1. C

    Excel Solver Question - production scheduling

    I'm trying to teach myself to use Excel solver to take the work out of manually calculating minor production details. but am struggling. Say I have a make to order job with 7 sizes and I want to run them on 5 machines. I would like the solver to find the optimal order to run them given 5...
  2. T

    Excel “no fill”macro

    I am looking for macro which will solve my issue. I have planning of machines per days, but on top of that I would like to have "overview" per machines (if there is no color fill in machine capacity planning then that means it's available for planning, otherwise is at machine planning is fill...
  3. S

    Finding best combination for machines

    Hi, I have a list of machines that can produce diffrent types of products. some machine can produce same part but there is diffrent between machine in the quality performance. also not all macines can produce all products. I would like to get the best setup in order to set the product that will...
  4. R

    need to export specific data from one Work Book to another one

    I have a master Inventory with 3 sheets for all the end users of a client of mine. This client of mine from time to time requests that I prepare to them an inventory exactly with the same look, but only for one certain end user. Sheet 1 is overview for the prices per quarter that each End User...
  5. D

    Import and Difference of Multiple CSV into Multiple Sheets

    I have seen many examples of VBA importing multiple csv into 1 workbook, multiple sheets. Here is my case, I have 2 machines running scorecards(csv) into separate folders for a machine 1 to machine 2 comparison, overnight there will be multiple matched scorecards (1 from Machine 1 and 1 from...
  6. R

    Two new identical machines with latest Excel, simple macro takes 20x as long on one vs the other

    I noticed one of two nearly identical machines going FAR slower on the same Excel code. So then I made a test macro that is nothing but a while loop comparing a test string against 80,000 cells, 1 by 1 - in a brand new xlsm document. I'm running it on two new Windows 10 installs with current...
  7. K

    Runtime -2147023170 error on MailMerge

    We utilize Excel worksheets in a workbook to help document site inspections. From these worksheets, a findings letter is produced. The VBA written is included in Excel as an Add-In. My department has 20 machines ranging from desktops to laptops to Surface Pros 3/4 to HP Elite X2 tables. All...
  8. K

    vba macro that generates email attachments in 2010 but not in 2016

    hello new to the forum and any forum - have been advised this forum is fantastic for help and all there is to know about excel, i have spent over a week googling and trying different things so at wits end. due to GDPR we had to purchase new HP machines with bitlocker capabilities, which needed...
  9. W

    Copy Data From One Sheet To Another With VBA

    <tbody> Gaming Month Gaming Month Name Gaming Year Denom Game Type Jackpot Coin In CIPUPD Coin Out Actual Win Theo Win Handle Pulls Days on Floor Fee Amt Asset Number Area Section Location MFG THEME EPROM WPUPD LEASE or NOT 1 1/1/2018 2018 1 VR 8.00 1234...
  10. L

    virtual machines with VBA

    G'day Guys, Simple one. I'm running a large automation factory with vBA on 3 desktop machines - works perfectly. However I've been asked why not 1 (server or high powered desktop) with 1 keyboard/mouse. How would a virtual machine handle this? Any thoughts? What would you do if you were...
  11. A

    Control not working

    I have a control button on a worksheet that when clicked on it runs a code in VBA. For whatever reason this button is not working on my second computer. Both machines are running windows 10. There is another button on the worksheet that runs a macro and it works fine on both machines. Is there a...
  12. M

    Index adn match with max and min criteria

    Hello everyone, I am glad to be here. I need some help with this table please. I have different lots made on different machines and the corresponding cells are marked x or y In G6 I need to find out which lot has the largest risk number and smallest potency. In H6 I need to find out which lot...
  13. D

    Vba Code too copy and paste

    Ok so here is what I have. I have a invoice spreadsheet with multiple tabs and it is starting to get lengthy. I have a column for delivered machines, simple yes or no. I want to copy the row where machines delivered "Yes" and paste to another sheet then delete the row when done. I First...

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