1. S

    [MAC] Issue with MatchEntry in userform combobox on MAC

    Hi, I have a userform with a combobox which I built in Windows (Excel 365). The combobox autocompletes nicely in Windows. I have set MatchEntry = 1 - fmMatchEntryComplete. However on the Mac the MatchEntryComplete isn't working correctly. My combobox is linked to a range of cells in a worksheet...
  2. M

    Pivot Table - Repeat Item Labels (Mac User)

    Hi All, I want to repeat item labels on a pivot table. I have recently moved companies and they all use Mac's and so I have a 2021 365 subscription. When I go (like I would on non mac devices) to the pivot table options, there is no repeat item label to tick. Does Mac's even have this...
  3. VBA learner ITG

    Power Query Error Message 'Microsoft.Mashup.Engine.Interface.ResourceAccessForbiddenException'

    Hi all, can someone explain why this error message is generated in Power Query for a user who uses a Mac and it doesn't appear for anyone else! Power Query Error Message: 'Microsoft.Mashup.Engine.Interface.ResourceAccessForbiddenException'
  4. M

    Macro that previously worked now fails on latest version of Excel 365 for Mac

    I've used a macro for several years on an earlier version of Excel for Mac. The Excel version was 2011, and the Macro looks like this: Sub MOTM() Dim ws As Worksheet, newWb As Workbook Application.ScreenUpdating = False For Each ws In Sheets(Array("6weekform", "MOTM")) ws.Copy Set newWb...
  5. P

    Simple VBA/Macro not working on Mac

    A few months ago I made a relatively simple spreadsheet for a friend, used to record CPD sessions. It ended up involving a simple form, but this used some VBA. It was working back in February, but now has stopped working on mac. It now gives the error "Run-time error 1004 method vlookup of...
  6. P

    How to enable data imports from other excel file through excel connections in Mac

    Hi Everyone, Hope you all are doing great. I want to keep importing 5 columns of data from Sheet A to sheet B, whenever I open sheet B. Though I can write simple macro for it, but I think there is an easier route as well through excel connections, importing data from an excel file is...
  7. S

    Start the week from Monday instead of Sunday using the "this week" filter.

    I've seen a few questions on here asking the similar question but I never saw an apt response. I currently have a lot of data and i'm trying to filter the data for each week. Excel's default is that the week starts on Sunday but the company I'm working for needs the week to start on Monday and...
  8. LeighG

    Using Sheet Name in combination with a named range [VBA/365/MAC]

    Hi, Office 365 / Mac OS I have the following code which works perfectly. However I'd like to combine the Sheet Name (from the current workbook) in combination with the Named Range. I can't seem to get the syntax right. Cells(1, 1).Value = ThisWorkbook.Names("Balance").RefersToRange(1, 1)...
  9. M

    Excel Forms on Mac

    Hi! I have several forms with macros that run from the forms and progress bars that pop up while the macros run. I am running this sheet on Windows and Mac OS. On Mac, the forms are really slow and a the progress bar does not show until the very end. The sheet also "whites out" while the macro...
  10. E

    VBA Button to print selected range (that changes) Excel Mac

    Hello, Hello, Does anyone know how to add the VBA code to perform the printing task on the code below? I am using Excel for Mac V16.42 Please note that the range to be printed needs to be from A1 to last row with data as the content of the table will change depending on what user add in...
  11. N

    Excel 365/16 MAC VBA - save all worksheets as CSV

    Hello, I'm using Excel for MAc on a 365 subscription, I have a workbook with multiple sheets, I would like to save all sheets as .csv using the standard comma separated values format. I've tried changing an existing windows script...but not quite working... Essentially I have data on several...
  12. I

    VBA 'true' simulation of double-click

    I've seen the sendkeys ("F2") workaround, but I'm interested in whether or not a double-click event can really be simulated with vba. Any help appreciated. i_excel
  13. P

    VBA - PasteSpecial for Mac

    As part of a macro that I am writing to copy some ranges in excel and paste them as pictures on powerpoint, I found online the following code: Set slde = pre.Slides(vSlide_No) slde.Select slde.Shapes.PasteSpecial ppPasteBitmap However, it seems that the...
  14. P

    Export as PDF Loop maxes out at 21 iterations

    Trying to implement this code to a loop in Excel for Mac 365: Sub SaveReportAsPDFIn2020() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.EnableEvents = False 'Ben Matson : 5-June-2020 'Test macro to save as pdf with ExportAsFixedFormat Dim filename As String Dim...
  15. A

    VBA/Macro "Return to most recent worksheet"

    I have a macro I want to iron out... I need to copy/paste specific columns from one work sheet to another. I believe I have it to where when I run the macro, it will successfully copy/paste the columns. My problem is the way I wrote the macro, it only knows to do it between two certain...
  16. S

    HELP with data delimiters

    Hi, I have long list of files in .dat format that I want to convert them into excel format. The files have bunch of data separated by delimiters and I need them to be separated by columns in excel. I know the excel trick where I can import the data in excel/or open with excel and use the...
  17. Larry Haydn

    Can Excel VBA Windows run on Mac and vice versa?

    I have lots of Excel VBA applications developed on PC for the Windows platform (over the past 20 years). I have lots of trouble recently after Windows update - system very very unstable. I am thinking of ditching the Windows completely, and move all my development to iMac. Question: 1. Can...
  18. M

    Updating values and highlight them based on external excel file

    Hey guys I have two versions of the same files. One of them is the updated one with the new data. Now I have troubles writing a macro which does the following: Ask which file I want to compare it to. Comparing two identification numbers in those two different files. If they match, it shall...
  19. O

    Using MacScript with VBA to pull a file name

    Hi All and TIA, I'm trying to use VBA to launch a file picker and save the file name that the user selects in a certain cell (on a Mac - msoFileDialogFilePicker isn't compatible). I managed to do this with the file path using the code below. However, I found the MacScript command on google and...
  20. M

    Using the Macscript function to download and rename a file.

    I couldn't get this sub to work so I've made some changes to it but I no longer have access to a MAC to test on. Can someone test this for me or tell me a way of downloading and renaming a file and then specifying its path while on MAC...
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