply to particular cells within the...
  8. E

    What are the values for lower and uppercase letters?

    For example, "A" would have a number pf 65, and "a" would have a number of 60. Is there a link that provides the values for all lower and uppercase letters?
  9. C

    nesting lower case function

    excel 2013, Win 7 I need to create twitter accounts for my company but cannot finalize my formula. My formula is: ="@"&LEFT([Lastname],3)&LEFT([@Firstname],1)&"CG" which is giving me @BerCCG. This example is for Carla Bere..."Ber"-being the 3 first letters of last name "C"-initial of first name...
  10. F

    Filling cell with lowercase "true" and "false" without an apostrophe

    What's the equivalent to this in VBA? =Lower("TRUE") Copy -> paste_special -> Values The above gives me the lowercase value "true" in the cell without a leading apostrophe. I tried a bunch of things in VBA including: Range("A1").Value = LCase("TRUE") But each time the result ends up...
  11. B

    All text lowercase before a specific character

    Excel 2010, Windows 8: I have this code that changes all of the text in a range to Not Bold, then goes through the range line by line and changes everything before a colon to Bold (a colon appears in each statement). At the present time each word before the colon begins with a Capital letter. I...
  12. L

    Split string lowercase/uppercase challange

    Hi guys! Well, although I am not very new to excel there are some master tricks that still I don't know. Because of that please tell me step by step like you are explaining to an idiot! I have a "D" column starts from 5th row and goes up to 165th row. Every cell in this column contains both...
  13. B

    Uppercase text

    :)Hello ALL!!! Is it possible to have only a number of cells (say C5:N33 and P5:P33) to have the text show in "UPPERCASE", even though the user inputs it in "lowercase"? How would I accomplish this? Thank you!
  14. L

    How to enforce entry of u/c, l/c and no spaces in Excel 2007

    How can I use VB to enforce the following data entry controls in Excel 2007 cells? I want to use VB instead of data validation in data tools so pasting of invalid data from other sources won't overwrite the control. B4..C10: Uppercase first char and no spaces D4..D10: Lowercase first char and...
  15. melewie

    Identify first lower case letter in string

    Hi All, I am having problems (again!!!). I am trying to idenify the first lower case letter in a string. Below is the cloest I have got (It doesnt work at all but doesnt debug) Option Explicit Sub Test1() Dim StrLen As Integer Dim ChrNum As Integer Dim i As Integer Dim j As Integer Dim...
  16. L

    filter or remove pieces of sequences

    I have a column with thousands of rows like this: actgctgattgATGGCTGRSTYGG etc., i.e. about 1000 lowercase letters followed by hundreds of capitals always starting with ATG. I need to remove anything from the ATG on (i.e. all capitals) so that only lowercase letters remain in the column...

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