macro vba

  1. S

    macro not working with all txt files

    Sub lirebenzing(nf) With Sheets("résultats") k = .Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row Open nf For Input As 1 Do Line Input #1, v If v <> "" Then q = Mid(v, 3, 7) If q = "BENZING" Then q =...
  2. E

    Macro to iterate through Columns, Move to new worksheet then add 2 Columns.

    Hi, I need help with macro to Automate the following. Column A-D is static data. Column E onwards lists part numbers as comma separated values for different product groups (the amount of columns and rows can vary and so can product group names) I need to achieve the following. Loop/iterate...
  3. P

    Extract Pdf pages by range with PdfTk server

    Hey, I'm using Pdftk server - a command line tool for multiple tasks like merge pdf, split, rotate and more - PDFtk Server I have a question regarding extracting pdf pages. I created a macro VBA that extract pages from combined pdf and then creates new 2 files as follows: 1- Is my article.pdf...
  4. Z

    StDev Macro

    Hi, I have below macro that calculate StDev and it was working perfectly fine but I got error "unable to get the StDev property of the worksheetfunction class" whenever the I have empty cells. How can I fix this and make it ignore the empty cells and move on with other cells that have data...
  5. G

    Insert only numbers into a cell with data

    Hi all, I'm having a real issue in regards to being able to insert data into a cell which has data validation on it. Basically I have have made a simple data validation rule. Only numbers between 0000000000-99999999999 can be written into the cell (or in column A). I have used Excel function –...
  6. K

    Range as long macro

    Hi Guys, I have selected DIm Ingrows As Long and set it up as Range ("C2:C" & lngrows & ",D2:D" & lngrows & ",E2:E" & lngrows & ",F2:F" & lngrows & ",G2:G" & lngrows & ",H2:H" & lngrows & ",I2:I" & Ingrows & ",J2:J").Select Selection.Copy some how it does not work :( most probably i am...
  7. V

    Excel Macro Asking for credentials constantly

    Hello, Below is my code which I am working on. It is running but keeps prompting for user windows credentials. Can anyone tell me how to stop that.? Do I need to any line of code to stop asking for credentials or pass credentials through code. Sub testit() Set shFirstQtr =...
  8. V

    Macro shortcut, skip blank rows, and saving copy of worksheet

    I was able to get my macro to work with the code below and then I was asked to tweak a little and now I'm having problems again. Assistance on the tweaks to my code is greatly appreciated. The tweaks I am to add: 1) Add a keyboard shortcut. However, when I do this, the macro stops running at...
  9. J

    Macro to Delete Rows (multiple criteria)

    I have a worksheet consisting of approximately 50,000 rows and 30 columns (A - AD). Each column has a heading. I need a macro that will quickly delete all rows that don't contain specific text in Column C. Column C will have names of schools, elementary, middle, and high. There are approximately...
  10. O

    Check if cell is number and if so copy to different location.

    I have 2 columns A1,B1 A1 is a name B1 is a number . But not every B column will have a number only if A column bought something that month. Example A and B columns Frodo 10 Gandalf 5 Sam Merry 5 I need help with a macro that will copy only the row with a number in B...
  11. J

    Excel Auto fill down VBA macro

    In my Excel sheet there are ABCDE columns D column is filled in with data. & I am filling down BCE columns by selecting & Pressing CTRL+D. I want a VBA macro to do this, the sheet is of 1000 rows. data looks like this I want the data to be like this
  12. A

    Make the code run only when shape is selected not after every 1 second.

    this code is written to update the shape of the color whenever i drag n drop it according to its position. it is called once in workbook_open() event But it is running all the time from opening the workbook till closing it. Is there any method to make it run only when shape is selected. Sub...
  13. S

    Probable Memory Leak in Macro making excel super slow

    I have created an automated macro which takes vehicle crash data from a csv file and automatically creates pivot table,charts and compares it to the previous year. The code is approximately 1400 lines long and the data of the uploaded csv can be anywhere between 2 to 100 mb csv files with more...
  14. A

    Cause pop up reminder before printing to check page breaks

    Aloe all, here is my issue: When we print an invoicing worksheet, we adjust the page breaks depending on how many days/shifts we need to cover and we reuse the same workbook as a template for the next one. So, if someone was using one that covered 7 days and the next one only covered 1 and they...
  15. V

    VBA for counting specific cells?

    Hi all, I know this has come across couple of times and I tried to find a formula that will count the consecutive blanks in a row (a month's roster). I can't work out the formula solution so I wonder if there could be a macro (I know nothing about VBAs etc) to do so? Basically, the roster may...
  16. N

    Macro/ VBA - Move rows to new worksheet

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone out there might be able to help me, I am looking for a way to take all rows from a spreadsheet where the value in column U is 'closed' and transfer them automatically to a different worksheet. I discovered the world of Macro and VBA today and have been quite...
  17. G

    Arrays and IF in continous macro

    Let’s say we have data (not with 24 weeks) but with 1000 weeks <TABLE style="WIDTH: 293.85pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse; MARGIN-LEFT: 2.9pt" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=392><TBODY><TR style="HEIGHT: 15pt"><TD style="PADDING-BOTTOM: 0cm; PADDING-LEFT: 3.5pt; WIDTH: 48pt...
  18. P

    Asking VBA knowledge for my macro

    Hi to the experts, Using VBA statements from other macros I tried to make the following macro. The function is to make a new worksheet with data from a large sheet(the database). The user is asked to give a date. This is the startdate for the selection, the enddate is always 10 days later...
  19. Z

    Can VBA run in background?

    Is there a way have a macro working on one worksheet (in the background) while I am manually working on another?
  20. A

    Calculate formula while inserting and removing sheets

    Hi, I need to calculate formula in sheet1 taking values from others sheets. For example I have a formula in sheet1 containing the cell A1 of others sheets (sheet2,sheet3,sheet4 only). If i remove any one sheet (ex. sheet3), then the formula should work taking remaining sheets (ie., sheet2...

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