1. G

    Auto-send email and auto back up at specific time

    Hi, I am trying to create an automated report to be sent out as an email. I need a email created and cells B6:S8 copied into a table and the email automatically sent from a PC. I already have a Macro to take a back up of the information in cells B8:S8 and paste it into the next available...
  2. T

    Macro to pull all amounts into a message box or userform and ask me which ones to edit etc

    Hi Everyone, I have a list of direct debits, sometimes I need to edit or adjust the amount i'm paying for one or more of them for that month I need a macro that can ask me which ones I want to change and by how much and then add reduce the following months amount by that amount? So here in...
  3. D

    how do I make a macro run on any key press

    How do I get vba code to run if any key if pressed?
  4. K

    macro list of name ranges includes some i dont want

    I have a macro for listing all name ranges in active workbook when a certain worksheet is activated. the code is Sub Rprt() Dim nm As Name, n As Long, y As RANGE, z As Worksheet Application.ScreenUpdating = False Set z = ActiveSheet n = 8 With z .[a5:O155].ClearContents .[a7] =...
  5. J

    find the content of a cell in another sheet based on the content of a cell

    Hello, I'm looking for a macro to jump to a cell in sheet 2 based on the content of a cell in sheet 1. Basically what the macro should do is: Find cell A1 of sheet 1 in column B of sheet 2 and go to that cell. I've looked for a solution but couldn't find it. Hope it is a simple question...
  6. S

    Macro to move zip file from one location to another, extract, then delete zip if possible

    Hi Can anyone help me by writing a macro that can move a zip file from a specific folder, put it in a new specific folder elsewhere on the drive, extract it in that location, then delete the zip? The delete is the least important part. When it moves it initially it would be best if it was cut...
  7. H

    VBA - User Form show at start of macro & hide at the end

    Hi, I have a user form(UserForm1) which I want to show at the start of the maro & hide at the end i.e. when the macro/code is completed. The purpose for this is that some codes do take few seconds to complete so I would want a user form (stating some text like the macro is ruuning - pls wait...
  8. V

    Different sort criteria in single data set

    This is one for a hobby. I have a card collecting spreadsheet that lists all available cards with columns for various stats like name, weapon, class, etc. Final column is either owned, wanted, or just blank. I set up a quicky VBA macro to sort everything by my desired "order of columns"...
  9. I

    Macro for VLOOKUP and Email

    I’m looking to createa workflow tool that helps our team identify when a document is ready forreview. I have a preparer column and reviewer column for each item forevery month the task is in (so up to 12 times). If a user enters an “x”in a cell, I wanted MS Excel to look to the cell to the...
  10. C

    Macro Help - web logs

    Complete Macro noob here... I am working with a very large data set (5,000+ rows, 57 columns) of web server logs. These logs contain a great deal of noise I need cleaned out. The best column to do this from would be the Destination IP addresses. There are over 250 unique addresses. I need to...
  11. E

    Check status of current filter mode

    I need to understand the syntax and code to determine what filters are currently applied to a spreadsheet so that I can return the filters to the sheet at the end of my macro. I currently have a macro I created to copy and insert a row of data identical to the row your cursor is on. The first...
  12. V

    Loop required for a macro

    Hi, Please check the following macro code and advice how can we run it in loop, Sub Loop() ' ' Loop Macro ' Range("D2:D8").Select Selection.Copy Range("E8").Select ActiveSheet.Paste Application.CutCopyMode = False Range("F2:F8").Select Selection.Copy...
  13. H

    Help with Macros

    I very new to using Macro. Can some one please help me with a code to open all the below applications once I run the Macro. Calculator Adobe Reader DC Cisco Jabber Microsoft word Micrsoft excel Microsoft power point Microsoft outlook Snipping tool Notepad Any help is really appreciated Thanks
  14. M

    VBA solution to get rid of "update" links message when a file is opened?

    Hi I get two different types of messages when opening certain files with a macro, that I don't want to get. One of them says "This workbook contains links to one or more sources that could be unsafe. If you trust the links, update them, to get the latest data...." Then it gives you...
  15. B

    Arial size 8 as default. Should I use macro or is there a better way?

    I like to have all my spreadsheets as Arial size 8, many spreadsheets I receive from colleagues and clients as different sizes and font and I just change manually by highlight all and edit. Should I just use a macro and shortcut key to change this or can anyone suggest a better way?
  16. A

    re-run the macro if command button is clicked

    Dear Learned people I have a macro that, when it has run through all the code saves the workbook with a different name using "Save As" . I added a command button "Save & New" on a user-form in a certain position in the code. I would like for the user to save the workbook (Save As) and then...
  17. S

    Macro for DATEVALUE

    I have software that exports date data to a workbook. I am expected to utilize this data to feed another report. The issue is all of the dates are exported into text, I have to update this weekly sometimes ad hoc when requested. I was wondering if I could modify my macro to somehow get around...
  18. S

    Macro for delimited data

    Hi all, I am absolutely stumped on how to solve this challenge with a macro. I have software providing me with multiple rows of data, with all the data relating to a particular job placed in a single cell, separated by a semi-colon. An example is below. I basically need to develop a macro...
  19. S

    Macro to filter data base on combobox value

    Hello, Would it be possible to have your help to change the below macro so it filters the data I have in worksheet "Data" in worksheet "DataFilter" based on combobox5 "Open", "Closed", "All". These three criteria are in column M in row 27 i my worksheet data. Private Sub...
  20. S

    Macro to filter data base on combobox value

    Hello, Would it be possible to have your help to change the below macro so it filters the data I have in worksheet "Data" in worksheet "DataFilter" based on combobox5 "Open", "Closed", "All". These three criteria are in column M in row 27 i my worksheet data. Private Sub...

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