1. A

    Help Debugging Custom Data Label Macro

    Hi folks, I'm pretty new to using VBA and macros in Excel and am hoping someone can help debug a macro I found to create custom data labels for a map. My goal with this is to label a county map of Colorado and make the text large enough to see clearly - it's way too small using the Map Labels...
  2. C

    Has anyone used OpenLinks or ActualTech drivers?

    I'm rolling out an Excel/VBA frontend that will use an SQL Server backend. I am going to have both Mac and Windows clients, so I'm unable to use ADO and recordsets. My research found two libraries that will work with VBA and let the Mac execute SQL statements against my database. * Openlinks •...
  3. M

    Formatting Finance Tables in Excel for Mac - need advice!

    Hi Everyone, I hope I can find an answer in this forum :) I'm working on formatting 20 finance tables in Excel for Mac and want to create a system for future use. The goal is to make it easy for our finance team to format tables consistently. So I've formatted a table with various styles...
  4. C

    What libraries can be used to access SQL Server databases using Excel/VBA on a Mac?

    My team is using the desktop version of Excel 365, and I'm converting a set of Excel tables to SQL tables and have a couple of questions. I'm using Excel forms and VBA for the front-end. 2) Some of my team is using Excel 365 (Desktop) on a Mac. ADO isn't going to run on a Mac because it's...
  5. Saher Naji

    VBA Code Issue on Mac Platform (working perfectly on Windows)

    Hi there, What could be causing the VBA code to malfunction on Mac? Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim rng As Range, cell As Range Dim lastRow As Long, lastID As String Dim initialPrefix As String, newRowDetected As Boolean Dim existingIDs As Object...
  6. M

    SaveAs CSV on Mac

    I am trying to save a new opened workbook as a csv on a Mac but keep running into error 1004: application or object defined error here is the code: Dim directory As String directory = "/Users/johnsmith/Desktop" Dim mystring, clientname mystring = Range("B2").Text clientname = Mid(mystring...
  7. M

    I made a UserForm for Windows. How do I go about making it work for Mac?

    I built a UserForm on Windows, and for Windows, but with the intention of it ultimately working for Mac. I can't find many resources on developing UserForms for Mac, so I'm hoping I could get some suggestions as to how I could build a working Mac version. Here is a link to my Worksheet...
  8. Q

    Graphing multiple concurrent events over time

    I am trying to graph attendance over time for a large number of events. This data is presented by week, so I have attendance per week for each event. The events take place in multiple locations, so I want to be able to see how attendance compares at each venue by graphing the lines on top of...
  9. L

    Print Userform on Mac

    Good Morning, It's possible to print a Userform on Mac? I try Userform1.PrintForm but it doesn't work Thanks
  10. smozgur

    MoreQuery for Mac 2.1

    What is 'MoreQuery for Mac' add-in? Starting in early 2023, we finally have a more powerful Power Query on Mac. However, there are some missing Get Data options which are essential for almost everyday use. I personally don’t understand why the development team didn’t include these essential...
  11. E

    VBA to open workbook, select enable macros in dialogue box and select update links in dialogue box.

    Hello all, I am on a Mac therefore cannot use Power Query as a solution and avoid what I am trying to do. I have a master workbook that is linked to over 40 other workbooks and draws a set of data from each of them. These workbooks also contain links to other workbooks. I have written a macro...
  12. R

    Run-time error 6: Overflow on a Mac but not on Windows

    I've written a macro that begins by asking the user a yes/no question (see below). I have no problem running it on my Windows machine, but my boss is on a Mac and receives a Run-time error 6: Overflow error message. When he debugs, it points him to the If AnswerYes = vbYes Then line. The error...
  13. J

    Save as PDF Macro working for Windows but not MAC OS

    I am new to VBA and have found several solutions to creating a form control button that works on Windows OS. currently, it is able to work on my personal PC as well as co-workers using Windows OS. Where I have run into trouble is getting this to work for co-workers using a Mac device. Any help...
  14. A

    VBA to print to pdf is sending to printer (Mac OS)

    Hi, Apologies if this is answered elsewhere but I've searched high and low for the answer to this one and even thought I'd found it when I found a Ron De Bruin post on it so tweaked my code to align with his and still no luck. Essentially I have a workbook that runs a list through a template...
  15. Z

    I need VBA code to upload to FTP in Mac OS

    I have an excel VBA code to upload file to FTP server which works on windows, but I need it to work on Mac. I am using MS365. See the code below: Sub fileToFTP() Set FSO = CreateObject("scripting.filesystemobject") 'set the pathe and file name of the script to be run F =...
  16. S

    PDF to Excel on Mac

    Hi, I'm trying to import pdf bank statements directly into excel on my Mac. How can this be done without paying for software such as docuclipper. Windows users seem to be able to use the Power query editor, and can also clean up the spreadsheet after conversion but this doesn't seem to be...
  17. P

    Excel for Mac - VBA to Create PowerPoint Presentation

    Hi all, I'm a Mac user. I'm trying to create a PPT using VBA in Excel to copy a few tables and charts to different slides. However, whenever my script reaches PowerPoint commands, such as the one below, PowerPoint or Excel crash completely and close Set pptPres =...
  18. N

    Print PDF using VBA on Mac without specifying path

    Hey guys, I'm trying to make a macro that can save a pdf from an active sheet to the desktop without me specifying the user. Is this possible? I'm asking as the file is going to be used by multiple people and I'll have to replicate the macro 10 times. So to avoid changing the code 100 times to...
  19. S

    [MAC] Issue with MatchEntry in userform combobox on MAC

    Hi, I have a userform with a combobox which I built in Windows (Excel 365). The combobox autocompletes nicely in Windows. I have set MatchEntry = 1 - fmMatchEntryComplete. However on the Mac the MatchEntryComplete isn't working correctly. My combobox is linked to a range of cells in a worksheet...
  20. M

    Pivot Table - Repeat Item Labels (Mac User)

    Hi All, I want to repeat item labels on a pivot table. I have recently moved companies and they all use Mac's and so I have a 2021 365 subscription. When I go (like I would on non mac devices) to the pivot table options, there is no repeat item label to tick. Does Mac's even have this...

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