1. M

    Hidden sheets not hidden on Mac?

    We recently built a spreadsheet containing several hidden and protected sheets. It was built this on Windows 10 PCs running Excel 2013. When someone else opened this spreadsheet on their Mac (I don't know versions of OS or Excel) the hidden sheets were all visible. I've heard a rumour this is a...
  2. R

    Help! A Excel file with Power Query data isn't opening in Mac Office

    Hi there guys, I have an Excel file with Power Query data which I made in Windows Parallels (I have a Mac). I understand that Power Query isn't available in Mac Office yet but I thought that at least it could be visualized on my Mac but whenever I have tried to open the file it just crash...
  3. L

    Combining CSV files on Mac

    I need to combine a folder of several hundred CSV files (all in identical text formatting) into a single file. I don't have advanced computer knowledge so command line/macros aren't an option. I found that the professor excel add-on can do this pretty easily, but unfortunately, it doesn't work...
  4. D

    VBA: Display Designer Window

    Hello, I have Excel for Mac 2019 und want to design UserForms in the VB editor. I can create new UserForms end edit them in the designer window but once the designer window was closed it cannot be reopened. With right click on the UserForm entry in the Projekt explorer there is no entry to open...
  5. J

    Excel for Mac - Pivot Table report layout: mixing compact, tabular and outline

    I recently moved to a Mac computer at work and cannot figure out how to mix report layouts in a pivot table. Is this feature available in Excel for Mac? For example I want my report layout mix compact and tabular: <tbody> Customer Year State Product Customer A Widget X...
  6. M

    Macro works on Windows but doesnt work on Mac

    I have created a macro to copy from one cell to another in another workbook. Although works perfectly fine on windows, it doesnt work on Mac I am not a pro, can anybody help to get it work on Mac please Here is the Macro : Sub Make_New_File() ' ' Make_New_File() Macro...
  7. M

    Excel 2016 for Mac - set starting path for choose folder dialog

    I've written a Workbook in Windows, and am now trying to get it to work on Mac. One thing I can't figure out is how to tell Excel 2016/2019 for Mac to start at a particular folder when asking the user to choose a folder. Here's the code I'm using. Sub GetFolderName_Mac() 'I modified code...
  8. B

    Help with Excel on a Mac

    I work on a mac, I created a workbook that suited my needs with the help of a number of MrExcel members, I thank all of you. When the workbook was created I was using Excel, Office 2011, 6 months ago, upgraded to Excel, Office 365. Since upgrade, the workbook is very sluggish, and acts...
  9. M

    Radio buttons & Check boxes don't work in Excel 2011 for Mac

    I am fairly new to Excel for Mac. I created a workbook in Excel for Windows, and am now trying to make it work on Excel for Mac (both 2011 & 2016). My sheet has some radio buttons and check boxes. They seem to work fine on Excel 2016 for Mac. However, they aren't working on Excel 2011 for...
  10. L

    Excel "Compiler" / Registration Program for Mac

    Hello, I intend to distribute a workbook with custom code, and wanted to control the users of the workbook (to prevent it form being forwarded to others), all of whom use Excel for Mac. I searched and found some software for PC users, but would be grateful if someone had recommendation for...
  11. M

    Using MacScript to run a line of code in Terminal through VBA

    I've made a workbook in Excel for Windows, and am now trying to get it to work on Excel for Mac. One option I have given the user is to output certain sheets into a single PDF file. Due to a problem with Excel for Mac, I've had to write code to output each worksheet as a separate PDF file. I...
  12. D

    Vlookup for excel 2016 on mac

    <style type="text/css">p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; color: #000000}</style>need a faster way to vlookup instead of having to manually scroll down all your data. on PC you can hit ctrl,shift,down and it will highlight all your columns to your last field with...
  13. R

    1 workbook on 2 desktops on Mac

    Hi all, Is it possible to view 2 different worksheets from the same workbook on separate desktops on a Mac? Thanks!
  14. S

    Send email from Excel on Mac computer

    Hi 1. How to send an email from an Excel sheet on a Mac computer? 2. How to send a SMS from an Excel sheet on a Mac computer? 3. How to send a SMS from an Excel sheet on a Windows computer? Wish you all a great new year from Denmark
  15. M

    Save Sheet as PDF on Mac Desktop

    Hi, Does anyone know how to save the active sheet in PDF on a Mac ? I have set my print area, would like to save on Desktop, and if possible, have the name of the PDF as the value in C2. I'd like this to be a button macro. Thank you so much in advance! Manon
  16. S

    Is there such a thing as an Excel VBA code Checker?

    Is there a software or web-service where you can verify that your macro is running smooth on different version of Excel and also on different platforms? I just wrote a Macro that works on Windows, but on my Mac. However, Excel on on Mac is very unstable all together so I want some third party...
  17. M

    Need Code to Create PDF Files on a Mac

    I have a standard set of code that allows me to easily create PDF files on a PC. Unfortunately, the code does not work on an Apple Mac. Does anyone have code that works on a Mac? I will need to create PDFs from multiple sheets (I think my current code will handle that) and I need the code to...
  18. etaf

    how to post examples in mac

    how to post examples using excel 365 for mac jeanie doesn't seem to have an add-in that i can work
  19. C

    Excel Mac click to call Skype

    Excel Mac click to call Skype I am trying to get my phone numbers in excel to call using Skype, but it keeps trying to use Facetime as the dialer. I managed to add a hyperlink and concat formula to give me a clickable link < =HYPERLINK(CONCAT("Tel:",G371)) > and at first, it would open...
  20. F

    Mac Combo Box in Developer in Excel 206

    I've just moved from a Windows PC to Apple MacBook Pro. Love the Mac once I got myself familiarised with the new operating system etc.... Problem I have is with old Excel Flies I've previously created which use Combo Box for Dropdown menus created within Developer. The Developer Ribbon...

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