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    Form Listbox problems on a Mac

    Trying to convert a few spreadsheets originally written for PCs using activex controls to something that will run on both a Mac and PC. I have successfully converted to form controls, and have a version that will function properly on both types of computer...sort of. There seems to be...
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    How to find the number of rows that have date time fields between 5 and 6 PM

    I am using Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac. I have a phone log that I want to report some data off of. All of the solutions out there that I have looked up seem to assume I only have a time value and that they don't include an actual date. I have a bunch of dates like this: 2/1/16 3:39 AM...
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    Excel On MAC .xlsm File Corruption

    I'm sorry in advanced if this has been answered before. I couldn't find the answer in past threads. I have an .xlsm file that calls the user name to help make a record of changes Function GetUserNameMac() As String Dim sMyScript As String sMyScript = "set userName to short user name of...
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    Excel Macro to Find & Replace Diacritic Characters

    I am trying the following but getting an error (on the row with --> ActiveDocument.Range.Find.Execute) in Excel 2011 for Mac. Any ideas? Sub Diacritics_Replacement() Dim strFind As String Dim strReplace As String Dim i As Long strFind = "áéíóú" strReplace = "aeiou" For i = 1 To Len(strFind)...
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    How to sort a pivot table with VBA?

    I'm using Mac Excel 2011, trying to sort a pivot table but it's not behaving. I found this thread: [SOLVED] Excel 2011 - Trying to Sort Pivot Table and tweaked the code to suit my names of things: Worksheets("performance").PivotTables(1).PivotFields("date").AutoSort xlDescending, "Row...
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    Mac Excel 2011, how to find last row in column with data?

    I've been scouring the interwebz only to find loads of solutions that worked years ago, work on Windows, or for some reason don't seem to do a darn thing for me. Could be I'm making mistakes, wouldn't be the first time. But it also wouldn't be the first time an issue was specific to Mac Excel...
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    Division by zero error on WorksheetFunction.Sum

    Hello, I have a VBA sub that reads some values off a worksheet, calculates some statistics and prints them into different cells. I built the workbook using Excel 2011 for Mac. At one point I am getting a runtime 11 error: "Division by zero". The line highlighted by the debugger only uses...
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    Consistent file corruption with ODBC link. Mac Excel 2011

    I have a file that links from Excel Mac 2011 to a local filemaker 12 source via ODBC. The link produces a table in excel of some 7000 rows, 50 columns. This data is then summarized via a pivot tables in the same workbook. The excel file is consistently becoming corrupted. It will work...
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    Converting Windows VBA code to MAC ?

    I appreciate if someone can advice how to convert the below windows code to work under Mac Machine as well , as it is works perfectly on Windows but not on MAC machine Public Function giveMeValue(ByVal link As Variant) As Variant Set htm = CreateObject("htmlFile")...
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    vba Run-Time error '1004':

    it worked once then i kept getting the same message '1004' Method 'ExportAsFixedFormat' of object 'Range' failed my vba is: Sub EXP_PDF() Dim rng As Range Set rng = Range("E3:N108") Dim fileName As String fileName = "Macintosh HD:Users:jamiecroft:Documents:JRC Music...
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    Broken Hyperlinks between PC and Mac

    Hey y'all - I'm working on various reports, a part of which is a spreadsheet with hyperlinks to pdf docs. Here lately, on a report that comes from a user with a PC, none of the hyperlinks work on my Mac (running Excel for Mac 2011). I hand the disc to someone else in the office with a PC, and...
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    Store date and time in a variable in Mac Excel 2011 vba

    I have been able to do it fairly easily in Windows using the code <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; font-family: Consolas, Menlo, Monaco, 'Lucida Console', 'Liberation Mono', 'DejaVu Sans Mono', 'Bitstream Vera Sans Mono', 'Courier New', monospace...
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    VBA code to fetch data from Mysql DB in Mac Excel 2011

    I was using ADODB code in Windows to fetch data from Mysql Database and it was working fine. However, I can not seem to get my Excel workbook (using ADODB) to work with Excel Mac 2011. After a lot of googling, I found an ODBC connector from Actual tech and I was able to fetch three rows using...
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    Vba help!!

    i have this code and it's suppose to take the cities i listed in column 2 and move it to column 3 in reverse order. so instead of it saying: <tbody> Houston Galveston Beaumont Dallas El Paso San Antonio Midland Odessa Austin Ft. Worth its suppose to say: Ft. Worth Austin...
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    VBA code to insert text into a row when new data is entered + refresh a chart

    The title is HORRIBLE I'm sorry. The problem is much easier than the title sounds. (I think.) Anyway, I have a spreadsheet I'm using for a budget. For example 11/14/13 $-16.00 Dinner. Very simple. I also have a list of each category using =sumif statements. It basically tallies all money...
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    Help Designing a Macro to Align Data

    Hey everyone! Brand new member here! I am running Excel for Mac OS X 2011 on Mac OS 10.8. I'm working on a science experiment involving a lot of data with multiple trials. Here is a sample of raw values: <tbody> x1 y1 x2 y2 x3 y3 51.4 2000.3334 50.7 2000.3334 51.1 2000.3334 52.7...
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    URGENT FOR MAC: Remove pivot table data fields in Excel for Mac 2011

    Hi guys Sorry for using the word urgent. But I have limited time with a borrowed machine and really need to solve this issue asap. I've written an procedure to automatically remove all existing data fields in a pivot table. The code works perfectly on a Windows PC but not on a Mac. Can you...
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    porting windows specific macro to run on mac excel 2011

    ive recently changed from a pc to a mac, i run quite allot of a macros and 99% of them are running fine, but i have one that basicly runs a set of other macros across all the workbooks in a file. The problem im having is it keep finding an error on this line <code>msoFileDialogViewList) As...
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    ShowModal equivalent on mac

    I have an Excel Add-in written in VBA that works in Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010. It contains two forms that are essentially progress windows. The forms have their ShowModal property set to False and receive updates as long-running macro processes continue to execute while the forms remain on the...
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    Mac Excel 2011 Add Ins?

    Hello, I'm looking for any recommendations on add ins for Mac Excel 2011 in the vein of PUP or ASAP Utilities. I used to have a couple for Mac Excel 2004, but can't track them down in all my Google searches. Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks, Jim

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