vba macro that generates email attachments in 2010 but not in 2016


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Jul 4, 2018

new to the forum and any forum - have been advised this forum is fantastic for help and all there is to know about excel, i have spent over a week googling and trying different things so at wits end.

due to GDPR we had to purchase new HP machines with bitlocker capabilities, which needed windows 10 and office 2016 (due to move to 365 for emailing) currently using outlook within 2016.

we work with an excel sheet that has been developed and changed over many years from 2007 through to office 2010 - worked fine. the excel sheet is completed and has been set up to run a VBA script/macro that generates a form to come off the excel sheet turn itself into a pdf, put it self into a given named folder, then attach itself to an email ready to send, ..so we have a button on the form called email, by clicking that button it generates the vba macro to run (we have to have a printer installed to make it work), that click puts the pdf in the folder ok we can see them going into the folder, but the attachments to an outlook email is not happening.

now heres the thing - i have a few machines (new) on 3 machines it works and on 4 it does not, our IT department say the build and spec are exactly the same on them all, they are all the same versions, we have been through various settings and they all appear the same. we have tried various things on the machines but nothing is fixing the issue, and unfortunately it means the machines cannot be used as this forms a massive part of our working routines.

please be gentle i am not an excel expert !!!

thank you for reading.

please advise help and what i can check for.

thanks in advance

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Oct 13, 2015

We have similar issues at work with an emailing script i put together, we have found on some machines if outlook is open it wont work and on others if outlook is closed it works fine, so i would try using the sheets with and without outlook open and see what happens


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