mac 2011

  1. B

    VBA Script to hide formula bar - MAC 2011

    Hi Everyone, I'm on Excel Mac 2011 & would like to hide the formula bar via a VBA script. The traditional "Application.DisplayFormulaBar = False" does not work in the Mac version for some odd ball reason. I can hide every other tool bar & ribbon, just not the formula bar. Anyone know of a work...
  2. O

    Autocomplete in Combobox for Mac

    I have a userform combobox that draws its list from a column, then eliminates the duplicates, then alphabetizes the list. I am writing the code in the Office 2013 for windows version of Excel. The application is being used on a Mac, Excel 2011. Everything works great, except when you begin...
  3. J

    Indirect not working for data validation in mac excel

    Hi All I'm trying to link to a dynamic range based on the input in a different cell. I'm using indirects in data validation to call up the correct range. For some reason it isn't working even though I've done it hundreds of times before on a PC. I am on a Mac on Excel. I have two 'Macro...
  4. V

    Help with Excel for Mac 2011 - Functions

    Hello all, and thank you for whatever help you can provide. I am using excel to look at historical financial data. I have used a query to pull and update historical stock data from Yahoo Finance. I need to lookup the cell with the lowest value, return that value and the date of that value to...
  5. D

    MAC Workbook Autofit REMOVES my DOCK and hides top menu bar - How can I STOP these from happening?

    This is my first post here. I'm using a MAC with OSX El Capitan and Office 2011. I believe the newest update of Office or the new OSX upgrade made these changes to the Excel program. I've looked at all the possible preferences to remedy the problem but can't seem to find any solutions. 1 ) When...
  6. V

    Mac Excel 2011, Pivot Table from multiple workbooks

    Please forgive if this has been covered, I searched but there were *so* many posts on the general topic and the first bunch I looked at were all Windows-only solutions, so I decided I just needed to post anew. I'm on Mac Excel 2011, so there is no Pivot Table Wizard. I have 4 workbooks, each...
  7. S

    Import .frx / .frm Excel 2011 for Mac

    Hi, I'm trying to produce a copy of a complex userform I have in Excel 2011 (for Mac). Following advice on other forums I have exported the user form, renamed the associated .frx and .frm files (which were the only exporting options) and am now trying to import back into the original workbook...
  8. V

    Mac Excel 2011, how to find last row in column with data?

    I've been scouring the interwebz only to find loads of solutions that worked years ago, work on Windows, or for some reason don't seem to do a darn thing for me. Could be I'm making mistakes, wouldn't be the first time. But it also wouldn't be the first time an issue was specific to Mac Excel...
  9. K

    Excel for Mac is not executing macro

    We have a macro that is working fine in windows, but the same is not working in excel for Mac 2011. Herewith attaching my entire code with the change you have suggested... and also attaching the error message. Code...
  10. S

    Excel Mac 2011: Solver and VBA Not Working in Conjuction

    I have a large number of data sets, and my code goes through each and runs solver on each. The macro works flawlessly on Excel for Windows. Upon looking into this problem it is a known one, yet there aren't any solid solutions to bypass/fix this issue. What happens is the VBA macro runs...
  11. S

    VBA: Running Solver on Multiple Data Sets, Copying Output to Indexed Columns

    An outline of my code is as follows; 1. Copy single column of data from raw data sheets, of which there are 5 in a separate workbook, to the curve fitting sheet (different workbook). 2. Run solver on these data to minimize the sum of the squares. 3. Copy the output to the i'th row of column...
  12. A

    Adding Gradient to a Cell on Mac Excel 2011

    How do I add a two color gradient fill to a cell on a Mac Excel 2011? I can only figure out how to add it to a shape or a chart, but I need to add it to a single cell. Thank you!
  13. J

    VBA/Macro: Copying a cell for an indefinite number of cells.

    So I have the following table (though much longer, thousands of rows), and I need to make it look like the second table. That means taking the number in P Type and paste it down in P Level until the next number in P Type, where I repeat the process, and so on (observe the difference between the...
  14. FalconMechanic

    Progress Bar on Mac 2011

    I want to create a progress bar on Excel for Mac 2011. I used Conditional Formatting > Data Set. I followed this method: This normally works for Excel on Windows. On Mac Excel, it fills half the bar and never changes according...
  15. jmchowbizarre

    VBA to Paste from Clipboard to Empty Cells

    I am in need of help for VBA code to paste a formula that I will have copied into the clipboard into empty cells only of a range of cells. Example, my formula is: =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(F100,gpcucndata,3,FALSE)),"",IF(VLOOKUP(F100,gpcucndata,3,FALSE)=0,"",VLOOKUP(F100,gpcucndata,3,FALSE))) I need to...
  16. R

    DIFFICULT: Merging sets of data into one master column by using email as identifier?

    Hey guys, First off I'll start by saying I'm decent at best with excel.. So don't expect me to know a whole lot, so don't be afraid to get "laymans terms" with me.. I know what I'm good at, and excel is NOT it. That being said: I have a master list of email addresses with corresponding...
  17. B

    Search within Data Validation lists

    I am using excel in Mac. I have multiple drop-down lists with some of the validations being indirect. I would like to search within the lists to make it easier to choose from it. I do not want to add more columns or formulas in my excel, since it is a huge amount of information. I simply want a...
  18. Y

    Excel for Mac: Combine multiple sheets into one

    Hello - I have a workbook that have multiple sheets. The sheets have the same data structure. How do I combine them into one without doing copy and paste? I tried using consolidate, but consolidate does aggregate on the values. In my case, I don't need to do any aggregation. It is all text. I...
  19. K

    Multiple Convert of files from HTML to xlsx within folder - VBA

    Hi, I have racked my (limited) excel brain and cannot find a suitable way to do the following: Convert all files within a folder from HTML (downloaded from browser) to xlsx format. I wish the following considerations to be adhered to: Files will always be within the same folder on my...
  20. D

    Macro to cut everything but first two words and paste to the column to the right

    Hi All, New to Macros (Excel for Mac 2011), but am hoping someone can hep me out. I am looking to take a large and growing database of names followed by string of text all in column A and have them separated into two cells I am currently dealing with the following (names have been changed for...

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