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    Populate a table based on a list of elements and attributes with vba

    Hi all, I would like to write a vba code for two different actions, but I am not able to do it. Maybe there is a way to do it just in one action, so all your expertise will be welcome. In one sheet (Sheet 1), I have a list with elements and their attributes (this list will be updated and the...
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    Extract file names with extensions and absolute path with VBA code

    Hi all, I am trying to create a macro in excel for extract file names (with extension) and their absolute path, from one main path (always a local path), but I am afraid I am not able to. My idea is to insert in cell C2 the main path, where there are files, folders and subfolders (with files...
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    Copy cell text in a range until specific text

    Hi all, I am not able to write a vba code for a specific action I would like to do in excel. I attach two screenshots to explain myself better with an example. Screenshot_1: I want to write text "Level_1" in column A, until in column B the text "Level_2" is found. And then, do the same but...
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    Print multiple custom views in one pdf with macro VBA code

    Hi all, I am quite new with macros in excel, and I was wondering if it is possible to print multiple custom views in one pdf. For example, I have two custom views named as "CV_1" and "CV_2". How can I print both custom views in a single pdf? Also, would it be possible to print multiple...
  5. K

    Ifail 0 then

    Dim CurrentYear As Integer Dim Previousweek As Integer Dim Ingrows As Integer Dim slaUK As String Dim lFails As Long CurrentYear = DatePart("yyyy", Date) Previousweek = DatePart("ww", Date) - 1 slaUK = "SLA builder UK.xlsm" Workbooks("SLA builder...
  6. J

    VBA to count a column value in a sheet and paste to another sheet.

    Hi, I have two Sheets , sheet1 and sheet2. In sheet1 i Need to Count the 1's in column T and 1's in column U. ALso, I Need to check for column AX which Displays the week. The Count total of Column T and U hast to be pasted in sheet2. The column A , has been already filled with Calendar...
  7. S

    Excel macro for 'find and replace' values loop

    Hi, I have an Excel doc containing a table with 4 columns - Contact Name, Contact Company, Contact Job Title, Owner. The Owner column (col. D), displays the names of any and all company personnel (past and present) who know that particular contact. If there are multiple Owners, each name is...
  8. C

    Merge Macro not working as espected

    Hi EveryOne, I'm having an issue in my xls file. Have 3 sheets, local, global, and the first one is to merge thoose two, and create two files. The issue is in the merge button, when i press it, it creates the two files, but not completly. It should have the nunmber of opportunity records (wich...
  9. A

    Macro to transpose Columns to rows

    Dear all, Unfortunately I am totally new to macro excel. I have three columns of data. The second and the third are the real data. In the first column I have the number of group. So for instance the first 53 rows have got 1 in the first column and after that there is two and so on. I'd like to...
  10. R

    Complex macro for updating MDs at work

    I have been trying to work on creating a macro to keep our patient information updated at work. We have 2 MDs and our patients change daily. The doctors have no need to know the other ones patients so I was wanting to take the combined form that the nurses use and separate it out by Doctor just...
  11. A

    Creating a Macro to edit cells

    Hello, I'm having a nightmare... I have a sheet with over 1000 times in cells. They are writes as HH:MM:SS:SS. I need them in HH:MM:SS format. I'm unable to change it in the Format Cells option. I was told a macro could do this, but when I've tried, it's just replacing the time in the cell with...
  12. E

    Vlookup VBA error if value not found

    Hi, I am new to the forum and also to creating macros in excel with vba. I have a similar problem to many people around this forum, but the answers i read didn't seem to help my case. The thing is that i have two sheets which have tens of thousand lines each. In one of them I have the...
  13. A

    Copy cell that contains values other than zero using macro in excel

    Hello everyone. I'm a new Excel 2007 user and desperately in need of help regarding macro programming. Right now, I have one worksheet that consists of several columns (A to J) with quite a number of rows as well. I desperately in need of help in building a macro that would enable me to...
  14. L

    VBA + macro + to copy and paste

    I need to <NOBR>copy</NOBR> only part of a cell that holds (06:00am - 03:00pm). I only need to <NOBR>copy</NOBR> the 06:00. And then paste the "06:00" onto another worksheet into one cell on it's own. And then mimic that <NOBR>process</NOBR> for the "03:00". Can someone assist? All this doing so...
  15. B

    macro calculate absolute difference between two columns

    Hi, I'm using excel 2003. Using the macro recorder, I was able to produce vba code to calculate the absolute difference between two values for 15 rows of data. That is, 15 data points in column A and 15 data points in column B. The absolute difference values are places in column C. Sub...
  16. W

    Cell value change macro

    Is there a way to send an email to a particular recipient if the value in a cell equals their name. For example, Four Names: JOSH, TIM, ALAN, RON. Alright, when an owner, let's say JOSH(in column A row 3) is changed to TIM, I would like to have a macro that automatically sends and email to TIM...
  17. C

    Parsing and Line Breaks

    Hi all, I've been using the forums for several days to get answers to my questions but finally came across a dead end. Please help! I'm working with a dataset where there is a whole bunch of text in one cell that I need to parse. There are two delimiters: "~" and ";". Furthermore, there are...
  18. J

    Macro for find and replace

    Hi All, I have one requirement for find and replace. There are 1000's of XML tag with values.. i want a macro which should replace all the tags(the value which is in between angel brackets<> should only be removed and angel bracekst also should be removed) with or without space and tag value...
  19. J

    Cut entire rows to another sheet

    I would like help in this:confused:, I have a list of projects in several rows and at the column "K" is the status of the project, according to the status of the projects if the status is completed I want cut this entire rows and paste to another sheet calls Projects_Completed by using a macro...

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