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    copying an entire row to another sheet based on a date range criteria.

    Hello all, I am creating a master tracker for my finance company and I am having a bit of trouble. I have a "master list" that i am imputing all my information into. From that master list, I have a couple other sheets that are extracting data from it to create new spread sheets depending on the...
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    Preparing Roster for my Teams

    Dear Friends, I've just a Tast of Excel and not much of an Advance user. I've a Problem I wanna ask you guys. Theres this weekly Roster which is shared to our team by the Roster making team. The Roster follows certain pattern that is there are like for example 5 Teams working in a Unit...
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    Formatting Sheet Using Macros

    On a Weekly basis, and for some reports on a daily basis, I pull data from crystal reports in Excel format. Everyday I have to format the data to look just like the previous report. This take much of my time. I am not great at macros and have made a code to format my sheet but since the numbers...

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