1. M

    How to download a ZIP file and access its contents while on MAC.

    I'm aware that I can use activedocument.follow hyperlink to download a file given a URL, but I'm unsure of how to interact with that file after it has been downloaded. Is it possible to rename the file upon download or specify where the file is downloaded to using VBA? Furthermore, how can I go...
  2. M

    Maintain text qualifier while creating a Web Query on MAC

    There's a Web Query in my workbook created on Windows that doesn't work if the workbook is opened on MAC and results in an error if trying to refresh it via vba and does nothing otherwise. I came across a variant of the following code on stack overflow which works to import the data from the...
  3. S

    Excel for Mac - Visio ad-in does not work

    I just upgraded my software to 16.29.1 for Mac. The release notes tout a new Visio ad-in for excel. I loaded it from the store and it just show me a blank rectangle when it is supposed to have functionality. Anyone else having this issue? FYI, I am logged in to my O365 license (although...
  4. H

    Restrict User From Interrupting Macro

    Hello Friends, I am using the below code which is linked with Workbook open event Private Sub Workbook_Open() Application.Calculation = xlCalculationAutomatic Call show_index_sheet Sheets("INDEX").Unprotect Password:="merchant" Sheets("INDEX").Range("A1").Value = GetMACAddress() If...
  5. H

    Open File If MAC Address Matches With That Mentioned In The Code

    Hello Friends, Is it possible to Open a file only for specific computers. A VBA code for let’s say 3 MAC Addresses is linked with Workbook Open Event & the file should open for those 3 computers who’s MAC Addresses are there in the code - otherwise a msg box should prompt saying that you are...
  6. E

    Sheet Compatibility

    I have a .xls spreadsheet with macros. The macros run perfectly in Windows 10 Office Excel 16 but not in Office Excel 2019 for MAC. Do I have to convert this sheet to run the macros properly in Office Excel 2019 for MAC?
  7. I

    VBA to copy to clipboard on MAC?

    I have Excel 2019 (16.29.1) I do not see an option to insert a userform or enable object library 2.0. Is there a way in Excel for Mac to setup a macro to copy cell value to clipboard? Thanks for the help!
  8. C

    What is the mac equivalent of ctrl+j in the text to columns wizard?

    I'm writing a macro and one of the steps involves splitting multiple rows in one cell into their own separate rows. What is the equivalent of hitting ctrl+J in the text to columns wizard? I've already tried ⌘+J, ^+J, and ⌥+J, but those aren't working. If anyone knows of a chart that lists the...
  9. S

    VBA - store value after Excel closed and retrieve value when reopened

    Can anyone help with this please? I want to extract the MAC address (used for IP) then store this value after Excel is closed down. On reopening I'd like to check that the previously stored MAC address = the current MAC address. Ideally I'd like this to work in an Add-In xlam rather than an...
  10. TAPS_MikeDion

    VBA 2011 for Mac (ver 14.0) - Screwed up userform scroll bars

    Hello everyone, Is there something I'm doing wrong with trying to add scroll bars to my userform? As per the title, I'm using VBA for Mac 2011 and I can't seem to get the scroll bars to work. I can only double-click them to get them to move. There aren't even arrows to click on. What the ...
  11. M

    How to suppress compile errors generated from ActiveX code being present on MAC

    I have a workbook with code referencing activex objects that isn't supposed to be ran on if the user is on Mac, however after the user gets out of the initial read only mode upon receiving the document, ActiveX objects are deleted. Trying to run certain macros will then result in compile errors...
  12. A

    Apple Mac File Path

    Hi all, I'm working on a spreadsheet for a friend who uses a Mac. I have zero experience on a Mac so I'm hoping I could get some help please. The below code works on my PC but it fails on his Mac: Sub ImportRawReport() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Sheets("RawReport").Select...
  13. TAPS_MikeDion

    VBA: MS Office 2011 for Mac

    Hi all, I have failed in trying to find this information via searches on this forum and Google so here are my questions. Using VBA MS Office 2011 for Mac: Can you hide the title bar? Is it possible to get a picture to be inserted into a userform? No matter what size or format I try I keep...
  14. M

    using vba to save a pdf on a mac gives a prints error

    works fine on my pc but when the macro is run on a mac you a print error - and i'm only trying to save it. any ideas?
  15. B

    MS SQL connection that will work in Windows and Mac version of Excel Office 365.

    I have a spreadsheet that retrieves data from a SQL server. I can get it to work in Windows but when I try it on the Mac it fails and when I get it working on the Mac it fails in Windows. Is there a way to create a connection that will work in either version? Windows has to be trusted...
  16. M

    Trying to get the placement of Excel window on screen on Mac

    I ran across some code on another site that is supposed to get the placement of the Excel application window on the screen of a Mac. The code can be found here: It works on Excel 2011, but not on Excel 2019. The string variable...
  17. M

    Possible to check if user is on a MAC using ActiveX or Scripting.Dictionaries ?

    I would like to know if creating these two objects while on a MAC would create an error that can be used to adjust the workbook accordingly. Thank you for your time.
  18. J

    Create .csv file from a workbook sheet with new filename and timestamp

    Hi all, Im not great at VBA by any means but since moving to mac I cant seem to do anything i used to do with ease. I am simply trying to create a macro that copies a sheet in my active workbook to a new .csv file with that sheet name as the title and todays date and time in the newly...
  19. G


    I have generated thousands of lines of software using macro 4.2 in Excel V5. This is business and accounting software and was produced on a G3 Mac. I have transferred it to G4, G5, Power Mac and (the latest) iMac. I have also generated other software in macro 4 which runs successfully on all...
  20. M

    Overflow error, but I can't get it to repeat it

    A couple of months ago, I found some code online to create a delay when running VBA code, called SleepSub. I needed to use it because on Excel for Mac, some labels on my UserForms were not updating on the screen, even when I would use the Repaint method. (I think the labels were changing too...

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